From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Ranjan Mohapatra

Dear Readers,


The politicians like Hardik Patel, sitting on Dharna to activate reservation issue and potential controversies before election season demands a holistic and systematic assessment of the situation in the country with respect to the reservation. Any systematic assessment starts with the objective. The objective of reservation policy was to enhance the social and educational status of underprivileged communities and thus improve their lives. The ultimate aim was to have a casteless and poor less society. The equality to be achieved has become a distant dream due to faulty implementation of reservation policy, making it only on caste-based alone creating a separate class within the caste defeating the very aim of reservation and perpetuating the caste itself. The policy started during the constitution-making process which was expected to be a temporary provision.

In contrast, the Mandal commission recommended the continuation of reservation for enhancement of quota/percentages which initiated the politics of quota, making politicians demand reservation to appease various segments of vote bank, for narrow political ends. Before we will make an analysis, we need to appreciate that any policy has to operate within certain boundaries including impacting progress and country positively, not affecting the security and integrity of the country. The Progress of any nation depends on the effective management of the resources available within the country. In the Language of Management, there are five Ms, which are crucial for Success in any situation, which can be applied to success in the case of managing a country. The Five Ms are; M (first) stands for Money or the capital, Second M stands for Machine or Technology, Third M stands for Materials Including Minerals, water, Air, Coastline population etc, fourth M stands for Men or Manpower and fifth, the most important M stands for Management, which is needed to manage all the other four Ms, which are essentially tangible Resources, unlike Management, referring to Management Strength / Managerial competence, which is Intangible. Now comes the key question how the managerial competence is rooted in human talent which is intangible. The Indian talent is globally respected for its talent in IT Technology including almost every form of technology. Therefore TALENT is the Key Resource which acts as a catalyst for progress by effectively converting various resources available in a country to produce higher economic and social returns. Reservation has emerged to be an anti-talent policy by denying the opportunity for deserving talent at the cost of National interest. As a matter of National policy, it has to be settled that talent will be given top priority and not be diluted at any cost. Therefore, there is a huge unseen cost of reservation policy in the following areas affecting the growth and progress of the country:

  1. Brain Drain- adding value to other economies of the world while affecting the Indian Economy negatively.
  2. Demoralization of youth – haunted by reduced jobs affected by reservation.
  3. Loss of property through riots- For e.g. the Jat Stir in Haryana damaged property about 34000 crores, affecting the progress of the nation.
  4. Affecting Quality of Higher Education & Research: Quota system effects in quality in higher education & Research in India. Short of talent, the foundation for research and innovation, thus the output from these institutions are falling short of potentials affecting national growth.

Appreciating the facts presented above it is obvious that the politicians and the parliament have lost the ability to deliver justice about Reservation for their own reasons.

Therefore judiciary the other arm of Indian democracy not bound by vote bank consideration, should apply its logical mind based on facts on the ground and take the decision of controlling reservation till its ended completely giving full opportunity to talent and merit creating a new era for Indian growth and competences of India in the global market.

This issue covers a lead story on SOBHA, the most trusted brand and only backward integrated real estate player in the country. As usual this issue covers Interview of Mr. Shekhar Saran, CMD, CMPDI(Central Mine Planning & Design Institute).We have also covered the Guest Column of Dr. Srikant Sharma, MBBS, MD on Nutrition Awareness.

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