From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra

Dear Readers,

Greetings for the Independence Day!!!

This month we are loaded with news about Mob Lynching in different parts of India for various reasons including, Cow trafficking, child theft, interfaith marriage etc. Lynching per-se is condemnable as it is reflection of a wild and devilish reaction of mob to any incident. But the issue has become much larger now due to the number of occurrences, thus deserves a deeper analysis. First of all the Mob Violence are either triggered or supported by political elements with a political agenda, to which the mob is plays in to innocently.

Lynching apart from being induced by political instigation is also promoted by the media as a disturbing trend without effort to find a solution or at least analyzing the problem in depth. As per media reports, among the various causes for which lynching is happening, lynching for cow trading and related activities scores the highest about 97% thus deserves more analysis for a solution to the problem. Mob response is essentially a response of a group of people in a given physical location to a given situation based on long held beliefs and experiences for example cow theft, cow trafficking and cow slaughtering is an old age practice with an established network of agents and operators backed by infrastructure and supported by market at the national or global level linked to villages in one end for raw material and global markets for consumption of beef on the other end. This established system has been the cause of animosity between two major religious groups in India. It cannot be said the cattle trade operates without political backing given the religious tensions involved in procuring cattle from villages transferring them to local centers in small towns then to interstate transfer to butcher houses. This process cannot operate in secret, mostly the transfer of cattle. It is needless to mention that the largest community of India based on traditional, spiritual beliefs influenced by scriptures/Shastras treat cow as goddess mother. This group carries suppressed anger since generations affected by cow theft, cow trading and slaughtering at local, regional and interstate butcher houses. This hidden anger is primary reason for mob reaction which gets violent and out of control. If we want to control these lynching incidents, we need to address cause of lynching with reference to specific cases different from each other. For example child theft is a practice which the communities has been suffering for years, leading to loss of children by innocent parents who have suffered pain silently over the years. These kinds of pains of loss by families and communities have been suppressed till incident of child theft or suspicion happens again. The past cases of crime have not been resolved keeping the anger suppressed to be released when the time comes. Police and the justice delivering mechanism has been ineffective in addressing the crimes committed on rural population for ages living no faith on police and law enforcing mechanism inducing the mobs to take laws into their hands.

Beef ban has been one controversial issue since pre-independence days when Gandhi favoured beef ban in India after independence but avoided the banning of beef by law in constitution assembly in the name of secularism and presence of non-Hindus in India obviously damaging the sentiments of the majority religious groups in India. Since then the issue has been in minds and hearts of Indians. Our constitution and legal provision of the country has been largely top down disconnected from the ground realities of India including the ancient belief systems. The mob violence is the outcome of the prevailing disconnection between the laws of the land and dominant belief system prevailing on ground since ancient times which can never be altered in a small time frame. Therefore the government of the day gets sandwiched between the task of maintaining law and order respecting the law of the land in one hand and honoring the sentiments of the communities and belief system since ancient times.

Therefore to solve the issue of mob lynching we have to create a middle ground where the laws of the land and the ancient belief system meet and this middle point is aggressively campaigned among the communities as accepted to avoid future tensions release in the form of mob violence.

This issue covers a lead story on SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH SPIRITUALITY. As usual this issue covers Interview of J.A Benjamin, General Secretary, YMCA, Delhi. Interview of Mohini Daljeet Singh, CEO, Max India Foundation is covered as the CSR Professional of the month. We have also covered the Guest Column of Dr. Srikant Sharma, MBBS, MD on Dengue Awareness.

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