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Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India
Ideal CSR Partner for Corporate India

Disability is a crucial segment of social Development sector, not effectively addressed by the concern agency in the past. Availability of artificial limbs plays a vital role in improving the productivity of disabled people. ALIMCO has been playing a significant role in manufacturing and supplying artificial limbs and easing the stress of the disabled people. However, the commercial success of ALIMCO which was a dream has come true under the able leadership of G.Rao.
In era of mandatory CSR, post April2014, corporate India is expected to take advantage of the strength of ALIMCO.

Late Smt. Indira Gandhi

Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO) was founded in 1972 following a special initiative by the then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi to manufacture and provide State of Art aids & appliances for physical rehabilitation of persons with disabilities (PwD’s) across the country.
The reasons are reflected from the speech delivered by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India on the occasion of foundation stone laying of ALIMCO at Kanpur on 18th November, 1973.

The extract of her speech is quoted below:
Prior to inception of ALIMCO, Artificial Limbs Centre, Pune run by the Armed Forces was the only Centre in the country that catered to the PwD’s (People with Disabilities) in respect of Assistive Devices. As a result, the needy persons had to wait for years to get assistive devices.
After 1971 war, a large number of Indian soldiers and officers needed rehabilitation aids. Mrs. Gandhi was moved on seeing the pathetic condition of these war victims. She could visualise that Artificial Limbs Centre, Pune which depended mainly on import of components was not equipped to meet the massive requirement of Assistive devices. She then decided to set up a manufacturing unit in India itself and ALIMCO was incorporated. The production of various aids & appliances at ALIMCO commenced in 1976.
ALIMCO has now emerged as the only manufacturing company in the world producing a wide range of assistive devices for Orthopedically, Visually, Hearing & Intellectually impaired under one roof. It has so far provided such devices to about more than 4.2 million beneficiaries covering almost all the States/Union Territories of the country. The product range includes about 35 categories of devices with 355 variants approximately and majority of products bear ISI Marking.

The Corporation produces 355 different types of quality aids and appliances required by Orthopedically, Visually, Hearing & Intellectually handicapped persons. ALIMCO has been in the forefront in providing innovative and appropriate solutions to the problems facing the disabled.
The product range includes Orthotic and Prosthetic appliances for Upper & Lower Extremities, Spinal Braces, Cervical Collars, Traction Kits, and Rehabilitation Aids like Wheel Chairs, Crutches and Tri Wheelers etc. The Corporation also provides special tools and equipments required for fitment of Orthotic & Prosthetic assemblies by the Limb Fitting Centres. For visually handicapped, the corporation produces Braille Slate, Folding Cane and Braille Shorthand Machine.

For Orthopedically Handicapped Rehabilitation Aids
• Lower limb orthotic (Calipers)
• Lower limb prosthetic (Artificial legs)
• Upper limb prosthetic (Artificial hands)
• Spinal orthotic (Braces for neck & back)
• Prosthetic supplies (stockinettes, socks and surgical boots)

Mobility aids
• Wheel Chairs (Manual & Motorised)
• Tricycles(Manual & Battery Operated)
• Axilla & Elbow crutches

For Visually Handicapped
• Braille short hand machine
• Walking Stick
• Braille slate
• Walking cane & stick

For Hearing Impaired
• Pocket type Hearing Aid
• Digital type Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aid.

Aids for Mentally Retarded/Cerebral Palcy(CP) Patients:
• CP Wheel Chair
• MSIED (Multi Sensorial Inclusive Educational Development Kit)

ALIMCO is involved in providing following services.

• CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY (CSR): The corporation has taken initiative and has started approaching all profit making CPSUs to take up their CSR obligation through ALIMCO for Assessment and Distribution of Aids and Assistive devices to PwD’s. Against this initiative, Corporation could act as an implementing agency for CSR of various CPSUs like HAL, ONGC, NMDC, MMTC, REC, HUDCO, MIDHANI, ITPO, IRFC, PFC etc.
• ADIP SCHEME: ALIMCO is one of the major implementing agency of the ADIP Scheme (Assistance to Disabled Persons) of Govt. of India.
ADIP-SSA SCHEME: To provide Aid & Appliances to all school going Children with Special Needs under ADIP-SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) Scheme of Govt. of India. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and Ministry of HRD have jointly started this cost sharing scheme in the ratio of 60:40 for the welfare of Children with Special Needs(CWSN).
• MPLAD SCHEME (Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme): Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation has recognised the need of serving the disable population by spending the MPLAD Funds for welfare of differently abled persons by distribution of certain Assistive Devices like Tricycles, Wheel Chairs and Artificial Limbs etc and accordingly allowed MPs to utilize allocated fund for the said purpose. ALIMCO conducts Camps under MPLAD Scheme.

Certain features make ALIMCO a unique entity in the corporate world, particularly in the field of Assistive Technology for PwD’s.
[a] The only manufacturing Company in the country registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956 working with “Non Profit Motive.”
[b] The Corporation reaches every Block and District of the country’s 35 states/ Union Territories. No other Corporate presumably operates in such a wide geographical area.
[c] Under the provision of PWD Act 1995 all the corporate are required to employ PwD’s to the tune of 3% of the total strength whereas strength of PwD’s in ALIMCO is about 8.37%. The Corporation also patronises the Ancillary Units run by PwD’s. It has received National Award from the President of India for best employer of Persons with Disabilities. Many of ALIMCO’s disabled employees have also received National Award for their outstanding performance.
[d] Considering ALIMCO’s expertise and exposure in the rehabilitation of PwD’s, Union Ministry of Science and Technology has recognised it as a member for the Programme Advisory and Monitoring Committee (PAMC) for their programme – Technology Intervention for Disabled and Elderly (TIDE).



To manufacture and supply quality Aids & Appliances at affordable cost.
To maintain the status of largest ADIP Implementing Agency through Camp Activity, Headquarters Activity, ADIP-SSA (ADIP-SarvaShikshaAbhiyan) Activity, Special Camp Activity and Limb Fitting Centre’s Activity.
To maintain the status of largest CSR Implementation Partner of corporate sector.
To maintain the status of largest Implementation partner for distribution of Aids & Appliances through MPLAD Fund.
To set up and strengthen a network of Limb Fitting Centres and Dealers to make the Aids & Appliances easily available to Persons with Disabilities.
To ensure that all Aids & Appliances under ADIP scheme bear ISI marking and are durable, modern, sophisticated and scientifically manufactured.
To establish collaboration with the premier institutions in India and abroad to carry out continuous Research & Development work to improve design of existing Aids & Appliances and develop new state-of-art Assistive Devices at affordable prices

Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities and Restoration of their Dignity by way of manufacturing and supplying durable, sophisticated, scientifically manufactured, modern and ISI – standard quality assistive and appliances that can promote physical, psychological, social, economic and vocational rehabilitation by reducing the effect of disabilities and enhancing potential for self – dependence.
Quality Policy
Alimco is committed to design, manufacture and supply of quality rehabilitation aids and appliances for orthopedically, visually, hearing and intellectually impaired persons at reasonable cost to the entire satisfaction of the customer/impaired person through continual improvement in design, process and technology adhering statutory and regulatory requirement with periodical review and communication to all concerned.


Sales turnover, growth, employee strength, geographic spread
Progressing on the path of growth and excellence, ALIMCO, popularly known as ALIMCO, an ISO:9001-2008 certified , Schedule “C” Central Public Sector Enterprise has achieved highest ever turnover of Rs 155.34 Crores during the Financial year 2013-14 as compared to previous year turnover of Rs 130.22 Crores, showing a growth of 19% over previous year. Similarly, ALIMCO has also earned the highest ever Surplus of Rs 30.19 crore as against Rs 23.51 Crores in the previous year higher by 28%. The Corporation has served approximately more than 2 Lakhs Numbers Of Beneficiaries (NOB) in the Financial Year 2013-14 as against 1,57,841 NOB in the Financial Year 2012-13 and 99,141 NOB in the Financial Year 2011-12.
While whole industrial world or economists are struggling for/contended with 6 to 9% growth rate, ALIMCO has achieved 42% growth in 2011-12 and 59% growth in 2012-13 and 19% growth in the year 2013-14; thus cumulatively registering a growth of 170% in just a period of three years. This accounts for average growth rate of 57%. This is an unimaginable, magical, phenomenal and incredible performance of ALIMCO, witnessing a turnaround of the Corporation, by converting its Networth from “Negative” to “Positive”. In the view of elevating success graph of Corporation, it is planned to achieve a turnover of Rs 200 crore in the year 2014-15.
Employee Strength:


As on date, ALIMCO has 322 strength of employee including 88 Officers contributing to the continued success and sustainable growth of the Corporation.
ALIMCO has been distributing these assistive devices for empowering and restoring the dignity of the Persons with Disabilities (PwD’s) to cater for Orthopaedic impairment, Hearing impairment, Visual impairment and Intellectual Development across the length and breadth of the Country, covering all 35 States and Union Territories, going down up to 640 districts and 5500 blocks spread across 32.8 lakh square kilometres of the Country, under various Government Schemes, CSR projects of Corporate Sector, by utilization of MP LAD Fund, State Governments, National Institutes, Dealers network, NGOs etc. The Corporation has so far served around more than 4.2 million PwD’s .

Company structure – Ownership, Head Quarter, Branch Office etc.
Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation Of India (ALIMCO) is working under the aegis of Department of Disability Affairs, Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government Of India.
ALIMCO’s Head Quarter and Factory is located at G.T Road, Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

ALIMCO Auxiliary Production Centres :
1. Bengaluru, Karnataka.
2. Bhubneshwar, Odisha
3. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
4. Chanalon, Punjab

Regional Marketing Centers and Disability Rehabilitation Centers:
1. New Delhi
2. Mumbai
3. Kolkata
4. Hyderabad (Proposed)


ALIMCO’s Outreach Centre:
1. Guwahati, Assam.
Market Network & Exports: The Corporation markets its products within the country through its offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Bangalore, Mumbai and Guwahati and with the help of an extensive dealer network to ensure availability near the important Limb Fitting Centres and customers.

The major buyers of ALIMCO products can be categorized as :
National Institute
Dealer Network
NGO Network
State Government
Corporates under CSR Projects
The Corporation has also exported its products to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Angola, Combodia, Uzbekistan etc. and the same have been well accepted in all these countries

Having attained the status of largest manufacture and service provider of Assistive devices in the country. ALIMCO is now poised to emerge as a leading global layer in the field of rehabilitation of PwD’s across the world.
Leadership makes all the difference be it any corporate, country or community. One strong corporate leader with conviction can create history and Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), is a live example.
ALIMCO was confronted with all-round chaos and turmoil owing to non-challant leadership and even bracing up almost for a shut-down but Shri G.Narayan Rao who assumed the charge as Chairman & Managing Director of ALIMCO on 27th May, 2011 came heavily to infuse life and sparkled hope against hope. With firm determination, clear vision, meticulous planning and foresightedness of Shri Rao substantiated by the wholehearted support from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, GoI. Department of Disability Affairs, not only changed the whole business scenario at ALIMCO but transformed it into a vibrant, credible and a top-line profit making CPSE in its category. It can thus be construed, that a bit of planning, a dash of prescience, a touch of team work and oodles of gusto can become right prescription to make a dying horse not only stand and run but also win the races.


ALIMCO witnessed a magical turnaround and has achieved highest ever turnover of Rs 155.34 Crores during the Financial year 2013-14 as compared to previous year turnover of Rs 130.22 crore , showing a growth of 19% over previous year. Similarly, ALIMCO has also earned the highest ever Surplus of Rs 30.19 crore as against Rs 23.51 Crores in the previous year higher by 28%. The Corporation has served approximately more than 2 Lakhs Numbers Of Beneficiaries (NOB) in the Financial Year 2013-14 as against 1,57,841 NOB in the Financial Year 2012-13 and 99,141 NOB in the Financial Year 2011-12. On an average it has been serving the cause of 2 Lakhs persons every year through various government schemes/ NGOs.

ALIMCO has recently taken a new initiative and associated with many corporates particularly CPSEs as their CSR partner for provision of Aids & Appliances to PwD’s, in order to serve larger population and explore new market avenues rather than depending on sheltered Government market only.
In 2011, India had a population of approximately 26.8 million Persons with Disabilities and majority of them came from poor strata of society where as, as per international statistics the percentage of PwD’s is 15% of Global Populations and out of which 80% are residing in low and middle income countries.
Some PwD’s could be considered as poorest among poor since they are by and large neglected by the family as well as society.


Considering the pathetic condition of PwD’s, ALIMCO has been trying to identify, develop and undertake mass production / distribution of most cost effective and affordable aids and appliances. It has been engaged for the last 40 years in mass production of items like Tricycles, Wheelchairs, Crutches, Artificial Limbs, Braille Slate, Braille Cane Folding, Braille Shorthand Machine, Hearing Aids (Pocket type & BTE). Physical therapy kit for intellectually impaired & Educational kit for visually impaired have been recently added to its product portfolio. The value addition at ALIMCO is almost to the extent of 55 – 60 % which is certainly higher as compared to many other Corporates. Besides excellent physical and financial performance, the corporation has been able to maintain very harmonial, industrial relations during past two years. Even the smallest employee of the corporation has access to the Corporate management for prompt redressal of grievances.


To cope up with the technological advancement at global level in the field of Rehabilitation, ALIMCO has taken initiative and collaborated with the organisations like DRDO, IIT, CSIO-CSIR, HBTI and a few entrepreneurs at national and also international level such as Whirlwind, USA to develop State of Art Assistive Devices to be made available at affordable price. Recently, ALIMCO has signed a MoU with Hurcourt Butler Technological Institute (HBTI), Kanpur for development of Light Weight Solar Powered Tricycle which will be both battery as well as solar energy operated.

The plant and the equipment of ALIMCO were not upgraded during past four decades. The Corporation has thus been managing with the machinery, equipment and other infrastructure facilities which are quite old and obsolete. Despite the resource constraints the Corporation has cumulatively registered a growth of 170% in just a period of three years. This accounts for average growth rate of about 57%.


Shri G Narayan Rao with the help of Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment has been successful in getting the modernisation plan of ALIMCO for Rs. 200 crores approved by Planning Commission for 12th Five Year Plan. The process of modernisation in respect of technology upgradation and infrastructure has been initiated by Corporation on war footing.
In this process, ALIMCO is trying to have tie up with various international collaborators like Ottobock / Streifeneder – College Park of Germany / Motivation / Solar Ear and commenced its initial discussions.
Added to above, the Corporation need to upgrade not only its Plant & Equipments but also its products, process technology to provide the State of Art Technology devices to PwD’s at affordable cost.
Awards/Recognitions Received BY
Shri G. Narayan Rao, Chairman & Managing Director,
Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corp. of India

The turn around of ALIMCO is a unique story of corporate success including following pieces of success.
1. The Corporation has touched a highest ever turnover of Rs. 155.35 Crores as against the MOU Excellent Target of Rs. 94.50 Crores and surplus of Rs. 30.20 Crores as against MOU Excellent Target of Rs. 9.45 Crores.
2. During year under review, the Corporation has given a growth of 19% over the performance during the Financial Year 2012-13 and 170% growth over the performance during the Financial Year 2010-11. It amounts to an average annual growth rate of 57% in just a three years, as no CPSU has given such an extraordinary performance in a short span of three years in the whole country till date.
3. The Corporation has been suffering from accumulated losses as well as negative networth as on the date of assuming charge as Chairman and Managing Director which has been turned around under the leadership of Mr. Rao and created accumulating reserves of Rs. 62.03 Crores and a positive networth of Rs. 63.99 Crores.
4. Considering the performance as on 01.04.2012, ALIMCO has been accorded the status of Mini-Ratna Category-II PSE by Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment.


5. For the first time, ALIMCO has diversified its market from Government protected schemes to direct marketing by exploring the CSR Market. The Corporation has extended CSR Projects for 14 CPSUs, by holding camps to the tune of Rs. 38.78 Crores.
6. ONGC has signed an Agreement with ALIMCO as its CSR Implementation Partner on PAN India Basis and has given 100 locations to be executed in the first financial year of the agreement i.e. 2013-14.
7. Maintained most harmonious relations with entire gamut of stakeholders including workmen of ALIMCO and Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment.
8. The Corporation has got Excellent Rating under MOU 2012-13 ratings with a composite score of 1.196.
9. The Corporation has also got Excellent Rating with a composite score of 98.95 for complying with guidelines on Corporate Governance for the year 2012-13.
10. The Public Enterprises Survey 2011-12 has identified ALIMCO as a “NATIONAL CHAMPION” alongwith 26 other CPSEs, most of which are Maharatna / Navratna / Mini Ratna CPSEs, out of total 240 CPSEs in the country, which have contributed a major share of the total turnover adding to national GDP.

Profile of selected ALIMCO activities, which can be adopted as CSR activities of PSUs and Private Companies.

ALIMCO is the only ray of hope to persons with disabilities from the economically weaker sections. As per the statistics available, ALIMCO covers 60-70% of eligible PwD’s in the country. Even the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment has formed a separate department of Disability of Affairs (DD) in July 2012, and is being headed by a secretary and joint secretary. ALIMCO reaches out to individuals with orthopaedics, visual, hearing and intellectual impairments and disabilities, spread across 640 districts and 5,500 blocks in the country. With the new Companies Bill, we are exploring the demand for our devices from companies under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) obligations. The management of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC) has recognised ALIMCO as it CSR implementation partner pan-India.


ALIMCO has plans to introduce new products, new technologies, new processes, improvement in quality of products and services, technological collaborations, forming JVs. Also, plans are to explore exports. To sustain the transition, ALIMCO is working out a modernisation plan keeping in view the next 20 years.
The support needed for the 15 % of disabled population, 80 % of which are from economically weaker sections, is a huge task to be effectively reached by ALIMCO alone. Therefore, all the corporates have a natural duty towards this segment of our society, where talent is hidden and covered behind the wall of physical disability and social stigma. The potential positive impact of Disability on GDP of India is expected to be about 0.85 %., if taken care of and their productive potential is actualised.
Therefore this war against disability need be fought in collaboration with all capable and willing agencies. The corporates under the CSR ambit as per the Companies Act 2013 under section 135, have a natural obligation to support the cause of disability. This war need be fought in a coordinated manner, where ALIMCO can play the role of coordinator with all the available information and insight in to the challenges in the disability segment.


ALIMCO being a government agency, many of the corporations, who are not comfortable to work with NGOs will find it easy to work with ALIMCO, specifically the CPSEs.

Interview with
Shri G. Narayan Rao, CEO/CMD ALIMCO

Cover Story12

CSR VISION: ALIMCO is a “not for profit” organisation and a Public Sector undertaking. All PSUs are engaged in CSR activities spending a part of their profit in CSR . How do you treat CSR as a Public Sector Undertaking?
CEO/CMD: ALIMCO is “Not for profit motive” organisation and a Central Public Sector undertaking, working under Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India, registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956 working for noble cause of serving Persons with Disabilities (PwD’s) by empowering them through provision of Assistive Devices required for their Activities of Daily Living (ADL). As such, ALIMCO is working as CSR Implementation Partner for many CPSUs in empowering the PwD’s as their CSR Projects.

CSR VISION: Your corporate vision and objectives do not reflect any orientation for making profit. Does this orientation affect your organisational culture, efficiency and profitability?
CEO/CMD: Our corporation is registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956 as (Not for Profit Motive), as such the Corporation is however, not prohibited from generating profit (in our case it is termed as surplus); but the provisions of Companies Act prohibits payment of dividend, bonus or otherwise to the promoter in case of Section 25 companies and as such the surplus generated should be ploughed back into the business of the Corporation. Apart from this, there is no change in organisational culture, efficiency and profitability which are similar to any commercial Central PSUs. We are equally competing with the private players in the field just like any other commercial central PSUs and absolutely there is no difference in any other aspects barring certain tax advantages, as we are serving for the cause of Persons with Disabilities.

CSR VISION: Do you expect any impact on this huge CSR spending by corporate India on the business of ALIMCO?
CEO/CMD: We definitely expect a very positive impact of the corporate India on the business of ALIMCO. We are making efforts to reach out to the CSR spending companies to motivate them to invest in our activities as a part of their CSR.

CSR VISION: What is your proposed response to the Section 135, Companies Act 2013?
CEO/CMD: Till 31st March 2014, ALIMCO was exempted from taking up any CSR Projects as per the DPE Guidelines on CSR. Being a company registered under the provisions of Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956.
As such, the corporation was not taking up any CSR Projects and in fact has been serving all commercial Central PSUs by working of them as their CSR Implementation Partner for provision of Assistive Devices required in executing their Activities of Daily Living (ADL). However, subsequent amendment of Companies Act from 1st April 2014, and introduction of mandatory provisions at Section 135 of Companies Act which mandates the companies to take up the CSR Projects provided the company meets any of the following criteria –
a) Turnover being Rs. 1000 Crores or more
b) Net worth being Rs. 500 Crores or more
c) Net profit of Rs. 5 Crores or more
Accordingly, the Corporation will be taking up CSR Projects after arriving of the financial results for the year 2014-15 from 01.04.2015, as it would be meeting the criteria at “©” above.

CSR VISION: Is the vision of ALIMCO limited to maintain the status of largest manufacturer and supplier of rehabilitation aids in India or works towards satisfying the demand of rehabilitation aids in India?
CEO/CMD: Our Vision is not limited only to maintain the status of largest manufacturer and supplier of Rehabilitation Aids in India but we also plan ourselves to be the leading global organisation for the empowerment of Persons with Disabilities through provision of appropriate technology and rehabilitation services.

CSR VISION: For managing the affairs of ALIMCO, what are the key challenges, you face?
CEO/CMD: The corporation has been growing in leaps and bounds in the last 3 years by giving 170% growth in a period of 3 years which almost amounts to an average growth rate of 57% while the whole universe is struggling for an average annual growth rate of 4-9%. While this shows that the Corporation Organisation Structure need to be restructured immediately by upgrading it to Schedule “B” CPSU and appointing two full time Functional Directors supported by two Professional Independent Directors to make a fully functional Board which will also be able to take up Modernisation Plan of ALIMCO estimated Rs. 200 Crores to be executed in the 12th Five Year Plan. Once the organisation re-structured to meet the future prospects of the Corporation, it would be ready to meet any type of challenges.

CSR VISION: What is your vision of possible collaboration / engagement between ALIMCO and the CSR spending corporate houses, both in public and private sector ?
CEO/CMD: Considering our capabilities and net worth which ALIMCO has with it, in all 35 Status and Union Territories, down up to 640 districts and 5547 blocks spread across 32.8 Lakhs Sq. Kms. of the country and after satisfactory execution of the two pilot projects for ONGC, ONGC has recognised ALIMCO as its CSR Implementation Partner on PAN India basis to serve the Persons with Disabilities representing ONGC in all the 640 districts in the 12th Five Year Plan.
In this direction, ONGC has given ALIMCO, 100 districts in the year 2013-14 which were successfully executed by ALIMCO to the utmost satisfaction of ONGC, which is one of the biggest success story of ALIMCO as CSR Implementation Partner.
With this expertise, most of the Central PSUs have approached ALIMCO to join them as their CSR Implementation Partner in the year 2013-14. With the amended provisions of the Companies Act we are expecting more such collaborators even from private corporate.

CSR VISION: How do you plan to reach out to the CSR spending Corporations for getting them involved in your activities ?
CEO/CMD: We plan to adopt the following steps to reach out to the target companies.
a) Assessment and distribution of various types of Assistive Devices, depending upon the type of disability in any part of the country.
b) Setting up, running and maintenance of ‘Limbs Fitting Centres’ in any part of the country.
c) Provisioning of accessible environment, through collaboration with CPWD or other similar agencies.
d) Setting up of IDEA Room for intellectual impaired children.
e) Taking up cochlear implants, through collaboration with surgeons.

CSR VISION: Which one of your projects may be called a flagship activity, which you can promote targeting the CSR spending companies, if any?
CEO/CMD: For ALIMCO, collaboration with country’s giant Maharatna PSU ONGC as their CSR Implementation Partner, for serving the Persons with Disabilities, across the country in all 640 districts under their CSR project is one of the flagship activity which is promoted for targeting the CSR spending companies in the future.

CSR VISION: What is the profile of the team engaged in targeting the CSR spending companies ?
CEO/CMD: Presently, the CSR business is handled by the existing General Manager (Marketing) with the support of one Deputy General Manager and one Senior Manager cadre officers duly assisted by one or two other officers in lower grades. But keeping in view the abundant business under CSR spending we need to strengthen our CSR Department to meet the satisfaction level of CSR Collaborators. As such, we are in the process of strengthening the CSR Implementation Department in the current Financial Year.

CSR VISION: What is your plan for communication with the key stake holders ?
CEO/CMD: Almost all profit making CPSEs are already being approached by us in the last two years and with the amended provisions of Companies Act, this year we are planning to approach other stakeholders who are willing to spend money towards CSR from private corporates.

CSR VISION: Any information, you would like to share with the readers of CSR VISION ?
CEO/CMD: God has given everything to a normal human being but when it comes to Persons suffering from any sort of disability, God has created ALIMCO to serve them and empower them by providing the State of Art Technology Assistive Devices for enabling them to earn their livelihood. Being a small Sick CPSU till 31.03.2007, due to the incredible performance Corporation has not only turned around but also has acquired the Mini Ratna Status, will not be able to serve the country’s disabled population which is as per census 2011 is approximately 2% of the population, (but as per the global statistics the percentage of population of Persons with Disabilities is around 15% and out of it 80% of them are residing in low and middle income countries as per WHO Reports) which cannot be met alone under the Govt. Schemes by ALIMCO.

That is where all the corporate houses need to recognise this fact and take the help of ALIMCO as their CSR Implementation Partner in serving the cause of empowering the Persons with Disabilities.
“The Dying Horse is now winning the Races – ALIMCO”
It needs cooperation of one and all for serving the cause of Persons with Disabilities.

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