GULF OIL brings MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya together for “Guardian on Road”

GULF OIL brings MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya together for “Guardian on Road”

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Wearing helmets is compulsory for the drivers of two-wheelers, but on most occasions children pillion riders are never made to wear them. To spread awareness about this largely ignored issue of children’s safety on two-wheelers, which are ubiquitous on Indian roads, Gulf Oil Lubricants has started a unique nationwide campaign called “Guardian on road” to distribute more than 15000 helmets to children. MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya have come out in support of this cause and joined Gulf Oil in urging parents to take a pledge to always make their kids wear helmets while riding on two-wheelers.

Gulf Oil’s brand ambassador, MS Dhoni kick-started the campaign by distributing helmets to children in Chennai. This fortnight-long activity will take place in key cities across India, including Mumbai, Coimbatore, Lucknow, Vadodara, Ranchi and Dehradun.

Speaking about this unique endeavour, Ravi Chawla, MD, Gulf Oil Lubricants said, “Children are our nation’s future. Hence, inculcating road safety habits within children at an early age is crucial to ensure their wellbeing and make them responsible citizens of future India. As a responsible brand, we have decided to distribute 15000 of these specially designed helmets to children. We urge parents to follow the basic road safety rule of not allowing their children to ride on two-wheelers without wearing a helmet.”

Gulf Oil’s CSR initiatives have traditionally focussed on road safety and earlier they have distributed helmets to the traffic police. They have taken the message a step ahead and decided to distribute specially designed ISI certified helmets to the children, riding pillion on two-wheelers.

It is estimated that about 29 children die in road safety accidents every day and most of them in two-wheeler accidents. Road fatalities are becoming an alarming issue in light of the increasing numbers of children riding with family on two-wheelers. While children’s helmets are available in all sizes, Gulf Oil is distributing helmets, which are 540 mm in size and ISI certified. These helmets typically will fit children between 8 13 years old.

This campaign is truly unique since it specifically focuses on making these helmets available to the children. Gulf Oil is also launching a pledge page on their website where people can go and take a safety pledge to ensure that children in their family never ride two-wheelers without a helmet. This page will be live on The lubricants brand is urging consumers to sign the pledge todayand promote awareness among their friends and family for the cause. A few lucky pledge takers stand a chance to win a free helmet.


Gulf Oil Lubricants India Limited (GOLIL), part of Hinduja Group, is an established player in Indian lubricant market. It markets a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants, greases, 2-wheeler batteries, etc. The Gulf brand is present in more than 100 countries across five continents with values of Quality, Endurance & Passion’ as its core attributes. The Gulf Oil International Group’s core business is manufacturing and marketing an extensive range consisting over 400 performance lubricants and associated products for all market segments.

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