Advanced Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training by the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE)

Advanced Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training by the Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE)

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The Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE), a leading boutique firm specialized in global sustainability (CSR) consulting, coaching and training, conducted a special training program for CSR practitioners. The target audiences of the program were chief executives, marketers, CSR managers, HR managers, sales and procurement managers of every leading corporate firm, and NGOs. Aiming the greater impact on the participants, the program was designed with eight modules. It covered all the issues related to sustainability like general CSR, responsible marketing, workplace, community affairs, environment, supply chain, customer issues, corruption, corporate governance, strategy, CSR reporting.

MODULE 1: Sustainability (CSR) and the Business Case for Adoption

  • Sustainable Development: What Is and Isn’t Sustainability
  • The Three Principles of Nature & Business
  • Definitions & Interpretations of the Four Elements of Sustainability
  • Triple Bottom Line Approach of Sustainability

MODULE 2: Current Global and Local Legislation for CSR and GHG emissions 

  • Sustainability – Best in Class
  • Sustainability: the UN Global Compact & Millennium Goals
  • Corporate Governance and Sustainability
  • Sustainability Trends and Regulation

MODULE 3: Sustainability (CSR) Strategy and Related Global Standards & Guidelines (UN Global Compact, GRI G4, CDP ,SROI ) 

  • Creating a Sustainable (CSR) Strategy Structure & Programs 
  • Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Global Models Presentation and Description: Global Reporting Initiative (G3), UN Global Compact, ISO 26000, CDP, Case Studies

MODULE 4: Responsible communication and how to avoid green washing 

  • What are ‘Green’ and ‘Cause-Related’ Marketing? 
  • Responsible Communication 
  • Stakeholder Theory 
  • CSR Strategy & Stakeholders 
  • CSR in the supply chain 
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Strategy 
  • The Rise of the Carbon Footprint Strategy as Part of the Environmental Strategy 
  • What Can Organizations Do? 
  • Climate Change Strategy & Accounting 
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol 
  • Carbon Offsetting

MODULE 6: Sustainability (CSR) and Integrated Reporting based on GRI and IIRC Guidelines 

  • Understanding Reporting 
  • Why Report?
  • GRI Guidelines: Reporting on the Triple Bottom Line 
  • Integrated reporting 
  • Quality Assurance

MODULE 7: External Assurance and how to communicate and gain credibility in your report

  • The importance of External Assurance 
  • What is External Assurance for Sustainability 
  • Assurance Process
  • Assurance Standards

MODULE 8: The Role of the Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner and Future Trends

  • Sustainability (CSR) Action Plan for your organization (Prerequisite for becoming a Certified IEMA Sustainability Practitioner)

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