From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Dear Readers,

Greetings for Diwali!

The Month of September 2017, was consumed by the nation discussing the affairs of Baba Ram Rahim and Honeypreet and the information about tracking Honeypreet. Along with this, the debate of Mamta Banerjees decision to close Dusshera immersion by a certain date to facilitate Moharram celebration, thereby squeezing Dusshera celebration by Hindus to facilitate Moharram celebration by Muslims as a part of her minority appeasement politics.

During this time of charged emotion, the country heard a Muslim leader speaking in Kolkata, challenging Govt. Of India, not to dare send Rohingyas back as Indian Muslims will stand beside Rohingyas as brother and no Hindustani mother had delivered a son to throw a Rohingya out.

This inflammatory speech was delivered in a gathering of Muslims in Kolkata without any reaction of Mamata Banerjee or her government, which permitted the gathering.

After few weeks, came the news of thousands of Hindus being murdered, raped and about 2000 Hindus being killed by Rohingyas in Myanmar. How does a state government respond to its action of supporting Rohingya, when the central Govt. Has taken a policy decision to not allow a Rohingyas to stay on in India?

Their policy of a state government to oppose the central government on the ground of political opposition is too dangerous for the nation and no one individually or as a state government should indulge such activities and go against the country. These kinds of minority appeasement policies of few state governments have emboldened the Muslim mullahs and politicians to defy the state the government and challenge Indian State hood.

This is entirely irresponsible leadership, which in a democratic polity only electorate can penalise during the times of election. The policy of acting against the majority communities during most popular festival to support the minority community is clear short sighted action of Mamta government. This is the fallacy of democratic polity in our country, where a state government can go against the nation without any penal action against it. Apart from all the strengths and positives. It carries the helpless against political excess. When an Indian politician go and request enemy nation like Pakistan to help overthrow the ruling governmen, these are the cases, when one remembers presidential form of government, where the president cannot be challenged like in the present system the PM is being challenged through the legislature putting the state in danger.

The key Benefits of Presidential System are:

  • It will force political parties to be more democratic and robust. All political parties will have to choose their best candidates as there will be a direct head-to-head contest. The people will not accept anyone else. There will be no alternate power centres, no remote controls, and no backseat drivers. Those not in the magic circle will get an opportunity.
  • Second, the votes will know their candidates intimately. The electorate has enough data to take calls on their candidates.
  • Third, the President will be fully incharge of the executive. He will be able to attract the best and brightest to his cabinet, irrespective of their political affiliations. They will serve at his pleasure and be accountable to him. He wont have to fix quotas for allies or give important positions to senior but incompetent leaders. Nor will he have to waste time thinking about their loyalty.
  • The government will be stable. The president will be elected by the people and will be voted out by them. He will not have to appease unreasonable allies and indulge in compromises all the time. He can raise FDI sectoral caps, increase the price of diesel, and hike train fares without thinking that his job is in danger or that he will be forced to rollback these measures.
  • The legislature will be free to do its work. The job of parliament is to pass laws. But opposition law-makers have begun to believe their duty is to bring down the government. Once that power is taken away from them, it will bring them back to their primary task of discussion bills and passing law that will improve the lot of the people.

Based on the above benefits, It may be prudent to seriously think for a change over to a presidential form.

This October issue covers a story on JINDAL STEEL & POWER LIMITED, led by the young business leader Naveen Jindal who made hoisting of Nation Flag on all days accessible to all citizens of India. Much more expected from a patriotic corporate leader like Naveen Jindal in the domain of national pride.

In this issue, we carry our regular features like Interview of the Month in which we have covered the interview of Mr. Kamal Singh, Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network India. The Interview of Dick Szembrot, Director, Health, Safety, and Environment, Eastman Kodak Company as the CSR Professional of the Month. Guest Column by Mr. Jashwant Bhai Chand Mehta, architect, real estate developer and philanthropist on the possible role of Indian President.

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