Interview with Ajit Singh

Interview with Ajit Singh

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Ajit Singh

Distinguished Private Investigator

Ajit Singh, Managing Director of Hatfield Detectives assisting corporate and society from more than two decades. He is Ambassador of India & Board member with WAD “World Association of Detectives Inc. USA. Detective is “Certified International Investigator” and recipient of prestigious “Investigation Entrepreneur of the Year-2012” from the Hon’ President of India and “Private Investigator of the Year-2007” from IISSM International Institute of Security & Safety management”

CSR VISION: What is Private Investigation for a common man and what are the general categories of investigation are there?

Ajit Singh: Private Investigation for a common man means gathering of desired information through other person for his/her personal use. This is so because Police cannot meet their personal requirement in terms of private investigations.

There are two broad categories first being of personal nature and the second for professional requirement. Both these categories can be enlarged into different requirement.

Personal Investigations

  • Pre matrimonial enquiries
  • Divorce case investigations
  • Spouse cheating enquiries
  • Missing person enquiries
  • Property dispute investigation

Corporate Investigations

  • Pre employment verifications
  • Gainful employment enquiries
  • Assets search
  • Due diligence
  • Fraud & corruption enquiries
  • Brand protection investigation


CSR VISION: As you know, the standards of morality and values have degraded in the society. As a leading Private Investigator of India with global associations and exposure, how do you see the impact of Private Investigation industry on the society, as a whole?

Ajit Singh: Morality of a society is dependent on the political & administrative governance of a country. These moralities change with time. Private investigator has to be truthful to him and to his clients’ requirement to make an impact on morality. Truth is the genesis of all the beliefs in the society, anything based on truth gives moral support to convictions. If a factual vision is presented to a client he/she would not be prejudiced in taking correct decision to meet a situation. In that capacity of the private investigator present a truthful picture for a prudent decision to be taken & help in boosting the moral. 

CSR VISION: Based on your experience, do you feel that the corporate processes are more damaged by the crimes committed by people within the companies or by the people outside the company?

Ajit Singh: It is not possible to clap without two hands meeting together. If an insider in a corporate has to adopt corrupt practises, he has to make use of the system for exploiting business associates of the company from outside. Thus service providers to corporate like vendors, suppliers, transporters etc.

Now the trend is to develop a “Fraud Control Mechanism” inside the corporate who seek our services to established truth.  


CSR VISION: Out of the various investigation services you have been providing, if we group those under two groups; corporate and social, which group of cases you get to handle more and how do you compare them in percentage terms?

Ajit Singh:  Social cases generally relates to personal matters while corporate cases pertain to running the business smoothly. Percentage wise there is surge in corporate cases amounting to about 65% while remains 35% to social aspects. 

CSR VISION: Do you feel that the poor social values of the people associated with the companies influence crimes in the corporate processes?

Ajit Singh: Low moral values definitely contribute towards commission of crimes. It is established fact that societies & nation have larger ratio of criminality. Economic, environmental and governance sectors have the controlling effect on criminality.

CSR VISION: Among the Social Investigations, which category of investigation you handle more and why?

Ajit Singh:  The highest ratio of social investigation pertains to pre matrimonial verification in India.

In the past, marriages were generally performed within the clan with known references. Now arrange marriages take place through verification of antecedents of the prospective partner not directly known to the partners. The profiles available on the on the media/internet are rather gold plated versions of metallic interior. More & more marriages are failing when the polished layer wears out and reality is seen through. Society is increasingly becoming aware about falsehood of presentations and therefore consciously availing expert services of private investigators in taking family background, reputation, habits, lifestyle, true financial status, character (dubious alliances) and about job prospects/business ventures. 

CSR VISION: Do you follow any trend in the social investigation, if so, what is the trend and what is the cause of the trend?

Ajit Singh:  The trend is to avail the services of the impartial & reputed private investigation companies for purposes of placing reliance. Clients themselves have become investigators in choosing the credentials of the private investigation companies.

Reliability factor is dominating rather than the cost factor. The trend is to hire quality service provider at any cost.

CSR VISION: : How can we increase the utility of private investigation as a service for overall betterment of society?

Ajit Singh:  The existence of private investigators in India has to be legally recognised by the Govt. through way of legislation for empowerment and reputation. 

Till the profession attains legitimacy, its positive contribution to meet the requirements of the society would never be worth the while. Collectively private investigators can be used by the Law enforcement agencies to act as eyes & ears of the Society. Let the Law enforcement agencies act as free arms of the Govt. to enforce the Law. 

Private investigators have a different role to play for catering the requirements of the society in which Police has no role to play. 

CSR VISION: How do you compare the profile of Indian Private Investigation Industry with this industry in other countries in the world?

Ajit Singh: Only likes can be compared with likes. Indian scenario without any regulating or empowering enactment can be compared with those countries where licensing legislation is not available. The affiliation of Indian private investigators with International bodies like WAD, CII, ASIS etc enlighten us to adopt the best practices of the profession.

We have now developed national occupational standards (NOS) for private investigators who are the members of APDI, Association of Private Detectives & Investigators (India). Special training & availing of forensic science expertise is giving an extra edge to the Indian investigators.

We are more self regulated & are striking to “ethical code of conduct” as derivatives from our associations/affiliations with International bodies.

It is needless to say that the Indians have always excelled as great service providers all across the globe.

CSR VISION: How do you see the role of Private Investigation as a tool for building a responsible society?

Ajit Singh:  Private investigators are basically “view finders” for the clarity of the pictures. True presentation of facts makes the client to take a wise & prudent decision, be it social or corporate matter.

The reliability of private investigator is being accepted more & more by their clients because of truth, factual details and reliable evidence being furnished by them.

The credibility of private investigator is increasing by the day because of purpose & dedication of efforts with the framework of time & resources of client.

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