Interview of N. K. Mohapatra CEO, Electronics Sector Skills Council of India

Interview of N. K. Mohapatra CEO, Electronics Sector Skills Council of India

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Known for his meticulous, hands on approach in almost all verticals in electronics industry be it product positioning, product development, R&D, manufacturing or sales and as well as his tireless work ethics, N. K. Mohapatra (NKM) has a trail of achievements that span his almost four-decade young career.

N. K. Mohapatra having his strong foundation in R & D and Product development has experience as a marketing professional and a technocrat in current assignment as the CEO of Electronics Sector Skills Council of India (ESSCI), his unstinting effort and personal commitment has ensured that ESSCI is on an inspiring trajectory of growth.

N. K. Mohapatra specializes in new product positioning in emerging markets and has also been instrumental in establishing export businesses for Indian Telecom products. For 15 years N. K. Mohapatra has been representating the Indian MNCs in South East Asia as well as the SAARC countries. He has also achieved remarkable milestones in his work in the various telecom companies in Wireless local loop and Solar Powered low capacity BTS.

Q. The role being played by ESSCI is at the centre of CSR activities being undertaken by Corporate India inspired by the Honourable Prime Minister. What is the vision of ESSCI to get involved with the CSR spending companies active and to be active in Skilling Domain?

A. The ESSCI is the apex council for skill development in the electronics sector and we seek to align with the corporate houses to guide them on CSR spending on skill development. Skill Development empowers the beneficiary as it creates livelihood.

ESSCI is actively engaged in several Skill Development Programmes under the CSR initiatives of the corporate and PSU organizations. Now, with the statutory proclamation of the government on CSR, we will have a wider scope to conduct our activities with support from the CSR programs and help the society with jobs and livelihood.

ESSCI being the certifying authority, the certificate under the NSQF empowers the candidates for job opportunities and also for self-employment.

Q. Is ESSCI focuses on engaging its resources policies for empowerment of women or other social challenges?

A. ESSCI is committed for empowerment of the marginalised communities, minorities, backward class citizens and women.

We are working on programmes for women empowerment and for generating self-employment opportunities for women in the country.

Q. What is the outcome and impact made by your Skilling Activities?

A. ESSCI undertakes skill development in electronics across the country and has skilled over 10000 candidates under the CSR programmes.

The outcomes have been that over 10,000 people Trained under several programmes are now gainfully employed and it has made a strong impact on society as the employability is the biggest support one can have as it affects a persons livelihoods and empowers him financially.

Skills imparted to the candidate empower him and enables him to seek employment in the industry or start an enterprise through the loan facilitated under the start-up programme under Mudra scheme.

There is a great socio-economic impact in the society and employment opportunities and livelihood created enables the candidate to run a business and support his family thus bringing in prosperity and sustainability along with dignity and grace.

Q. Which are the Key CSR projects of ESSCI and which one, you consider the FLAGSHIP project of ESSCI?

A. The key CSR projects undertaken by ESSCI are for the following companies:

  1. Whirlpool India
  2. Voltas
  3. Ambuja Cement
  4. HDFC Bank
  5. BPCL
  6. ONGC

The project called Swalamban has been the flagship outcome-based Skill Training Scheme under CSR of ONGC CBM Asset Bokaro.

This Skill Training & Certification Scheme aimed to enable and mobilize youth living around ONGC CBM Project area to take up skill training and become employable and earn their livelihood. This Scheme was carefully aligned to the Common Norms approved by the Common Norm Committee and notified by MSDE, Govt. of India.

Skill Training was imparted in selected job roles of ESSCI as per National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF).

During pilot phase of this scheme Free Skill Training & Certification would be given to 180 beneficiaries.

The scheme was implemented & monitored by ESSCI. The skill Training on job roles was conducted by affiliated Training Partner of ESSCI named ISIT Bokaro Training centre near to Project Location of ONGC CBM Asset at Prabatpur and Gomia in Bokaro district.

The project was successfully executed and all the trainees aligned to employment in local companies and with an impressive remuneration.

Q. What is the profile of the CSR organization/division, including the profile of full time CSR professional engaged?

A. ESSCI seeks to execute the project through its central Project implementation team as co-ordinating body and implemented through our training partners in the region for effective delivery and meeting project objectives.

Q. What is the level of your personal engagement in CSR planning and execution?

A. ESSCI is committed to the cause and personally monitors all the projects under the CSR programmes. The proposal is prepared by the proposal team and engagement with the local Training partner is fructified and jointly executed with support and active engagement with the funding agency.

Q. What is the level of top management involvement other than you in CSR?

A. The whole ESSCI team is sensitised to undertake and execute the CSR project and ensure proper training and meet the project objectives.

Q. What is the level of Employee Engagement and involvement in CSR activities of ESSCI?

A. The employees are sensitised and committed to such projects given their importance in enhancing livelihood under the marginalised and deprived sections of the society.

Q. Do you think the CSR potential is fully actualizes in ESSCI?

A. Yes. ESSCI undertakes the CSR project seriously and it is a showcase for us to contribute to livelihood to the lower sections and handhold them into prosperity though employment.

Q. CSR is a domain with unlimited scope for innovation and creativity for addressing developmental challenges around the companies area of operations benefiting the company by default. What kind of developmental innovation is tried in ESSCI under CSR? If any or if not, what are the plans for future?

A. The proposal made is customized as per the target audience for skill development. We propose the job roles which are in demand in the region and will ensure easy employability to the trained candidates. Also, certain job roles according self Employment opportunities are also carefully chosen for imparting training in.

The innovation is in selecting a customized programme and monitoring the training form the social perspective to give the best training and align to local employment opportunities.

Q. Any information you would like to share with the readers of CSR VISION?

A. ESSCI is committed to providing skill development to the youth of the country to empower them. All are welcome to partner with us in any way they can contribute to nation building through skill development and livelihood creation.

Today ESSCI is leading the skill development effort in electronics and striving to achieve the objectives set to make it the most discerning and capable institution in skill development field.

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