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Leadership Tips

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For Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”.

— Warran G. Bennis

Excellent persuasion abilities

People have to believe in you and your credibility. Image is everything and the belief people have in you, your product, your mission, your facts or your reputation are key to being a great leader. You have to persuade people of this — it doesn’t just happen.


In today’s work environment, people are working very long hours and they need to take some time to celebrate their successes in order to recharge their batteries. Those leaders who fail to do this create burnout environment overtime.

Follow through

A plan is nothing without the follow-through. Execute. And you should never be unsure of how your plan is working, because that open door of communication should be delivering constant feedback.The importance of great leadership qualities in the workplace is too high to leave bad bosses unchecked. Take time to recognize both the good and bad in yourself so you can maximize your team’s potential.

Have a strategic plan for change

Take that feedback and make a plan for the future. This is where you are not just a boss but a leader. And you need a plan to showcase strong leadership qualities that reflect the needs of your workforce. According to Forbes, two crucial elements of this plan should be trust and transparency. Employees want to work for a leader who is forthright and open. And the trust should go both ways: employees should be able to trust their leader, and they want that trust right back, empowering them in the workplace. Implement specific goals and metrics for moving forward in this direction.

Recognizing true potential

Leaders are those that surround themselves with great minds and people with great thoughts.

Citing an example here would be the life of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was an icon that looked for talent in unknown places and unique ways. Quite often Steve Jobs when visiting college campuses to deliver a lecture, would notice potential employees participating in the talk, and personally interview them; hiring them thereafter for their unique and very powerful innovative visions and thoughts in his team

Authenticity is their cup of tea

To be etched in the minds of millions, one of the most important leadership traits for world leaders to have is that of being authentic. No power plays, no muscle pulling and no arm twisting needed, but clear intentions and someone who can be consistent in their words and actions, proves to the world how authentic they are.Embracing diversity in all forms, being unique by displaying strengths and areas of weakness, understanding their own identity and knowing how to delegate roles and responsibilities, whilst making their own contribution towards success is what authenticity is all about.

Undying hunger to win

Leaders have an undying hunger to exceed expectations and successfully complete their promises and tasks. They are consistent and ways probe into areas never treaded before. Such leaders have a natural zeal and zest to learn and unlearn, helping them gain more knowledge and information as seen through the behaviour of the masses they lead. A leader with such attributes helps create a well-versed team heading in the right direction.

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