From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra

Dear Readers,

Greetings for New Year, 2018, may the New Year bring peace, prosperity and success to the lives of all our readers.

The Month of December, 2017 was dominated by high profile Gujarat election fought by both the key opponents BJP & Congress with a neck to neck fight, but the result of Gujarat election established and further reaffirmed the credentials and leadership strengths of honorable PM Modi.

Based on the Political developments in India till now and the response of political leaders to PM Modi, it may be safely concluded by me as a leadership trainer that 90% of Indian leaders do not appreciate the meaning of the word LEADERSHIP. In India it is perceived that anyone who contests for any public position becomes a leader. Even Sarpanch, Ward Member, or even student union candidate becomes a leader and called Netaji. As per common perception in India, a leader is known by his "Dress" and not by his qualities as a leader. This lack of appreciation for leadership qualities and abilities is the bain of Indian Political system which debars every Indian politician to learn and develop leadership qualities for the well being of its own political careers & improvement of Indian Political system. Today those people who have experienced political positions of MLA, MP etc by virtue of their abilities to manipulate caste, religion and money power etc are considered to be successful leaders irrespective of their inherent qualities as leaders & also lack of preparation since childhood to develop themselves as leaders. Leadership is an ability which is a combination of vision for leading the followers to a desired Target/goal that may include Developmental Goals, Winning wars achieving any positive change for any domain.

The core of leadership concept includes a) Vision, which is essentially an outcome of comprehensive knowledge b) Leaders must have the ability to communicate their vision effectively to inspire the followers, to develop faith in his vision & follow the path as guided by him. c) Leaders need to have the courage of conviction for taking bold decisions, taking risks for achieving its goal d) continuous learning abilities.

Looking at the profile of Narendra Modi and his performance as PM of India & CM of Gujarat, it can be safely concluded that PM Modi has all the key leadership qualities including vision for transforming India & taking it to a next level in the path of progress (internal and external), extraordinary communication skills-as exhibited within India and outside India Including foreign trips, addressing NRIs at Australia , London and time square in USA and addressing US Congress, inspiring Indians and foreigners all across & courage of conviction to take bold decisions. I am sure that no reader will be disagreeing with our assessment based on his vision & communication skills. His bold Economic decision like DEMONETISATION, GST & military decisions including surgical strike inside Pakistan territory and eliminating terrorists in a large scale confirms his leadership qualities.

Based on the above, it can be said after long gap, an Indian Leader has occupied a position of respect in a Global leadership ranking. Out of various models of leadership style, transformational and transactional style model is prominent. Transformational style refers to ability of leaders to set a higher target much above the present situation and inspires the stake holders to march towards the goal. Whereas, transactional theory refers to a style where a leader tries to satisfy present stake holders in a conflict by sharing the available resources. Like a monkey tries to divide the cake among two cats and manipulate a piece for himself .PM Modis story shows transformational style of leadership with a vision to transform India, unlike host of other leaders who have been in power mostly adopted transactional model of leadership.

In spite of all this, an average Indian politician looks at PM as another politician who is good at marketing and zumlabazi. This is an obvious reaction of people or politician who does not understand the meaning of the word marketing and the comprehension needed to create a zumla and do not understand the task of a PM of a vast and complex country like India. Complex, because its cultural ethos has been manipulated by multiple foreign rulers

The primary task of a PM includes bringing development (VIKAS) through effective governance/service delivery system which is like a Irrigation Canal. In case of India, service delivery system/irrigation canal is broken at many places causing leakage of about 85% of resources and reach of only 15% of resources or even less leading to a section of society getting larger share of resources through leakages and larger portion of the population not getting what is due to them. Overhauling of the governance system of India is a long pending task neglected by previous regime obviously due to the greed for exploiting National resources for narrow political & personal ends. So the service delivery system or the leaking canal is not being repaired. Task of repairing job demands highest level of knowledge & skill in governance & ability to take risk. Indian waits to see when PM Modi climbs the highest peak of his political career to cap all his previous achievements. Until and unless governance canal is not repaired, the ultimate Indias growth potential cannot be actualized.

This January issue covers a story of Shahnaz Husain Group, the legendary beauty care pioneer. In this issue we carry our regular features like Interview of the Month where we have covered interview of Tamar Ghosh, Chief Executive of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, a global company dedicated to global health since 1907 in supporting research and health professionals from across the world .

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