AASHNA An NGO for Sustainable Development

AASHNA An NGO for Sustainable Development

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Sushil Choudhary, the founder president of AASHNA, an NGO for sustainable development registered under Societies Act in Assam, an young businessman settled in the lower division of Assam is driven by the passion of helping people and working for sustainable development. To pursue this passion along with his business started his NGO, AASHNA Sustainable Development Research Foundation, AASHNA means a “friend”- true to its meaning and vision AASHNA works for the society as a friend be it conducting workshop for skill development or taking care of children who are deprived or training farmers for organic farming.

Mr. Choudhary as the founder president of AASHNA meticulously takes out time for his NGO, personally involves himself in all the activities. The other members and volunteers are also very actively involved in the mission of” AASHNA”.

AASHNA works with a vision to promote happy, healthy and sustainable society where the rights of individual are protected and honored in the society.

The most awakening work of AASHNA has been towards the ethnic tribes ,with whom it is working in close vincity and collecting and preserving a data bank of indigenous knowledge which is depleting with time. This idea to protect indigenous knowledge has emerged as a mission for “AASHNA”.

Sushil and his team is actively involved in figuring working models, approaches and strategies that will ultimately help them to reach their missions and goals. For this purpose members attended workshop conducted by Indian Institute of Public Administration , attends seminars,meet other NGOs and volunteers with other National bodies to learn and adapt and accommodate the idea for their activities and increase their own efficiency.

In this materialistic and self- absorbed world that we live in , few people poses benevolence and even fewer devote lives to charity and welfare of them who do and on the path of imperative social development of the land. CSR VISION correspondent Vikas Chauhan is in conversation with Sushil choudhary ,the founder president.

CSR Vision – Tell us about AASHNA and the work that it does?

Sushil – AASHNA a registered society is an Assam based non- governmental organization working to ensure sustainable development and preserving the indigenous knowledge of ethnic tribes in Assam .Our programme helps the development of the people, who participate in various skill enhancement workshops conducted by AASHNA. We started as a group of committed individuals volunteering their time and skills for the cause of sustainable development .The underlying belief of our organization is faith in people’s ability to contribute towards society in a sustainable manner.

CSR Vision – Who has benefitted from your programme and how have you made a difference?

Sushil – The objective of AASHNA is to enhance the learning level of people by conducting skill development programmes for the tribal , along with skill development, skill enhancement wokshop and awareness programmes for better and sustainable outlook .The workshop are conducted through trained personnel , teachers and volunteers. We believe that these workshops create an environment and processes which ensures holistic development and enhanced performance of participant.

Our initiatives are to mentor and track individual and group from the society and train them as per their need. The underlying driver of the workshop is to ensure that participant make maximum benefit by participating. The programme is strengthened by volunteer involvement to mentor and track the performance of the participant.

CSR Vision-What inspired you to create an organization like AASHNA?

Sushi l -As an entrepreneur and dealing mainly with farmers and local people for transaction gave me an exposure to meet people from the rural areas who brought with them many sensitive issues and gave me an opportunity to have a programmatic view of society and social development. I came across several well meaning individuals who wanted to do something to bring about a change. The passion for cause of sustainable development made us together and the foundation of AASHNA was laid.

CSR Vision-How does AASHNA sustain itself?

Sush l – A large percentage of our funding comes from CSR initiatives of corporate firms while another significant part is from individual and groups.

CSR Vision-What plans do you have for future?

Sushil – This year AASHNA would primarily focus on strengthening its intervention both at existing areas under consideration and skill development centres and workshops. Next we would go further ahead and set up schools for everyone , which will be based on the demands and expectations of the people with whom AASHNA is associated .We also have tremendous scope for enhancing community participation in sustainable development. We believe that people at large are responsible for the situation of the state of sustainable development today. And people should play a proactive role to change the situation through collective action .We need to work on formation and strengthening of alliances that promote collective action which will finally result in influencing government policies and bringing about constitutional changes .We as educated Indians need to widen our perspective ,get more aware and involved in the process of sustainable development and advocate the right cause that would benefit a larger population than a narrow segment of society.

For any Queries, Please Contact

AASHNA, Sustainable Develop-ment Research Foundation
Barpeta Road, Assam.
E-mail     : sushil1choudhary@gmail.com
Number : 9435123539/9899368468

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