From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra

Dear Readers,


The last political development in India in terms of breakage of coalition between BJP and PDP is not only a big news for J&K and its future but also for the future of India as a whole. This development in J&K need be understood with complete comprehension not in isolation. J&K, the flash point of Indian politics since independence, in which BJP PDP alliance, though it was not a workable alliance continued for almost three years which ended as Mehbooba Mufti, the CM, started demanding too much concessions from BJP. The proximity of PDP to the separatists is well known. She demanded ceasefire and stoppage of ALL OUT – the army campaign to wipe out terrorism from Kashmir. The end of alliance has resulted in the unblockage of the Centres effort in wiping out terrorism by imposing Governors rule. The action against the terrorists has begun killing terrorists regularly.

In this context, we need to appreciate the state of Indian politics next to Kashmir. Since independence Indian government has had a confused policy as far as J&K is concerned. The confusion was implanted by Pt. Nehru by withdrawing the forces from PoK when Indian forces were winning and marching ahead to occupied PoK and beyond PoK into Pakistan. Pt. Nehru raised this issue at UN by making this bilateral issue international, reflecting total confusion and lack of direction. This confusion persisted during the Nehru regime followed by Congress regimes. During 1971 war when India won the war having 90,000 to 93,000 of Pakistani soldiers imprisoned, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the then PM without demand from Pakistan released these soldiers of Pakistan who were involved in genocide in Bangladesh by raping and murdering Bangladeshis. This gesture of Indira Gandhi is not considered strategically wise as these released soldiers were deployed by Pakistan into activities against India. Indian Policies has been confused, soft and hard, left and right without clarity, resulting in confusion. Again even in 2009, during kargil war Indian forces after winning the war and making the Pakistani forces run away from the Pakistani posts India withdrew from the border respecting the Line of Control, leaving the PoK to Pakistan.

Of late, during the present regime there has been focus on hard approach to Pakistan and talking a language of force which Pakistan understands. Zero tolerance of terrorism and global campaign against Pakistan has been effectively implemented isolating Pakistan and the supporters including China.

India as a nation though blessed with lot of strengths, spiritual and material is cursed with a section of population who will be opposing Indias interest causing damage to India. The foreign powers those who ruled India for centuries including the Mughals, the British had all Indian troops working for them. Those Indian soldiers were fighting against India in favour of foreign powers. There are many incidents in history where Indians have backstabbed India by selling themselves to foreign powers for petty personal gains.

Similarly, J&K has a section of people who are supporting Pakistan causing damage to Kashmir and India for petty pecuniary gains known as separatists those who know that Kashmir cannot be separated from India still they carry on the campaign for separating Kashmir from India and for pecuniary gains for both Pakistan and India. Indian government has been confused and even tries to appease these separatists by appeasement through financial support and other gains.

The soft equation between Gandhi family and Shaikh Abdullah family is a cause of soft approach throughout the congress regime making the Kashmir situation more complex than what it could have been. Its high time India has to implement clear cut policy to deal with Pakistan and Kashmir issue without any softness and confusion which has given wrong messages to the world outside including Pakistan. As tolerating too much of injustice by one party makes the future of the party unsustainable. Though it is fact that India cannot be destabilised for his inherent powers.

Hope the "All Out" initiative of the army strongly backed by the centre is successful in not only eliminating terrorism from Kashmir but sending a strong message to Pakistan and the world including the enemies within India.

This issue presents a cover story on "Global Leaders in benefitting from CSR and Sustainability". The issue also covers interview of Tensie Whelan, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Business as the Interview of the Month. Interview of Deepak Bhardwaj, Vice President- CSR, Samsung India is covered as the CSR Professional of the Month. We have also covered Guest Column of Ajit Pattnaik, GM & Head of Tailoring in Raymond Ltd. On Inclusive Business for Sustainable Growth.

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