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Janani is a not for profit organization providing family planning products and services. Since 1996, This NGO has operated a social marketing and social franchising program in the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. Janani provides family planning and comprehensive abortion care services to the populations in these states by strengthening and expanding the capacity of the private sector. Janani works in partnership with the government of India under the Public Private Partnership component of the National Rural Health Mission and the Contraceptive Social Marketing Program.

Janani delivers its services and products through the Surya family planning clinics of which 45 are operated by Janani, 105 private-sector doctor clinics serve as franchisees and another 700 private sector doctors who have been trained by Janani. The range of products include branded condoms (Mithun and Style), OCP (Apsara), IUCD (Cu-375/Urvashi), 3-monthly Injectable (Pari) and ECP (Postpil) are easily accessible at around 100,000 outlets in all four states.

Janani provides outreach family planning services at government facilities and social marketing of contraceptive products along with a strong outreach network of approximate 6,000 motivators that refers clients to clinics.

Since 1996, Janani has provided family planning products and services to over 21.58 million couples to protect them from unwanted pregnancies. Janani has conducted over 461,534 female sterilizations, 14,584 male sterilizations and handled over 309,308 cases of medical termination of pregnancy. It also has sold over 546 million condoms; 79 million oral contraceptive pills; 594,532 Injectable contraceptives; 188,650 IUDs and 1,368,260 emergency contraceptive pills.

In Bihar Janani focuses its efforts on rural populations. In 2012, 80% of Janani’s clientele in its Surya Clinics in Bihar came from rural areas, meanwhile in Uttar Pradesh, Janani manages an urban-focused project, and 95% of Janani’s clients in Uttar Pradesh are from low-income urban areas. 

Janani also provides training in family planning and comprehensive abortion care at its government-approved training centre. On-the-job training programs are offered to doctors and nursing personnel, lab assistants, and occupational therapy assistants and are held at the state-of-the-art Surya Clinic in Patna. Courses provide training and certification in family planning and comprehensive abortion care, and they are open both to Indian and international healthcare professionals.

Janani has been the recipient of funding from donors like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Packard Foundation, and works in partnership with the states governments. Through funds from such donors, Janani operates a mobile IUCD van, a tele-helpline (1800-200-3006), conducts community health days, outreach male and female sterilisation camps and many other interventions with the one and only aim of reducing the family size. 

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Janani Delivers through

• Surya clinics

o 36 own

o 21 private sector doctors as fractional franchisees

• Outreach Family Planning

o services at government facilities

• Social marketing of contraceptives and abortion care products

• The services offered at Janani's Surya Clinics are

o Provision of condoms

o Provision of Oral Contraceptive Pills

o Injectable contraceptive

o IUD insertion

o Ligation


o Emergency Contraceptive Pills

o Surgical Abortion with MVA

o Medical Abortion


Janani Outreach Camps

Janani also delivers family planning services through participating in rural outreach camps organized periodically at Government Health Facilities when required by the same.

Through these camps, Janani aims to increase the reach and access of state of the art family planning services at the rural level and bring these services closer to the clients' homes.

In 2010, Janani conducted over 200 camps across Bihar and Jharkhand.


Through these camps –

• Over 11,700 Clients were provided Family Planning Services

• Over 145,500 CYPs were attained through

                o 10,744 Female Sterilization services

                o 827 Male Sterilization services

                o 161 IUD insertions


Beyond the Clinic Janani also provides training in Family Planning and Comprehensive Abortion Care at our government approved training centre. The on-the-job training program is offered to doctors and nursing personnel, lab assistants, OT assistants and is held at the state-of- the-art Surya Clinic and Training Centre in Patna.

The course offers Training and Certifcation in:


Family Planning

• Insertion and removal of IUDs

• Female sterilization with and without anesthesia

• Male sterilization by the no-scalpel method

• Contraceptive counseling

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Comprehensive abortion care

• Surgical abortion by the manual vacuum aspiration technique without anesthesia

• Medical abortion

• Post abortion care


The three-month long training program is open to both Indian as well International candidates. Some of the features of our training program include:

• Monthly stipend

• Lodging and food at our hostel

• 24 hour free access to the Internet

• Access to a well-stocked library

• Use of a study centre and gymnasium

Janani has also launched a Nari Sansar, a software developed by Ogilvy which shares knowledge on various health and development related issues for teenage girls. It is sponsoring this software. The software was showcased at various Gender fairs across Bihar amongst college girls and was received very enthusiastically as an innovative device to promote female health.


Training :

SHP Training

The outreach rural net work of Janani well known as the Surya Health Promoters is an indispensable network for Janani in its operation of family planning service delivery and marketing interventions. Janani Surya Health Promoters are listed community animators instrumental in mobilizing the clientele base to augment the acceptance of the much needed family planning services amidst the Community members in Bihar and Jharkhand.

The marketing network of Janani comprises the redistribution stockist and retailer sellers of the Surya range of products and promoters of the Surya clinics. The present Surya health promoters' network is involved informally in to health care services delivery at the community level and its strength is roughly 9000. Through a modular 2 days training program organized at the zonal headquarters, Janani aims to reach out to the available group of eligible couples in need of family planning services. The training program aims at enhancing the communication and soft skills of the existing outreach network, thus empowering them to contribute better in client mobilization at the community level.


Bill Gates visit at Janani

Mr. Bill Gates, who has been supporting family planning initiatives in India, visited a Community Health Day (CHD) organized by Janani at the Ujerion slum in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh in year 2012. Mr.Gates was in UP to look after the Urban Health Initiative (UHI), a project supported by the Gates Foundation in the state. Janani was the sub-contractor to FHI 360 under the consortium implementing the UHI. 

Mr. Gates was full of questions during the 20 minute; he spent at the Community Health Day. He asked about the cost of the injectable being provided to clients  and was told that Pari, the Janani injectable, cost Rs 50 as against other brands in the market selling between Rs 75 and Rs 125. Mr.Gates was informed that the price of Pari had been kept low to attract the poor who wanted to plan their families. The service is provided free by doctors at the Community Health Day (CHD) as well as in Janani’s Surya clinics.

The doctors running the CHD are part of the Janani network. The number of doctors available on the CHD varied from 50 to 60 and the number of clients accepting an injectable was 10 to 15 percent of those coming for family planning services. About three to four clients also opted for the IUD. The first dose of the injectable is administered by the doctors or by a nurse under the supervision of a doctor. Mr.Gates also wanted to know if the doctors were qualified to administer the injectable and was assured that they were MBBS doctors of the allopathic stream. Though doctors under the Indian systems of medicine are also proper doctors, they do not have the permission to administer injectables.



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