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Lakshyam is an NGO devoted to the destitute and suppressed communities, especially women and children.


Since last eight years, Lakshyam has been working towards child development & women empowerment across seven states in India. Established for the welfare of mankind and the society at large, the not-for-profit organisation has been engaged in a number of social welfare activities.

The key areas of the establishment include child welfare, education, health, empowerment (women in particular) and promoting practical, effective and innovative solutions to improve lives of the not so privileged communities. Over the years, Lakshyam has expanded its scope of activities and enhanced its efforts by initiating various camps, workshops and programs like 'Butterfly', a child welfare and education program, 'Lakshyam Toy Library', a need based approach, and 'Rooh: Awakening Women’s Soul', a program to empower the suppressed women of India.



Lakshyam Toy Library is one of the main programs of Lakshyam that distributes toys and books from the privileged children to the not-so-privileged ones. Toy Boxes are set up in several private schools in Delhi and each child donates a toy and/or book that is then delivered to the 8 tie-up NGOs across 7 states. Lakshyam Toy Library Centers have been opened    in the rural districts of states like Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Butterfly: Child Welfare and Education program has been designed, keeping in view the two integral building blocks of a healthy child, Development & Participation. The Remedial Education Center based at the Basti adopted by Lakshyam, JJ Basti in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi provides an education encompassing textual knowledge and personality development, along with special attention to workshops on cleanliness, hygiene, discipline, extra curricular activities and positive life habits that are carried out to help the children join the mainstream society with a broader and deeper capability.

Rooh: Awakening Women's Soul is a program that focuses on creating an environment conducive for women from the not-so-privileged communities. Imparting skill building training and teaching the art of sewing, cutting, stitching and embroidery to women, thus creating opportunities for income enhancement. Focus on issues affecting the lives of women, like health & hygiene education, child care and basic civic sense are provide to community women to support them in leading a life with dignity and confidence.


 Lakshyam recently kick started an international chapter in Aberdeen, Scotland as well  to gain exposure for its beneficiaries, especially women and their skill-based  handcrafted products that Lakshyam displays at the respective Store. The handmade  products have received a positive feedback from across the international waters.




NGO_Watch3[1] Lakshyam believes in bridging the gap between knowledge and habitual ignorance. Targeting  the oblivious way of living amongst the not-so-privileged masses and putting a stop to it is the  key to the horrific statistics. We are well aware of the fact that this process is not a one day  lecture that rectifies the ignorance, but a constant, conscious effort that ought to be imbibed  amongst the mentally, physically, emotionally and monetarily disadvantaged fellow Indians.


 Workshop on Health and Nutrition Awareness

 Cleanliness, nutrition and hygiene habits are demonstrated through stories and charts.  Queries are answered and easy tips to inculcate the new habits in everyday life are  imparted.   


 Breastfeeding Awareness Session

The community women learn about WHO and UNICEF recommendations for feeding an infant or a young child in a healthy manner.


Micro-nutrient – Iodine Deficiency Awareness Session

Lakshyam periodically conducts an awareness session on Iodine deficiency for the community women. The session includes demonstrations to test the salt for Iodine content at a household level. Focus on self-equipped techniques to safeguard one’s health is the main highlight of the event.


Eye Camp

In collaboration with Sant Parmanand Hospital, Lakshyam regularly organizes a healthcare drive all over Delhi that focuses on eye checkups. Patients suffering from eye problems and discomforts are examined. Apart from the checkups, free medicines and eye care suggestions by the doctors are given to the patients as well. Free cataract operations are also conducted for the severe cases; last year witnessed nine patients restore their eyesight after the camp.


Dental Camp

Lakshyam offers free of cost dental services to improve dental health of the children. Post the Dental camps last year, a number of kids were operated for severe cases of dental problems. 


Anti-Drug Campaign

Lakshyam recently organized an Anti-Drug campaign in Ranchi to bring stability amongst disadvantaged children in dire circumstances due to drug abuse. 30 kids in Ranchi were found afflicted with drug abuse and were taken to the hospital to provide medical assistance. They needed special attention to get back their lives on track, mentally and physically.

Lakshyam, along with its team of doctors, a Skin specialist, a Dental surgeon and a Heart surgeon worked with the kids on the three main concerned areas that are most affected during drug abuse.


Fundraising Initiatives:

Fashion for a Cause

Three consecutive years and still running strong, ‘Fashion for a Cause’ is one of Lakshyam’s most illustrious and thriving initiatives that is held every year in April. The annual fundraising initiative has a twofold objective that aims at garnering support from the society, and raise funds for the existing programs and the ones in the pipeline. Each year, we not only try to make it a bigger success that spreads the message of Lakshyam, but also ensure that our kids experience immense exposure and confidence from the initiative, and basically have a gala time. Designers like Ashima Leena, Rohit Bal,



 Delhi Primes

 Aimed at spreading awareness towards Lakshyam’s programs, ‘Rooh: Awakening  Women's Soul’ and 'Butterfly', Delhi Primes, a Coffee Table Book featured a  compilation of inspiring stories of distinguished personalities in Delhi who have pushed  the envelope and exceptionally succeeded professionally and in their philanthropic  works.

' Delhi Primes: Women in Power' was introduced in 2013 that reaped positive responses  from the classes and masses featuring Shallu Jindal, Ayesha Thapar, Priya Sachdev,  Sangeeta Assomull and others, with special messages from the likes of Ms. Sharmila  Tagore, Dr. Kiran Bedi and Dr. Farooq Abdullah. The Book also included a Foreword  from the former Chief Minister of Delhi, Ms. Sheila Dixit that rightly echoed the sentiments of woman power in the country.

'Delhi Primes: Men Serving Mankind' was a bigger fundraising event that raised the bar and featured 37 renowned names who not only succeeded and conquered their respective fields but also constantly contributed towards the disadvantaged. The respected names include Dr. Naresh Trehan, Mr. Jatin Das, Mr. Kapil Dev, Mr. Tushar Kumar, Mr. Bharat Sahni, letters from Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Chetan Bhagat.

The featured personalities in the Delhi Primes series have been actively associated with Lakshyam and continue to contribute towards its growth and development.

We’d like to specially mention Ms. Shahnaz Hussain who took our initiative, Delhi Primes, to the international markets and showcased the work of Lakshyam in several countries like the U.S (White House), Sri Lanka (President House), Malaysia, Singapore, Canada (Cannes Film Festival) and many more. The positive and encouraging reviews from the global audience make way for us to keep walking the path towards a better tomorrow.

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