From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra

Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!!

Undoubtedly India is one of the greatest nations of the world justified by its contribution to the world in the two fundamental domains.

India is the only country which has achieved the highest level of excellence in spirituality validated by the birth of God in the form of Lord Ram in Treta Yuga and Lord Krishna in the Dvapar Yuga, unlike the messengers of God like Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammad founders of Christianity and Islam, respectively. In the knowledge domain, India has contributed to almost all segments including Space Sciences (nuclear technology), Mathematics (invention of zero, inventors of Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra was invented 1300 years ahead of Europe by Brahmagupta), Astronomy (Rotation of the earth, speed of light, gravity of earth, lunar eclipse, planetary motion, elliptical paths of planet), Chemistry, Civil Engineering (Temple architecture, construction of forts)Mechanical engineering, Metallurgy (technology firm making steel and iron making, non-corrosive iron), Invention of Airplane (VimanaShastra), Medicine (surgery, concept of Ayurveda and reiki, surgical instruments and Panchakarma) in spite of all the strong foundations in the domain of spirituality and fundamental knowledge demonstrated in the Ramayana and Mahabharata, India has not been able to maintain and enhance its glory primarily due to the prevalence of anti-India forces in every phase of Indian history. This force supported and promoted foreign powers to invade, destroy and exploits tangible and intangible resources of India. India was historically known as Bird of Gold reflecting its strength in the tangible domain i.e. wealth and affluence and in the intangible domain, known as the Guru/Teacher of the World for its rich tradition of spirituality and culture. This attracted foreign invaders like the Mughals and the Britishers who exploited both tangibles and intangibles in India. During the beginning of British occupation in India, India was contributing 33% to global GDP which was reduced to 3% by the time Britishers left India. Other than the exploitation of the tangible resources of India, Britishers destroyed the education system that prevailed in India called Guru Shishya tradition by substituting it with English education and English culture which made Indians get disconnected from their cultural roots and the Pride of India and made Indians develop inferiority complex, believingBritishers as superior, thus, letting the treasure of their culture get disrespected and forgotten. This process of inviting foreign invaders and facilitating their invasion supported by Indian powers for their limited self-interest e.g. the entry of Muslim rulers in India was initiated by King Jayachandra, whoopposed the marriage of his daughter Sanyuktawith the mighty Rajput king Prithviraj Chauhan, ruler of Ajmer and northern India in 12th century, the last independent Hindu king to sit in the throne of Delhi. Muhammad Ghori was invited by king Jayachandra after his repeated failures to win over Prithviraj Chauhan. Jayachandra helped Ghori against Prithviraj Chauhan, even by organising neighbouring kings of central India, to support Ghori against, Chouhan and in the first battle Prithviraj Chauhan won and Ghoris army fled from the battlefield carrying and injured Muhammad Ghori who was not chased by the army of Prithviraj Chauhan as per Indian tradition. This move was a historical blunder which led to dominance of Hindu kingdoms by Muslim powers from Arab countries starting with the defeat and brutal murder of Prithviraj Chauhan in the next battle.

We keep observing repeated conflicts of Indian groups, powers among themselves benefitting foreign powers. For small narrow personal interests, Indian powers stay completely blind to the consequences of fighting within India in terms of damaging larger interest of India. The story of Jayachandra is still active in various groups who aredamaging India. The Congress politician Mani Shankar who was seen on camera persuading Pakistani Politicians to help Congress dethrone PM Modi, resemble the case of Jayachandra and Prithviraj Chauhan. This culture is not limited to the Congress establishment but pervades to other political establishments like the communists who run to their ideological masters like China and invites them to harm India. The Indian intellectuals get easily lured by foreign/western power who acts against India by creating negative global campaigns against India as researchers in India who publish their research in western press exaggerating small events within India, comparable to the Britishers using Indian soldiers as the part of their army to fight against India. The case of Mr. John Dayal deposing in an American committee giving evidence against India about the atrocity committed against Dalits and Christians confirms to this trend.

The recent outburst or comments by bollywood personalities like Amir Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Naseeruddin Shah about problems in India is a confirmation of the presence of Jayachandra brigade in India to destabilize India for their narrow personal gains like promotion of a film as done by Amir Khan or get some limelight as done by Naseeruddin Shah being blind to the consequences of their atrocious comments.It need be mentioned that Pakistan PM Imran Khan use the comment of Shah to damage the image of India criticizing us for ill-treatment of Indian Muslims forgetting the fact that Indian Muslims are Pride of India unlike the treatment of minorities of Pakistan. The population of minorities in Pakistan has been reduced from 23% during partition to 7% at present. The population of Muslims in India has grown from 9.8% to 14.2 % as of now.

This is the high that time Indian actors and politicians should learn from history and not repeat the mistakes committed by Jayachandra and I pray to God for good sense to prevail amongst the present and future Jayachandras who are ready to sell India to foreign powers for narrow personal gains.

This issue covers a lead story on Millennials. This issue covers the interview of Dr.V.K. Saraswat, Member, Niti Aayog and this months Professional of the Month is Mr.Pankaj Gupta, Vice President, External Affairs and CSR, Volkswagen India Group.

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