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YEAR 2012…

The first year of CSR VISION, 2012 received overwhelming support from the readers for the initiative and compliments from Government, specifically the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, which appreciated the effort of CSR VISION in filling a long felt gap in the business / corporate magazine segment.

Thus, CSR VISION created a milestone by its very presence with the range of contents on a subject, which is mostly confused and more so being published every month.  It focussed on the needs of the readers in an emerging CSR space in India. It was a huge challenge for majority of readers in 2012 to comprehend CSR, therefore CSR VISION used the Cover Story and Cover Page as strategic tool to convey the key messages to the target group and tried to provide them the relevant knowledge and information. In the initial year editorial team gave importance to CSR Knowledge which was fundamental and essential for Companies. Cover Stories on “CSR Communication”, “CSR Collaboration”, “Linking CSR with HR”, “Corporate Communication and Marketing” and “Corporate – Community Bridge” etc were published to promote awareness about CSR knowledge. Then CSR VISION covered companies those embraced CSR whole heartedly and worked on it with a good amount of enthusiasm like Lanco Group, CONCOR, Canon India, etc. covering CSR related News and article of India and abroad, work done under CSR were also covered to get our readers close to CSR domain.

YEAR 2013…

The second year strengthened the foundation laid by CSR VISION in first year. Along with cover stories of companies and targeting social issues, this year the editorial team decided to work particularly on CSR and Sustainability theme  “Managing Environmental Bottom Line”, “CSR in Coal mining Industry”, “Tourism as a CSR domain – Incredible India demands responsible India”, “Can responsible business be ethical”, “Wellness–an ideal CSR Domain”.

“SAIL and Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs – dawn of an era” are the two major corporate stories covered in the year 2013.

Steel Authority of India Limited is not a just a public sector undertaking or one of the seven Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSEs) of India with Maharana Status. It is a part of India’s political and economic history having its roots in the formative years of an emerging nation – India and has played a key role in building India’s modern infrastructure. The leadership commitment of Community Developed at SAIL is a trend, which needs to be respected.

Covering Indian Institute of Corporate affairs (IICA) by CSR VISION in November 2013 took our content selection to higher level. With the title “Dawn of a new era as IICA, Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs has played a key role in drafting section 135 (which deals in CSR) of the Companies’ Act 2013. IICA is also assigned the task of preparing an enabling environment for implementation of the section 135, therby playing a key role in laying a foundation for this new era of mandatory CSR.

To conclude the year 2013 marked as the historic year as CSR law got enacted and came into force. CSR VISION became a powerful media space for promotion of the CSR law.

CSR spending on environment, women empowerment declined in 2015-16

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expenditure of corporate India continues to see a bias towards health, poverty, sanitation and education related activities, which take up almost 63 per cent of the Rs 9,822 crore total CSR spend in the country.

The government data put out in Parliament shows decline in funding related to environment, women empowerment and slum development. The total spend on these accounted for only 11 per cent of the total CSR expenditure in 2015-16, as compared to almost 19 per cent in 2014-15.

For instance, expenditure on category related to slum area development in 2015-16 was just Rs 9 crore, a far cry from Rs 123 crore spent last year.

Initiatives related to encouraging sports, art and culture and contributions to the Clean Ganga fund also seem to have lost sheen.

Source –The Economic Times

YEAR : 2014…

 2014 was the year for giving recognition to all those companies, involved in CSR and Sustainability with passion. ALIMCO was selected in this segment as an ideal CSR partner for corporate India. The Kanpur based public sector Company under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, ALIMCO is committed to design, manufacture and supply of quality rehabilitation aids & appliances for orthopedically, visually & hearing impaired persons at reasonable cost to the entire satisfaction of the customers / impaired persons through continual improvement in design, process & technology adhering statutory and regulatory requirements. Organising camps in their areas for distributing aids and appliances to all needy disable persons to stand for them.

Few more companies were covered in the third year like EdCIL, EGIS. Scneider India, SJVN, GVK, APOLLO TYRES, JYOTHY LABORATORIES etc.  Being a small PSU, Educational Consultants India Limited (EdCIL) used 3% of Company’s profit under CSR when it was supposed to be 2% according to law. Having established credentials in Education Sector for providing quality services at a reasonable cost, EdCIL has diversified in the other areas of Social Sector (Health, Agriculture and Rural Development) and has been accepted as a preferred organisation for undertaking consultancy assignments. GVK is one of the most renowned infrastructure company better known for social engagement through many activities.

JYOTHY LABORTORIES entered the backward areas of states like Kerala, West Bengal and Assam for tax breaks but eventually got deeply involved in the upliftment of the remote villages which were devoid of basic amenities like medical, education, sanitation and utility. Each of these State Governments acknowledges the efforts of JYOTHY LABORATORIES in not only raising the living standards of the people but also making them self-sufficient and productive personalities.

APOLLO Tyres has adopted CSR as a part of its business in 2000 much before the mandatory CSR era. APOLLO focussed on health, environment and community. The biggest achievement was taking initiative for spreading awareness and prevention of HIV-AIDS. The company believes that if undertaken in the right spirit and process, social initiatives can be a long term risk mitigator and help manage key business and operational challenges. This framework clearly revolves around the principle of 3 I’s i.e. Involve, Influence and Impact stakeholders. 

400 companies spend Rs 5,857 crore in 2 years

Nearly 400 companies together shelled out about Rs 5,857 crore towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in two yearsUnder the Companies Act, 2013, a certain class of profitable companies is required to spend at least 2 per cent of their three-year annual average net profit towards CSR works in a fiscal. The norm came into effect on April 1, 2014

An assessment of CSR expenditure of 172 companies indicates that these firms spent Rs 3,360 crore in 2015-16 against the mandated Rs 2,660 crore on such activities, Minister of State for Corporate Affairs Arjun Ram Meghwal said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha.  In 2014-15, 226 companies spent a total of Rs 2,497 crore, less than the mandated amount of Rs 3,499 crore, on CSR activities.

Source –The Economic Times


YEAR : 2015

The year 2015 was a year of providing the readers new possibilities, generally not thought of as CSR activity? The June 2015 issue of CSR VISION published its cover story with the titled “Responsible Policing – a potential CSR domain”, normally considered as a domain, beyond CSR. The main objective of this cover story was to generate awareness among corporates about possible initiatives they can take for promoting responsible policing under CSR. CSR VISION also proposes GOI to consider inclusion of Responsible Policing in schedule VII of Company’s act.RICOH – a Japanese MNC in IT products and services where sustainability is a part of its DNA, was on our July, 2015 cover story. It was selected with the objective of sharing with our readers about the business potentials of sustainability oriented products and services. Month of August 2015 would have been incomplete without devoting the issue to “The Missile Man of India – Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam” – a legend, a modern Rishi. India rarely has any politician, even a President or scientist whose sudden demise made almost the entire India shed tears.He also led a frugal life, which was reflected during his stay in the stately Rashtrapati Bhavan.

In the month of August, 2015, India witnessed a stormy session of the Parliament where the entire session was washed out due to determined effort of oppositions parties who demanded the resignation of two CM’s and one Cabinet Minister. CSR VISION  with the title “Responsible Business needs Responsible Parliament” in September, 2015  issue urged  all political parties to have a collaborative and consultative process in the Parliament and allow the Parliament to function, to debate and to legislate and support the passing of important legislations like GST and Land Acquisition Bill, crucial for the country. October, 2015  issue focussed on Sports as a potential area, where companies can adopt activities for promotion of sports  under CSR . With the title “CSR and Sports – everyone must play”, explains Sports not only benefits health, character building of individual but also benefits nation by community development. CSR VISION believes that the Companies under CSR can build a sporting culture in India by promoting Sport among the citizens. November, 2015 issue of CSR VISION covered the story on “Rule of Law and “CSR justice” or “Rule of Law” is an essential tool for development. Sustainable development, human rights and access to justice”.  Article 14 of the Constitution ensures for Equality before law and states that “The state shall not deny any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India”. The December 2015 issue was with a cover story on “Political CSR – the emerging global trend”.

January 2016, CSR VISION promises its readers to deliver the best through its content. The first month of the year and the first issue of 2016 covered an Indian   PSU that has grown leaps and bounds in terms of profitability and CSR – Western Coalfields Limited. It has adopted CSR as a strategic tool for sustainable growth.The Company has prepared its CSR VISION 2020 for carrying out future CSR activities and prepared a timeline for it. All these make WCL a great story for CSR VISION. In the month of February, 2016 the editorial team decided to connect CSR with environmental challenges primarily ‘Climate Change’. Challenging the abilities of the leaders of both developed and developing countries. CSR VISION urges Indian Companies to innovate and find out methods of developing environment friendly products, services for satisfying the consumer needs and wants, while innovating to develop environment friendly process for producing products at low cost.

February and March, 2016 may be remembered as “Politics in University”. The JNU episode over anti national slogans shows that one’s love towards their own country is dwindling. CSR VISION believes that it is an urgent call of the country to promote patriotic feeling among its citizens. And the best way is to make them feel proud of their country. With the title “Promoting Patriotic Culture – essential CSR Activity for India Today” was the topic of Cover Story of March 2016. The month of April, 2016 was with the cover story on MACCAFERRI , an 135 year old Multi National Company providing innovative engineering solutions for environmental sustainability with the title “MACCAFERRI offers Environmental Solutions, India needs. The mission of MACCAFERRI is to become a leading international provider of advanced solutions to the civil, geotechnical and environmental.

CSR VISION – empowering CSR and sustainability is published as a pioneering initiative with a vision to support the CSR and Sustainability movements in India, much before CSR became mandatory under law. The vision is supported by a mission of sharing CSR knowledge and disseminating information on CSR practices. In pursuance of this vision and mission the very first year of CSR VISION made an effort to generate awareness about CSR knowledge and promoting best practises on CSR in public and private sector companies.


Sustainability movement induced by the changes happening in the world around us, wrt; global poverty, climate change and global terrorism, has called upon the corporate sector to play a pro-active role and conduct their businesses in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The corporate sector, all over the world is responding positively and committing itself to do business with responsibility towards Society & Environment, leading to a global movement, called CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR) & SUSTAINABILITY MOVEMENT. CSR practices are linked to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practises, which influences the sustainability of Business and Society as an integrated system.


CSR VISION started its publication in May 2012, two years before the mandatory CSR law came into force. Thus, clearing the way for a movement on CSR and Sustainability. The movement was duly validating the vision behind the CSR VISION. The journey started with a  passion for leading and supporting movement in India backed by experience of drafting CSR polices for Government of India and the World Bank.

The experience of first successful four years may be summed up as laying a foundation of CSR media to support CSR movement in India. This experience of four years led to identification and addressing fundamental social economic challenges through CSR such as Fake Medicine and Elder Abuse etc. These issues are too deep rooted, in need of wider awareness and sensitization to induce correction. The year 2016 has been eventful in this regard of innovation constructive action in area of fundamental developmental challenges. The issue wise journey during the fifth year is summarised below.

The cover story of the first issue of the fourth year was ALIMCO who has come a long way since then; from an Army Outfit, to a government system led production facility for producing artificial limbs for the poor- disabled under the Scheme of Govt. Of India, “Assistance to Disabled Persons Scheme (ADIP)”. The work culture was obviously that of a production system under government management. ALIMCO was incorporated in 1972 taking over the Pune based Artificial Limbs Centre, which was run by the Armed Forces as the only centre in the country that catered to the PwDs in respect of Assistive Devices.Only in recent times focus on Disability as a development domain has increased leading to creation of a separate department for Disabilities under the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment ,Govt. Of India in 2013-14. Artificial Limbs, being the most visible part of the Disability Domain, ALIMCO activities has been promoting Disability as a development domain through visibility of its products.In the era of CSR , ALIMCO has got a huge opportunity as an ideal implementing agency of CSR projects, most preferred by the PSUs. Most preferred, it is easy for a PSU to deal with ALIMCO as a PSU. But , en-cashing the opportunity is a challenge through an organisation deeply rooted in non-business and government culture.D.R.Sarin, the dynamic CMD with a background in Marketing, who took over in October, 2014 seems to have laid the foundation for en-cashing the opportunity and en-cashed the opportunity too , to a good extent. His leadership has made ALIMCO grow fast in turnover, surplus and beneficiary, obviously managing the resistance to change, natural in such situations.

Fake medicines market forms a big portion of India's domestic drug market, and it is one of the highest growing markets in the country.CSR VISION always focuses on issues which were not addressed by others. The cover story of July was on FAKE MEDICINES with the title  “Fake Medicine Kills! All Over The World . Do You Want To Die? Brand Owners Need Be Responsible. One takes medicine to live, not to die. But in India, lakhs of people die taking medicine, which is fake and abundantly available in the market.

One can take poor quality food, if one is dying out of hunger, but will anyone take fake medicine,even if one is dying. Still, crores of people all over the world take poor quality medicine, containing less than desired doses of medicine and even completely fake medicine containing no medicine at all, but spurious material including distilled water, dirty water , chalk powder, soil etc to match the look of the original medicine.Obviously, they die or suffer from further complications. As per reports, millions of people are dying all over the world including India. The counterfeit drug industry is estimated to be worth $200 billion a year and has been defined as the “The crime of the 21st century” (ACG Report 2003). INTERPOL reportedly estimated that , while more than 65,000 people were killed in over 40 years in transnational terrorist incidents, the estimates of deaths caused by fake medicines range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands annually. According to INTERPOL, large sums of money are involved with these transnational criminal enterprises. Fake drug makers, who run this deadly trade undercover, use sophisticated tools and technologies and are well equipped to operate stealthily. A recent New York Times article points to India as one of the countries at the forefront of the problem, selling fake drugs locally and online to unsuspecting consumers worldwide.

Unfortunately, In India, no one seems to care , neither the company’s manufacturing the brands of medicine, which are being faked , duplicated to cheat and kill the consumer to make easy money in the name of their brand, nor the Government,  expected to ensure delivery of safe  medicine to the consumer and control illegal manufacturing and sale of fake medicine. Primarily, it is the TRUST developed by the brands , which makes the consumer buy the medicine , therefore the brand owners have a primary responsibility to protect the consumer.

Thus, we all are prone to death due to fake medicine, in addition to many other calamities. BE AWARE, FAKE MEDICINES ARE AROUND TO KILL.

The month of august 2016 of CSR VISION was with the cover story on ESSCI  (Electronics Sector Skills Council of India),Passionate leadership committed to make an impact

Skilling Indian youth, the dream of Prime Minister Modi is in its path of fruition through a huge national infrastructure headed by the Ministry for Skill Development & Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and led by Sector Skill Councils on the ground. Among the sector skill councils, Electronics Sector Skills Council of India. (ESSCI) is a prominent one, as the electronics industry has huge growth potentials in India markets as well as export markets. Electronics touches almost every aspect of our lives today; therefore the skill requirement is obvious. Appropriately so, the Policy for Electronics 2011 envisages an ambitious growth of the electronics industry to 400 billion USD from the current 68 Billion USD and expects to attract 100 Billion USD in investments, achieve net zero import, create a market of 50 Billion USD for higher-end electronics and design and to create 28 million jobs for the manufacturing and electronics services sector in the country. This target obviously demands a robust skill sector to support the planned growth targets of the industry. Though, Electronics Sector Skills Council has gained a strong foothold in the industry it has to go miles to achieve its goal. At this juncture, there is a win-win opportunity for both ESSCI and the CSR eligible corporate both in public and private sector, where CSR eligible companies get a credible and competent CSR implementing partner and ESSCI get funding support that it needs to achieve its ambitious targets.  It may be said that ESSCI has the right credentials to establish itself in the growing CSR domain in India. It has taken first few key steps, establishing its credentials in the country. ESSCI has started making the right noise, at the right time, at the right places. It is only a matter of time ESSCI consolidates its position in the CSR space in India. It only has to keep moving in the direction it has started out with.  CSR eligible companies will soon find out ESSCI as an ideal CSR implementation partner.

The fifth issue of the fourth year came out with a cover story on BEML limited (formerly Bharat Earth Movers Limited) is a prominent Bangalore based PSU active in manufacturing and supplying equipment’s to core sections of the economy including mining and construction,defence and aerospace, rail and metro, apart from export activities. Typical of an engineering company with four manufacturing units, the CSR activities are centered on in this manufacturing units.BEML established before 50 years and involved in a public sector environment which are adapting to the provision of the mandatory CSR law. In this process of adapting CSR as a strategic CSR process from the social welfare orientation of public sector, the role of CMD is extremely crucial.

The October 2016 cover story on Strategic & Transformative CSR- For  Empowering CSR Movement.It was felt essential to do  a story on this topic to generate awareness among all stakeholders of CSR in India.The issue aims to invite all corporate leaders to involve themselves in solving National problems to make a difference while benefitting their personal interest .”CSR is essentially a strategic response of business to the changing expectations of stakeholders” as said by Prof Ranjan Mohapatra, Chairman Vision Foundation. Profile and expectation of stakeholders change over time. Thus in the Era of Responsibility and the presence of informed stakeholders, the business benefits are expected to come through social and environmental benefits. Therefore it is wise for businesses to look for their business benefits through social and environmental benefits with at the micro level and also at the macro level.While strategic CSR at the micro level will benefit business along with micro-level social and environmental benefits, the macro level CSR initiatives can promote transformative solutions to societal and environmental problems – benefitting the business in a big way. For example, a mining company providing free education and health facilities to win the trust leading to disruption free mining is an example of strategic micro level CSR.Another company like GVK developed a technology based ambulance system to ensure emergency medical support to ensure emergency medical support to people in remotest part of the country in 15 minutes(urban areas) and 25 minutes (rural areas), serving 25000 emergencies per day which is an example of transformative CSR.Today the country need corporate leaders to involve themselves in solving macro level problems that may include challenges in governance, corruption, and similar other challenges and to work with government an equal partners applying their professional competence and commitment for making a difference.

The November issue carried a Cover Story on Formulating CSR Strategy as a supplementary to the October 2016 issue on Strategic CSR. This story talks about a real challenge of limited leadership commitment. The invisibility of Corporate Leaders in addressing national challenges may be social or environmental speaks of the level of commitment of Corporate Leaders even in the era of mandatory CSR FORMULATING CSR STRATEGY, Demands integrated knowledge on Corporate & Social Systems. CSR strategy has to be integrated with the business strategy, to be effective and contribute  to corporate bottom-line of any company , while  adding value to social and environmental bottom lines. This integration at the strategic level can facilitate the involvement of corporate leaders in CSR activities.  However, this process of CSR strategy formulation integrating with business strategy demands CSR strategy formulating team to have in-depth knowledge about , a)   corporate functions, processes ,b) strategy formulation and c) social  , environmental problems in India. This essentially demands senior corporate professionals with insight in to development sector operations. But, it is not very common to find professionals with this profile in large numbers. Therefore, the professionals active today in CSR space are mostly drawn from Social Systems  with middle management level exposure with limited exposure  to Corporate Processes and Strategy Formulation , which is generally a senior and top management level activity.Therefore, there is an urgent need of more and more professionals with required knowledge and exposure to join CSR practice.

In the month of December,CSR VISION covers  South Eastern Coalfields Limited, a mini ratna Mining Company with operations in 6 districts of Chhattisgarh and 3 districts of Madhya Pradesh. Since inception, it had an impressive record of surpassing its own production figures, creating new bench mark for coal production, every year. Coal companies are generally prone to community resistance for undertaking mining activities. Therefore CSR is an important tool in the hands of Coal Companies for mitigating potential community resistance. SECL seems to be undertaking CSR sincerely with a genuine intent.CMD Mr. Reddy as a true visionary has been focusing on CSR as a catalytic tool in his hands for achieving societal goals which by default supports the achievements of corporate goals.

During financial Year 2015-16, SECL produced 137.93 Million Tons of Coal, thus registering a growth of 7.52 % over last year. It holds a colossal position in the Indian coal mining sector with an estimated geological coal reserve of 63,014.83 million tons in its command area as on 1.04.2015, which is more than 20 % of the total geological coal reserves in India. SECL is committed to making an impact on the social and environmental parameters relevant to its operations. However, there are immense possibilities for energizing SECL team through involvement of the employees in CSR activities. This can help both, the social development parameters while improving the employee productivity through increase in motivation level.

The month of December and January may be remembered as ‘demonetization’. There is too much political heat in the country in the name of demonetization. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to ban high-value banknotes as part of efforts to stamp out corruption will have a profound and positive impact on India’s economy. So the CSR VISION covered Demonetisation in the January issue with the title “Responsible Politics Vs Black Money Control”. The truth hidden under the surface is the nexus between black money & political system for Electoral funding. Demonetization has hit the nexus very hard causing severe financial loss & pain to the politicians which is visible through harsh utterances. ‘Higher the loss,harsher the words’.The cover story attempts to highlight the intricate relationship between politics, black money and demonetization to control the black money. Black Money control was a major electoral promise of BJP to score political points against congress, which was loaded with number of corruption scams including 2G, Chopper Gate, Coal Gate etc Prime Minister Modi was being taunted for not acting on his promise to bring back black money from foreign banks hidden by corrupt Indians and put them in the accounts of every Indian.

Now, in a country with multi-party democracy, where each political party more bothered about its survival and growth than the interest of the country. The defeated political parties now in opposition are more focused on pulling the Government down by questioning its decisions and initiatives. Even if, in private they would agree to the decision of the Government. The question to the government to prove that there was any surgical strike in Pakistan speaks for itself. Knowing very well those Indian Army official statements can’t be questioned and questioning Indian Army, you are damaging the credibility of Indian Army and giving an opportunity to Pakistan to feel empowered in its perennial act of falsehood. In this backdrop, the decision to Demonetization 500 and 1000 notes on 8 November 2016 is an extremely bold decision beyond the imagination of any opposition party. So the opposition started opposing demonetization. In this case, the opposition was more severe as their own black money was going down the drain in front of their eyes. This helplessness is obviously getting converted into anger as evident in the language and tone of attack by opposition leaders, even attacking Prime Minister Modi personally, bringing the standard of politics to a new low.

February 2017 issue covered the CSR activities of   Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL).MCL is a premier public sector unit in Odisha with highest CSR budgets in comparison to other PSU’s in Odisha. It is headquarter at Burla in Sambalpur  district of western Odisha, an underdeveloped area. Therefore the   high expectation of the people of Odisha in general and western Odisha in particular is obvious. In addition to this the communities of the area affected by the mining activities expect a larger share of benefits. Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd (MCL) is a subsidiary Company of Coal India Limited, and the largest coal producing and profit making company in India having “Mini Ratna” status of Government of India with effect from 15 March 2007. MCL is operating in the State of Odisha, with its Corporate Hq at Burla, Sambalpur District. There are Two Coalfields namely Talcher Coalfield and Ib- Valley Coalfield. Talcher Coalfield is located in Angul District at about 200 km from the MCL, HQ and 150 Km from State Capital Bhubaneswar. Ib- Valley Coalfield is located in Jharsuguda and Sundergarh Districts about 80 kms to 130 kms from MCL, HQ.


MCL has achieved highest ever 137.901 Million Tonnes (MTe) of coal during the year 2015-16 against previous year’s production of 121.379 Mte, registering a growth of 13.61%. Off-take of coal during the year 2015-16 was 140.234 MTe against previous years off take of 123.003 Mte With a growth of 14.01%. MCL has achieved all-time high Gross Sale Value of Rs 20599.85 (Including STC) against the previous year’s Gross Sale value of Rs 15693.71 Crore registering a growth of 31.26%The Profit before Tax (PBT) for the year under review was Rs 6260.43 Crore against previous year’s PBT of Rs 5314.24 Crore. The profit after Tax (PAT) for the year under the review was Rs 4184.74 Crore against last year’s PAT of Rs 3554.10 Crore. Thus it may be said that MCL has done a lot, more to be done by integrating CSR processes with the entire organisation processes specifically the employees.

The eleventh issue of CSR VISION ,2016 covered the CSR activities of JAKSON Group, a prominent family owned business registered in 1947 as an electrical trading company. It has come a long way and established itself as a leader in Indian power industry. As per PwC’s Family Business Survey 2012-13, 78% of Indian family enterprises support various community initiatives. Rightly so, Jakson Group has been involved in supporting various community activities since long. Sameer Gupta, CMD is personally committed to charity inspired by his life experiences. The mandatory CSR law under section 135 of The Companies Act 2013 has induced the JAKSON to shift from a Charity Mode to CSR mode. Jakson Group is an integrated power solutions company offering a range of products and services that help customers effectively meet their diverse needs in a safe and sustainable manner. The company is driven by its core values of building enduring relationships and its vision to be a trendsetter in energy solutions. JAKSON operates three key market facing businesses – Powergen & Distribution, Solar and EPC Contracting & Defence. The diverse energy solutions portfolio ensures that their customers remain at the forefront, now and into the future. The group has an extensive presence in India with 2000 employees, 4 manufacturing facilities, 1 Global Training Centre, 22 Sales Offices, 2 Service centers and a wide network of channel partners and dealers. The group has also made investments in other sectors like hospitality and education

A special story – “Elder Abuse” was the cover story of April issue. Elder Abuse is a serious problem hiding under the carpet like a bomb to explode. India needs to act fast . No Indian can think of disrespecting any God, leave aside abusing them. But, unfortunately the trend of abusing elders considered more respectable than god, is increasing. Respecting elders is a fundamental pillar of Indian civilization and culture, like fundamental rights of the Constitution. Elder abuse is therefore weakening the foundation of Indian civilization and culture which obviously leads to a darker future. The huge youth population considered to be demographic dividend in favour of India will become a demographic liability in a few decades if the trend of Elder Abuse is not controlled. The Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi may have presented a role model of respect to elders and parents by touching the feet of his mother, but there is a huge challenge of this ideal being practiced in every household. The breaking of family systems and dwindling family values need be resurrected. The veracity of this challenge need be comprehended and all potential contributors need to act. The government programmes has not delivered the desired results. This confirms that more innovative and aggressive efforts are needed which can come from Corporate Houses under their CSR.

To summarise the above journey of CSR VISION – the first and most respected CSR publication in India. It may be said that CSR VISION has laid a good foundation for CSR media in India. It has supported the CSR movement in its initial years and promoted strategic CSR approach for making Corporate and Community work together as win-win partners. CSR movement in India is challenged by history of adhoc charity through sustained campaign for strategic & transformatory  CSR . Therefore it will take long for establishing strategic and transformatory   CSR approach in Indian CSR space, primarily because change is a slow process. However it will be our effort to engage corporate leaders and policy makers to move fast in this direction of change. So ‘Miles to Go!

“A good company offers excellent products and services. A great company also offers excellent products and services but also strives to make the world a better place.”

Philip Kotler, Corporate Social Responsibility: Doing the Most Good for Your Company and Your Cause

The business of business should not be about money. It should be about responsibility. It should be about public good, not private greed

— Anita Roddick

If you can shift your thinking away from merely selling and into building trust instead, even if it costs you a few bucks in profit, you’ll begin to see opportunities you never imagined once you understand what it means to ‘wow’ that customer by giving them more than they expected!

Chris Zane, Business Owner and Author

To build and sustain brands people love and trust, one must focus—not only on today but also on tomorrow. It’s not easy…but balancing the short and long term is key to delivering sustainable, profitable growth—growth that is good for our shareholders but also good for our consumers, our employees, our business partners, the communities where we live and work, and the planet we inhabit.

Irene B. Rosenfeld, CEO Kraft

Ratan Tata “A lot of money is less effectively used than it could be because an organisation has not done enough research. Today, a large amount of philanthropy in India is deployed in traditional forms like building a temple or a hospital. India has to move into a more sophisticated form of philanthropy that is designed to make a difference rather than building edifices.” I think many CEOs would say that they are doing it [CSR] because it is required .But if we can get even a small number committed to make a difference, I think we will get projects that will be showcases of what one can do with such funds.”

Ratan Tata

Dear CSR VISION team, congratulations on completing five years with brilliant sparkle. Personally I have found the content of CSR VISION , transparent, evidence based, well scripted and trustworthy. The way you cover ISR column is an exclusive feature. Your team deserves the recognition and recurring success in the upcoming years. Best wishes!

Dr Anshuman Kumar, Director & Chief Oncosurgeon Dharamshila Cancer hospital Delhi

Dear Ranjanbhai, Kindly accept my best wishes on CSR Vision completing 5 years of its publication. Your magazine has indeed opened a new path in creating a much needed area of awareness in Corporate, Social responsibility. The coverage and presentation in CSR Vision has been of high quality and for your commitment and professional approach you deserve all the compliments. Best Regards,

Jashwant Mehta, Prominent Philanthropist, Mumbai

I like the Editor-in-Chief and Leadership Tips of CSR VISION. They are quite inspiring. Every manager must try to imbibe them.

Sanjay Kumar, Pune

Dear CSR Vision Team,

We are delighted and glad to hear that your magazine has completed 5 successful years, and it is indeed a matter of joy. It is with great pleasure we congratulate you on this success, it is a testimony of everyone’s hard work and dedication.

Today, your magazine is one among the top circulating magazines in the country in CSR sector. The credit goes to everyone in your team. We admire you and your team, for aiding the magazine accomplish this feat. We hope the magazine continues to grow from strength to strength to reach greater heights in future, and provides insightful content to its passionate readers as it has been doing with each passing day.

The Akshaya Patra Foundation

CSR Vision justifies the CSR domain in a strategic way, covering all the aspect of news and also motivating the ones to do their bit to the society.

Rohit, Delhi

CSR Vision has become an encyclopedia of CSR domain, well researched and beautifully articulated.

Tanmay Choudhry

In an age where it seems all news has become tabloid, the CSR VISION stands out as one of the most professional and comprehensive magazine. Here’s how it works; open it up and go through the prominent Editor-in-Chief. Then you run through the pretty detailed table of contents. Next up is news briefs, in case you haven’t been keeping up with the major CSR news. Then, some editorials on the main subjects of the current issue. In terms of editorial style, I find the CSR VISION is quite palatable.

Deepa Chikara, Ghaziabad

CSR VISION consistently impressive standards and high-quality of content mean its worth taking up every issue. It is always a pleasure to see the coverage of events and initiatives amongst such esteemed company.

Parth Borkotoky, Assam

I not only hope but I am very much confident that CSR Vision will bridge the gap, and also will help to minimize the economic inequality ratio in India as well

Hema Rawat, Uttar Pradesh

CSR PEOPLE; if you haven’t discovered CSR VISION magazine , you’re missing out required reading – thoughtful and beautiful.

Nkita DEY, Kolkatta

CSR Vision is the best magazine to showcase business and political affair s in the context of society. Political CSR is something that is new which is still unexpected in India. Its language is crispy and comprehensible for everyone.

Kiran , Uttrakhand

I have come to know that CSR VISION- the first monthly magazine in the area of CSR & Sustainability in the country is coming out with a special Annual edition in the month of May-2017. My heartfelt greetings to Prof. Ranjan Mohapatra , for enduring the test of times and coming out as a winner in the field of CSR in India. CSR VISION is promoting responsibility and Good Governance among the corporates and around the community through good articles and write-ups.

Once again I congratulate the team of CSR VISION for their positive and sustained efforts in bring out this special issue.

Dr Paul Dhinakaran, Global Evangelist, Author & Chancellor of Karunya University. Founder of SEESHA

Thank you so much for putting out such a fabulous magazine. We can say that this is the best magazine ever, I am a regular reader of this magazine and ready for next issue . I really appreciate all those beings that are associated with CSR VISION.

Arjun Negi, Himachal

CSR VISION has established itself as an elite magazine with m any innovative and eye opening stories . Congratulations to the team for the selection of stories and themes.

Nimisha Saikia, Assam

The CSR umbrella is huge and crowded , CSR VISION defines every news of CSR in a very smart way . From highlighting any company with their CSR initiatives, covering news from both national and international level , to sharing stories of individual effort or group effort to bring a change to the society through CSR or beyond.

Samrat Singh , Chandigarh

Congratulations on producing a high quality magazine on different segments, bulging with interesting content and a ‘must read’ for people like me. CSR Vision always includes a mix of relevant and up to date features covering the width of our print and online interests. Well-written by strong contributors and thought provoking, it gets the relevance of magazines in a digital age where the role of the editor in providing longer form articles plays to the strength of print as a “sit back” medium.”

Atul Mishra, Consultind Editor Media Reacher, DD News, New Delhi

I congratulate to CSR VISION for the fifth Annual issue and also would like to request you to give attention to the remotest areas of India where CSR awareness is much needed.

Anjali, Student

I have been reading CSR Vision since its first issue and find it incredibly useful. With every other issue, I find the content excellent – a terrific read. I always make time to read it and usually save back copies. Keep up the good work.

Anuradha, Reseacher

I wish great success and infinite reach of these quality information and knowledge through this best medium as CSR VISION magazine. I also wish those all team members of CSR VISION, who give their best to make this product the best!

Aman, Student

I am very happy to know that, CSR VISION has completed its 5th year. People associated with CSR VISION should feel proud. I too, feel proud to associate with this mission from the beginning. As we have got an honour to publish nation first print magazine on CSR & Sustainability, this is our duty to sustain and take the credibility of this magazine on top. I specially thank the editor in chief of this magazine, Prof Ranjan Mohapatra to come out with such product which is not just a medium of communication but also update us with all CSR happening.

Vikas, Former member of CSR VISION

It’s been three years of my association with CSR VISION magazine as a reader, CSR VISlON is a small part of my life because unlike other magazine it don’t publish same genre of news or stories. I wish CSR VISION team a big congrats and appreciation. Keep us motivating like this!

Rindu Kashyap, Credit Co-ordinator (BOB)

Heartiest congratulation! to the team of CSR VISION for their successful completion of five glorious years. Keep it up like this. I wish them good luck and best wishes and many more achievements.

Divyanshu Bharti, Student

A Great Congratulation to the team of CSR VISION for completing the journey of 5years in CSR region…! I have been a regular reader of your magazine, it encompasses different topics either it’s about social welfare or environmental conservation. Even it girded about Elder Abuse which is just a repercussion of society being immoral. Keep elevating more wider and sensitive topics like this to make people more conscious.

Vidya Bharti, Student

Holding on to the principles and sustaining expectations all along, requires the RIGHT mix of dedication and enthusiasm. Congratulations, CSR VISION for completing 5 glorious years while keeping it all RIGHT. These years reflect the potential and hard work you all have put into. The effort is always worth appreciation. Keep going on and all the best for future!

Pranjal Bhaskar, Software Er.

About the author

CSR VISION is India's (probably World's) first monthly magazine in print devoted to CSR and Sustainable Development for bringing together all stakeholders of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT at a global and local levels and act as a platform for promoting strategic CSR and sustainable development practices through dissemination of information and knowledge.