Anuj Garg

Anuj Garg

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Anuj Garg

Passionate Social Worker

Anuj Garg, derives his inspiration from his grandfather, Late Prabhu Dayal Kasere who was a prominent freedom fighter and walked together with Gandhiji in the struggle for independence inspires him for his social tasks. He carries the same dream as that of his grandfather- to empower and enlighten a common citizenry for whom equality of opportunity would not remain a distant dream but the way of life

Today we have freedom, but only in political sense, even after 67 of independence, we continue to deny the principle of one man, one value through the social and economic structure. This inequality inspires him to work for the society.

He believes that to become the country that the freedom fighters had envisioned, we will have to create a society that embraces differences among people. This according to him can happen through socio-economic integration, adhering to the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam which means “The World is One Family.”

To fulfil his dreams, he started a not-for profit organisation in honour of his grandfather to generate positive social change in the society. His strives to go beyond the traditional approach of ‘Roti, Kapda, Makaan’ and add to it ‘Pani, Kitab and Kaam.’ Thus, making a holistic attempt to provide essential needs to the needy.

In his 17 years of journey has worked in various domains including girl child education, organising ‘Langars’, providing scholarships, providing safe drinking water, organising cultural fests in villages of Chhattisgarh for promoting new ideas, providing body bags for unclaimed corpses and arranging for their proper burial, making documentaries on social issues, working for widows in Vrindavan and inmates in Tihar Jail.

His effort of providing body bags for unclaimed corpses has been recognized by the police who said that such an act is exceptional. However, he feels that his efforts are like a penny in the sea. He could observe few changes in the areas that he operates but, in order to bring about a dynamic change, more hands must join. This will happen only with the engagement and inclusion of general public of the area.

He firmly believes that technology can play a major role in promoting socio-economic inclusiveness in the country. He points to fact that India’s present population is youngest in the world and the capabilities are unmatched. But we have not been able to channelize our energy, innovativeness and potential in the right direction.

His aim is to use technology for spreading education and organise virtual classrooms for those who do not have access to brick and mortar classes. It shall involve mass communication through mobile phones, the internet and television. It will serve as a basic medium to educate, inform and empower the people so that they no longer are dependent on others for basic rights and needs.

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