Former Miss Universe Heads to Empower Girl Child

Former Miss Universe Heads to Empower Girl Child

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Former miss universe adopted 2 daughters, against the odds raised them all by her and presented the world the real meaning of ‘women power’. Yes, we are talking about the famous Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen.

This beauty pageant is famous for her beauty and the fact that she is a single mother, but little do we know about her humanitarian side. Her contribution is not only limited to Hindi film fraternity but also to the society. Sen’s philanthropy was recently recognized and she was conferred with the prestigious Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice.

Sushmita heads I AM FOUNDATION, a charitable organization. The principle at I AM Foundation is ‘giving’.  To aid this ‘giving’ and to create a better world, 5 prominent charitable trust have joined hands with the I AM Foundation.

I AM FOUNDATION has launched initiatives and built trusted partnerships with individuals, families, businesses, nonprofit and government agencies. Be it by giving education and other welfare facilities to nine girls at Sandipani Muni School, Sponsoring investigations & diagnosis of the cause of mental retardation in 62 individuals of which 44 children were benefited at Jai Vakeel School, providing welfare of abandoned and destitute children in its care like nursing, medical, educational etc for upto 70 children 24×7 at Bal Asha or be it setting up two solar charging stations with TERI in the Sunderban region in West Bengal, impacting around 120 households/600 lives in the area .


Sush contrasts her charity work to that of other NGOs and says, “We are associated with RNAF (Rouble Nagi Art Foundation) and it does not depend only on big charities. Educating and enhancing the artistic caliber of children is our priority. If a child is suffering from a disease like cancer, we donate whatever we can. It does not have to be a big amount. We will readily accept even Rs 20 as a donation.”

While talking about her two adopted daughters, Renee and Alisah, Sush says, “I love to do various activities for children. Educating the girl child falls in my list of priorities.”

Sen even appreciates Salman’s charity and says, “Look at Salman; he too keeps helping children with medical aid and education. Like him, I too look forward to helping kids. It is not necessary to get married to have children; you can do lots of things in order to see them progress as they are the future.”

Recently in an interview she said that, “The work that I do is not a job, it’s an extension of myself”. She chortles, when asked if it is intimidating to handle so much as a single mother- onto she replied “I’m a Scorpio, I love challenges. I will lap up any opportunity that comes my way. I’ve got one life and I’ll live it my way. Nobody imposed work on me, it’s my own doing.”

“Educating the girl child falls in her list of priorities.”


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