For Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

For Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret MeadLeaders manage complexity

“Leaders who know how to manage complexity are skilled at solving problems and making decisions under fast-changing systems. Even before any definitive information is available, effective leaders must assess a situation’s complexity and choose appropriate courses of action.

Leaders act strategically

Just as thinking globally is a must, a forward-thinking approach is also necessary. “While older practices focused on long-term strategy development, today’s world requires a more continuous process: Leaders must always be prepared to adjust their strategies to capture emerging opportunities or tackle unexpected challenges,”

Leaders foster innovation

With the ever-increasing levels of competition, “no strategy can sustain a company’s competitive edge indefinitely.” Regardless of how successful something may be, there can always be an emphasis on innovation. Effective leaders understand this and are focused on taking a business to the next level.

Leaders leverage networks

Successful leaders take networking beyond advancing their own careers. Rather, they view it as a way to benefit the organization and create relationships with “customers, suppliers, strategic partners, and even competitors.” No matter how it’s used, though, effective leaders in this category must “demonstrate a talent for collaboration,”.

Leaders inspire engagement

It’s absolutely crucial to keep employees at all levels of an organization interested and engaged in the work being done. It’s all about giving them a feeling of value. Simply retaining employees isn’t the goal. “People can occupy jobs for years, but they won’t create value for their organizations if they’re not invested in their work,”. It’s up to the leader to ensure employees actually feel that they’re making a difference.

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