Clean to Green campaign of REVERSE LOGISTICS to promote responsible e-waste disposal

Clean to Green campaign of REVERSE LOGISTICS to promote responsible e-waste disposal

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Clean To Green

Foraying into India to enable producers to comply with the stringent e-waste management rules, Munich headquartered Reverse Logistics Group (RLG), a leading global service provider of comprehensive reverse logistics solutions, announced the launch of its flagship campaign ‘Clean to Green’ in India. The campaign is aimed at creating awareness and sensitize consumers on responsible disposal of electronics and safe practices for recycling by partnering with responsible organisations.

India is currently the fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world, with only 1.5 per cent of the total e-waste produced is properly recycled. As a part of the Clean to Green campaign, RLG will work with the electronic industry and corporates to safely dispose and recycle electronics.

To kick-start the awareness programme, RLG will encourage RWAs, schools and offices in Delhi NCR to be an active part of this campaign through the ‘I Agree Clean to Green’ pledge With a commitment that no e-waste will ever end up in a landfill poisoning the environment, RLG will arrange for direct pickup and processing, ensuring that valuable metals can be reused and recycled for future electronics.

Speaking at the launch, Patrick Wiedemann, global CEO, RLG, said, “At RLG, we are committed to working towards creating a truly sustainable economy that works without waste, saves resources and is restorative by its circular design. India’s rapid economic growth is expected to intensify consumption and result in significantly higher generation of e-waste. In light of this, we are bringing global expertise in recycling, technical standards and e-waste management techniques to address the need of the hour through the ‘Clean to Green’ campaign.” Radhika Kalia, managing director, RLG India, said, “We will leverage our highly innovative, comprehensive return management solutions, which enable manufacturers and distributors to actively drive product returns and, thus facilitate multiple cycles of use.” On the eve of the Clean to Green launch, RLG also organised a panel discussion on ‘Reimagining E-waste: Creating sustainable solutions for India’.

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