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From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra


The #MeToo movement cannot be taken lightly and deserves a serious in depth analysis which has succeeded in dethroning a sitting minister of Modi cabinet along with exposing and damaging many bollywood personalities such as Sajid Khan and Anu Kapoor. Apart from many other established personalities, #MeToo movement is not one time reaction of women against misconduct of men, which women have been tolerating since ages. Obviously women carry painful and traumatic experiences hidden under their cool exterior which were not getting any opportunity to be released before.

#MeToo movement gave an opportunity to the women with pant up anger and frustration to be released. The satisfaction experienced by women after releasing the long held pain within them has giving them the confidence of motivating other women to join the #MeToo movement and share their experiences of harassment by men thus giving momentum to the #MeToo movement. This is exactly what happened in the case of MJ Akbar forcing him to resign, firstly Priya Ramani and then she was supported by 19 other women making complaints against MJ Akbar which has put pressure on him to resign. As the movement progresses,various information and facts about harassment of women and their conduct are being made public for e.g. as per a study, 50% of women in work place dont complain about harassment to the complaint committee of the organization for obvious fear of negative consequences. In this context, #MeToo movement gives the required confidence to the women to speak out. However what is #MeToo movement and where did it come from? The aftermath of the strings of sexual allegations faced by Harvey Weinstein, one of the most powerful faces of Hollywood, the #metoo movement went viral on social media. This innovative and creative movement was initially launched in 2006 by Tarana Burke aimed at helping survivors of sexual harassment.

Harassment of women is essentially a social crime. As per Indian values and traditions women are respected and this is very rare culture in the world where we have female goddesses unlike other religions. In spite of traditional values and cultures, women are subjected to exploitation in private and the exploitation of women is taken for granted as acceptable to the majority in absence of any effective panel majors against men crossing limits with women.

History has taught us that accumulated pain, frustration, anger, after a point of situation needs only a bit of spark to flare off, without any leader and an organization to lead the movement. The case of 1857 Indian freedom movement, all India apprising against the British rule which erupted as a wildfire and spread all over the country without any specific leader, only to vent out anger and frustration against British Raj only after a rumour that Britishers are using the skin of pig in the bullet which has to be opened using teeth which was opposed by the religious beliefs of both Hindus and Muslims causing anger of both the communities. Similarly the suppressed anger of women in India terminated by men through exploitation by various means got the #MeToo movement as a spark to get the flare off. The limit to which this movement cannot be comprehended as it is believed there is large number of women hiding their trauma of sexual misconduct by men.

For a systemic analysis it needs to be appreciated that the MeToo movement has few essential/ fundamental features which includes a movement against the oppressed (women) by the oppressor (men) thus, it is an issue of a gender conflict and part of a perennial struggle of the oppressed against the aggressor.

The Gender Conflict is an age-old issue loaded with confusion and myth. The popular saying goes that, Even God does not know, the mind of a women The Entire body of world literature including various countries, cultures, languages, are loaded with the subject of man-woman relationship under the title of romanticism therefore this Subject cannot be taken lightly.

If the present movement is permitted to continue as an issue of gender conflict then its potential will not be fully utilized. Therefore its felt essential that total potential of movement can be utilized only when the movement is made gender neutral by encouraging any kind of oppression in the society on any gender and by any gender. This is because if we go into the genesis of the movement, we will realize that a social issue which has not been effectively resolve through the legal system and it has recited to the age old social method of Naming and Shaming technique to socially expose and offend the aggressor to ensure that the aggressor changes his/her behavior. This method has huge capacity to address various other forms of social injustice and therefore the scope of the MeToo movement can only be expanded to accommodate various other issues to take beyond the traditional gender conflict.

This issue covers a lead story on SIEMENS India. As usual, this issue covers interview of Mukund P.Chaudhari, CMD, MOIL. Interview of Vijay Chadda CEO, Bharti Foundation is covered as Professional Of the Month.

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