For Leaders And Aspiring Leaders

For Leaders And Aspiring Leaders

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“Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others.”

–Robert Louis Stevenso


Leaders are SMART

Leaders are smart in their approach and the results they show. Their performance is, indeed, specific (focused), measurable (result-orientation is a key factor for them), attainable (Professionals are practical and seldom have their heads in the clouds), relevant (their efforts must bear fruits of business, satisfactionproblem solving for themselves, the Company they represent and their clients) and time-bound (Professionals apprehend the importance of time and are aware of the ills of non-deliverability or deliverability in an untimely fashion, which may be as good as task not done).


Orientation toward Service

A good leader understands that the technical expertise he has acquired is meant to be used for the good of those who come to him for assistance (clients.). While it is through his profession that he earns his living and gains the respect of others, he does not let excessive desire for profit (greed) or for esteem (vanity) lead him to act in a way that would not be for the true good of the client.



A leader is fair in dealing with others and honours his commitments even when it might seem contrary to his own advantage. He does not lie or cheat. He performs the work to which he committed or, if he cannot, makes this known to the client, customer, patient, etc. Integrity requires the virtue of justice.



He tries to act ethically in all his work and in all his dealings with others. Leader feels responsible for knowing and observing the ethical norms that are particular to his profession (e.g. codes of ethics). If he thinks that the codes of ethics governing his profession are not consistent with larger ethical principles, he works to have the code changed.

Leaders are visionaries – Leaders are on a journey – their destination is ‘being the best in their field and roles; ’higher after higher scales of excellence are the milestones. To be such work wizards they strategize to develop new tactics, perfect their old good practices and draw a road map that is onward bound, both in terms of productivity and passion. Professionals are far sighted and that is why they always manage to rise above the small issues and petty people.


Perpetual learners

Leaders know that the place they have reached has not come easy. They are also aware that the road ahead is going to be tough, arduous and competitive. Professionals refuse to rest on past laurels. They are mindful of the fact that their skills and the business must evolve in step with the dynamics of the world and the changing times. Besides, their drive and zeal nudges them to push the envelope of learning, mental growth and physical limits of performance.

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