To become a global leader among CSR & Sustainability platforms by bringing all stake holders of CSR & Sustainability together and thereby empower Sustainability movement in the world


The mission is to promote strategic CSR for creating shared value, integrating corporate processes and social & environment processes and creating a win-win relationship.

CSR VISION is India’s (probably world’s) first monthly magazine in print devoted to CSR and Sustainable Development for bringing together all stakeholders of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT at a global and local levels and act as a platform for promoting strategic CSR and sustainable development practices through dissemination of information and knowledge.


CSR VISION is the outcome of decades of experience of VISION FOUNDATION (Vision Foundation For Development Management), a Non-Profit Agency in social action, policy research and training (www.visionfoundationindia.org) and VISION CONSULTING, a Management Consulting & Training Firm, active in India, Middle East and Malaysia(www.visionconultingindia.com)

The relevant experience of VISION FOUNDATION includes its role in formulation of the CSR policy / Guidelines of Govt. of India for the Public Sector Companies and Private Sector companies and the relevant experience of VISION CONSULTING includes promotion of CSR among the Indian Companies in collaboration with Govt. of India ( Deptt. of Public Enterprises).

VISION CONSULTING experts support CSR VISION editorial team with organizational transformation expertise needed to internalize CSR & Sustainable Development Practices and strategies for integration of Corporate strategies with Social Sector Strategies, creating a sustainable development strategy, for sustainable business and sustainable society & environment.

The professionals of VISION FOUNDATION support the CSR VISION editorial team in providing insights for the social and environment issues and challenges, need to be addressed by the Corporate Sector.

Thus, the experts of VISION CONSULTING and VISION FOUNDATION support the editorial team of CSR VISION in producing content as per the changing needs of time.


Sustainability movement induced by the changes happening in the world around us, wrt; global poverty, climate change and global terrorism, has called upon the corporate sector to play a pro-active role and conduct their businesses in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. The corporate sector, all over the world is responding positively and committing itself to do business with responsibility towards Society & Environment, leading to a global movement, called CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR). CSR practices are linked to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices, which influences the sustainability of Business and Society as an integrated system.

However the real challenges confronted by many corporations, interested in participating in this CSR MOVEMENT is, about the method of engagement.

The elements of this challenge include,

  • How to participate in the CSR movement, in absence of knowledge and information on CSR practices.
  • How to formulate CSR strategy integrating with present corporate strategies and processes
  • How to synergize Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategies with business strategies
  • How to implement of CSR programmes, in absence of implementation support
  • How to assess and report CSR impact made, in absence of quality professional support
  • How to engage and partner with social sector agencies like, NGOs, in absence of past experience and orientation to work with NGOs / Civil Society

All the above areas of absence / GAP need be addressed as a matter of priority to take the CSR movement forward.

Appreciating this huge need and backed by the experience and expertise in CSR, VISION GROUP involving, VISION FOUNDATION for Development Management, a Non-Profit Agency, globally recognized by EXPO 2000 Awardee (one of 52 global projects in Livelihood / Basic Needs Category),who provided technical support to the mandatory CSR Policy / Guideline of Govt. Of India (Deptt. Of Public Enterprises) for the Public Sector Undertakings and VISION CONSULTING (VISION Corporate Management Consulting (P) Ltd), a globally active integrated management consulting service firm, involved in promoting CSR Guidelines of Govt. Of India (Deptt. Of Public Enterprises) through national workshops conducted in collaboration with the Deptt. Of Public Enterprises, launched CSR VISION, the monthly periodical to support the CSR & Sustainability movement in India by disseminating relevant information and knowledge and act as a BRIDGE between the Corporate Sector, Social & Environment Sector and other support agencies and groups, while supporting the global CSR MOVEMENT for a sustainable society.


  • Corporate (Private & Public Sector)
  • Development Sector (Social & Environmental) Agencies / NGOs / CBOs / Civil Society
  • Business Associations
  • NGO Associations
  • National & International Development Institutions, Development Finance Institutions including UN Agencies
  • Management Institutes conducting courses on CSR and allied subjects, preparing CSR manpower
  • Social Enterprise Promoters & Managers
  • CSR Experts
  • Development Communication Experts
  • Mass Communication Institutes conducting courses on Development Communication
  • Media Houses – CSR oriented
  • CSR Job Seekers and Job Providers in Corporate and NGOs
  • Students of Management, CSR, Corporate Governance , Ethics & Leadership
  • Any other (Miscellaneous) group, interested in the cause of Sustainable Development linking, Sustainable Business, Corporate Governance, Ethical Business Conduct, Ethical Leadership through CSR.