Indian Gems – Unsung Teachers

Indian Gems – Unsung Teachers

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Anand Kumar

His story is that of another bright student who was unable to attend Cambridge University because of lack of funds. Anand started the Super 30 program in 2000 where he helped students prepare for IIT Joint Entrance Examinations. As of 2015, 391 of 450 students have successfully qualified for the premier institute. He became a subject of an hour-long documentary on Discovery channel in 2009.

Prof Sandeep Desai

This man goes around begging in Mumbais famous local trains to fund his English-medium schools for the underprivileged in rural Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Hes been a part of feature stories, so he carries laminated versions of the newspaper clippings – a way to vouch for the authenticity of his charity Shloka.

Arvind Gupta

He is an alumnus of IIT-Kanpur. He outlined his philosophy in small positive action rather than empty rhetoric. He developed an idea of turning trash into simple toys and experiments to make learning a joyous experience. He wrote a book about his initiative and even delivered a TED talk about it.

Barun Biswas

In an unknown part of West Bengal called Sutia as political rapes and murders were common – one man stood up to the system. He knew the only way out of this chaos was education for the poor farmers children. He educated them and raised his voice to the goons, which got him killed in 2012. However, Biswass amazing story brought the injustice to light in front of all big publications and channels.

Kamlesh Zapadiya

Kamlesh Zapadiya travels 20km each day from his village to a nearby cybercaf with the aim of making education a lot more interesting for students. He has developed a website called Edusafar, where he uploads the entire school syllabus from class 1 to 10, in the form of a quiz.

Bharti Kumari

The rightful holder of the title of being one of the youngest headmistress around the world, Bharti Kumari began overseeing the village school in Kusumbhara at the age of 12. Having been abandoned at the time of birth, Bharti teaches English, Hindi and Maths to children under a mango tree apart from attending school herself.

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