From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra

Dear Readers,

Greetings for Eid al-Fitr

Any editorial written in the period of May June, in India cannot be blind to the unique political development that unfolded in Karnataka. An event having many shades for many takers. We at CSR VISION with the mission of promoting a Responsible society- business through Promotion of Responsibility in every walk of life, we have a duty to focus on knowledge and learning that will promote responsible politics in the country. Responsibility as a culture cannot evolve only for business, without corresponding change in behavior in society and politics. Like one cannot dream of getting fever on body parts of his own wish, ex., hoping that the legs must be well whether the entire body is facing fever, so just like human body our society also functions like a ‘united system’.

I have already discussed in my previous editorials that Indian politics after Independence has produced only politicians called, "Netas", but not leaders, who can fit in to the definition of a "leader" till Narendra Modi arrived. He has been proving that he has all the Text Book characteristics of a leader, be it politics, business or social systems. A leader is a leader, irrespective of the domain of activity.

Karnataka event is a test of political morality in front of whole Indian Electorate as a stage. It seems it was perceived by BJP leaders & Narendra Modi more than Congress and others. As the Ruling Party after leading an aggressive campaign, scoring highest seats in Karnataka Assembly, staking claim for forming Government was a natural move which cannot be criticized on the ground of morality. This move of BJP made an already nervous Congress aggressive after losing many such opportunities for forming governments in the states, formed a post poll alliance with JD(S), after fighting against JD(S) tooth & nail in the campaign. Obviously the Congress Move and the alliance was only for grabbing power at any cost even after losing the mandate of the people, which had gone from the hands of Congress, the Ruling party of Karnataka to BJP the Ruling Party in the centre. BJP was short of 7 MLAS to majority, which could have joined him after the formation of government. Congress even after losing mandate tried its best to move Supreme Court repeatedly to block BJP from swearing in and then from gaining the required breathing space to attract the unhappy MLAs in congress and JD(S). All this drama in front of national TV channels monitoring minute by minute progress including mid Night Supreme Court hearing to block Yeddyurappa from taking oath and then reduce the breathing time from 15 day to 2 days. Smartly BJP made Yeddyurappaa resign scoring a point at the right level for the national audience to see, as to how the mandate of the people if not adequate in terms of majority, opposition parties are too hungry for power to let BJP shine. Political leaders in the opposition camp, who are on bail are talking of political morality against BJP for taking oath with the support of Governor. The Governor, in his own constitutional right can invite the leader of the largest party in the Assembly.

The leadership lesson from Karnataka and message for the country for 2019 Lok Sabha Election, count down of which is already begun, which BJP exhibited, but Congress missed, includes the followings.

  1. If, BJP is not given required majority, Oppositions parties will do anything to act against the country, its stability and growth. Any central Government made up of group of opposition parties without a quality leader, mutual ideology will be a disaster for the country. Karnataka verdict showed the mirror. The Bihar experiment not so long ago had already proved that parties with contradictory values like Nitish (stands for good Governance) and Lalu (stands for corruption) cannot hold a government together for long. Naturally so, Bihar alliance collapsed in about one and half year. Congress and JDS were never best of buddies, used to fight constantly. Hence, future is predictable.
  2. Congress has always practiced immoral politics since independence with number of cases of manipulation in state politics, which never let state level / local parties survive and grow. Bansi Lal of Haryana, leader of his own state level party merged with congress to form the government as the High Command in Delhi instructed in nineties. Today out of fear of total political death of the oldest party may be burdened with its own sins is ready to do anything for power, moral or immoral.
  3. PM Modi has been saying that it’s his strategy to ride on his path of progress making the opposition of opposition parties as steps. The congress led campaign launched against Modi since 2002 after the Gujarat riot, even at the cost of India’s image in the international forum, which congress did using media in a big way. The result was Modi became popular and gained the limelight. The seed of truth was missing from the campaign against Modi , which was proved by courts. It is proved through various documents as to how changed file nothings to implicate Modi. This has already established a power hungry image for congress and a fighter & do-gooder image for BJP.
  4. Without learning lessons from experience, congress is trying its old failed formula of Modi bashing, which is going to be used by Modi as a big step for his 2019 Lok sabha elections.
  5. The country is watching as well as the Karnataka state after bihar.

This issue presents a cover story on Coal India Limited- a Maharatna company and largest coal producer in the world. The issue also covers interview of Shri Prasanna Kumar Patasani, member of 16th Lok Sabha. Interview of Ashwani Lal, Chief Operations & Quality Officer and Head – CSR Board, Aricent is covered as the CSR professional of the Month. We have also covered Guest Column of Dr. Srikant Sharma, MBBS, MD on Cancer- A preventable Disease.

Happy Reading. Be responsible and promote responsibility around you. Please write to me your opinion and suggestions. You may also log on to, our portal which is loaded with plethora of information.

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