GulPanag A Social Activist…

GulPanag A Social Activist…

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GulPanag an actor and producer, who has been part of the Entertainment Industry for the last 13 years. GulPanag runs the Colonel Shamsher Singh Foundation, an NGO that works towards a variety of causes including gender equality, education and disaster management. The Foundation also runs an online volunteering portal the Social Outreach and Accreditation Program. She served on the advisory board of the Wockhardt Foundation. She also participated in “The India Against Corruption movement”. She ran at the Delhi Half Marathon in November 2010, but endured eve teasing (sexual harassment) from male runners at the event. She later remarked that “the attitude of men in Delhi need to change and that the city is unsafe for women”.She is the Aam Aadmi Party candidate from Chandigarh for Indian general election, 2014.

GulPanag supported, The One Billion Rising campaign (OBR) held this year in Delhi. It was seen, over a billion people protested against violence-against women. Campaign’s focus was on the issue of justice for all survivors of gender violence and the apparent impunity with which the perpetrators get away all over the world. Gul said: "When patriarchy is tied together with capitalism, imperialism and various social, economic and racial forces, violence against women is intensified. It gives men, who are the perpetrators of the violence, a sense of impunity to go ahead and inflict this violence.”

Gul was last seen in Delhi’s Okhla industrial slum, talking to women in the slum cluster who had lost their new-borns due to easily preventable causes. She spoke about the report and statistics with all the mothers and women in Oklha, she mentioned that, “While there has been significant progress on ensuring child survival in India. Still fact comes that nearly 40 per cent of neo-natal deaths occur on the 1st day of birth in India is stalling progress on achieving MDG 4. India accounts for surprising 29 per cent of the global deaths of new-borns on their very first day of birth. About half the first-day deaths around the world could be prevented if every mother and baby had right of entry quality health care and skilled birth attendants.

Gul is a responsible activist and powerful opinion maker known to speak her mind fearlessly on a variety of issues covering a spectrum from strategic & foreign affairs towards safety of women and citizen responsibility.


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