Krishna Sharma

Krishna Sharma

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One Who Connects Divinity with Social Responsibility


A 38 Years old Spiritual Healer who is well known in the field of Numerology, Vastu, Astrology, Tarot Card Reading and various form of Occult Science. She has undergone extensive training for many years to excel in the trait with her Master Pandit Praveen Kumar Sharma, who is exceptional in his field of work.

Early Life

Krishna Sharma hails from a Spiritual Brahmin family. Her Grandfather Pandit Vishambhar Prasad Sharma was also a veteran in Astrology and her desire to be a part of this field is been fuelled since the childhood. A natural flair for healing which helped her to keep going in her path of looking through people for helping them with best solution or strengthen them to face life with their chin up. Krishna’s father was SP in CBI and mother was housewife, brothers and sisters are well settled in government sector and Business. She was very good in academics but always a shining star in sports. She played Hockey for National level and also coached hockey team for school. Sometimes had injuries as well but never gave up. After school, she took up Law for professional studies to become a lawyer and help people with her services like Father. During her young age, parents’ demise gave her turbulence in her personal and professional life.  But she overcame all difficulties with her persistent, strong willed outlook and rebuilt her life on her own.

Life Events Leading to the inspiration to get involved in the area of Social Work

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During that time, occurrence of another incident in one of the known family had disrespected and abandoned their old parents. This Stargazer took care of them in the time of need and provided place to live. Then she spoke the family and helped the old couple to come to an understanding with family and reassured their place in the family.

This was the turning point of Krishna’s life when she decided to dedicate her life to heal people as per her calibre and there is no turning back since then. She got involved in community services and to create awareness about her work in the field of Astrology.

As Astrology In our country is used by many irrelevant people to take undue advantage of people and spread misconception in the society. Jyotish has historically been part of a continuous “holistic” approach to living and to spiritual practice within the life of Hindus predominant in India.
As Hindus believe that humans have fortune and misfortune in life because of karma, many use Jyotish to understand the downs in life due to the influence of planets, i.e., Navagraha and perform religious ceremonies to mitigate bad karma.

Achievement: Along with a successful career in astrology consulting, fortune-teller participates in the talk shows for major TV channels and public gathering to create awareness. Lady shown active participation in local community services for Noida Area and also motivates people to serve community as per their calibre for the betterment of society.

She talks about spiritualism without blind faith and to practise gratitude and kindness for the betterment of society. Community services in the Local Temples of Noida & Delhi and participated in the activity such as educating poor kids, fund raising for girls marriage and education. Organises motivational sessions for troubled women.

Impact made on the society on ground

Krishna Sharma is a lady who talks about Community services in the Local Temples of Noida & Delhi, spiritualism without blind faith and to practise gratitude and kindness for the betterment of society.ISR (3)

Female Astro contributes major part of her earnings in donations for group marriages for poor girls and for the meal for poor kids. She also works with women who are disregarded by the family by building their confidence in themselves and life.

Seer is rigorously working towards a purpose of building an old age home for unfortunate senior citizens, which will be run by other fellows who find peace in helping others. For that she is very aggressively working on fundraising and to form a group of people to execute 

Krishna also gives training for Vastu, Tarot reading and Astrology and gives them opportunity to become speaker on talk shows and a career. 

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