AMWAY celebrates Louis Braille Day with NAB

AMWAY celebrates Louis Braille Day with NAB

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Amway India, the country’s largest Direct Selling FMCG company celebrated 209th birth anniversary of Louis Braille with its 15 NGO partners for ninth consecutive year by organizing myriad initiatives. In Mumbai, Amway organized an exciting cricket match between visually impaired students of National Association for the Blind (NAB), Amway employees and direct sellers who were blind folded during the match.

A limited over cricket match was played between 2 teams of eight players each with a mix of visually impaired students from NAB, Amway employees and direct sellers. The match showcased camaraderie between visually impaired & sighted players as they acknowledged and appreciated each other’s skills & challenges.

Sandeep Prakash, Sr Vice President, West Amway India, said, “Louis Braille is a truly inspiring example for all those who refuse to succumb to their limitations and are determined to achieve their goals. You don’t need an eye for a vision, that’s what Louis Braille taught the world and that is what these students from NAB have proved here. Amway employees and direct sellers playing the match blind folded recognizes team spirit which confirms the fact that nothing is impossible, and no disability can restrain you from achieving greater heights.”

Ms. Pallavi Kadam, Deputy Director, National Association for the Blind said, “Looking at the talent of these students I can proudly say that they are no less than the rest of the society. We are extremely proud to be associated with Amway India. We have been consistently celebrating Louis Braille Day together, year after year and our relationship has become stronger with a clear focus of enabling the visually challenged children to have a better future.”

Louis Braille invented the Braille system to enable visually impaired people to read and write. World Braille Day is celebrated annually on January 4, the birthday of Louis Braille, to recognize his contributions in helping visually impaired people to remain part of mainstream society by reading and writing as a normal person.

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