Indian Gems – Unsung Ecologist

Indian Gems – Unsung Ecologist

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Jadav-Molai-PayengJadav Molai Payeng

Determined to make a change, at sixteen years old he started planting trees to alleviate the environmental damage and before he knew it, he ended up creating a forest! Today, the forest is 1,360 acres huge and harbours various endangered species like Tigers, Rhinoceros, and various other deer, birds, rabbits and Elephants. Jadav himself does not consider this as much of an achievement as it is a way of life and he continues to live on the outskirts of his forest where he keeps himself busy by expanding its borders.

Vandana ShivaVandana Shiva

A philosopher, environmental activist, and a prolific author, Vandana Shiva has written over 20 books on a variety of subjects. Much of her life has been dedicated to creating awareness around the conservation of biodiversity and indigenous knowledge. Her work led to her being recognized as an Environmental Hero by Time Magazine in 2003.

GV DasarathiGV Dasarathi

Dasarathi is known to lead by example and does so by living in a house made completely out of recycled products. Called Kachra Mane (trash house) everything in his house is recycled from the wood, to the toilets, even the refrigerator and the microwave are second hand!

This beautiful house, complete with rainwater harvesting and solar energy facilities, cost Dasarathi just 15% of what it would otherwise cost to make a similar house.

tulasi-gowdaTulsi Gowda

An environmentalist from a rural village in Karnataka, Tulsi Gowda is an inspiration to many. Although illiterate, she understood the plight of the forest and started planting saplings. Today, she has planted over 100,000 saplings in all, and the number increases every day.

Madhu-BhatnagarMadhu Bhatnagar

A teacher by profession, Madhu Bhatnagar always cared about the environment. However, in 1999, when she came up with the idea of implementing rooftop rainwater harvesting in her school, little did she know that she was about to bring about a revolution. The model was soon adopted by over 2000 schools all over India, helping save millions of litres of water in the process.

Tilak-VijTilak Vij

Would you quit a well-paying job in an air conditioned office in Germany to come and work tirelessly in the unforgiving jungles of Himachal Pradesh? Well, Tilak Vij did. Troubled by the human-animal conflicts, he decided to leave Germany and worked tirelessly to save the animals in the state. After years of hard work, he has created six nature clubs, which have helped increase the states green cover while also proving a safe haven for the animals.

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