Leadership Tips for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

Leadership Tips for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders

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The mark of a great man is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplish the vital ones.
Brandon Sanderson

Flexibility to listen as much-or more than-talk

Just because CEOs are the ultimate decision-makers in most situations pertaining to their companies, doesnt mean their opinions are the only ones that matter, according to Inc. Employees will be far more productive in environments where the CEO demonstrates a willingness to listen to any and all opinionsand actively solicits them through something "as simple as a suggestion box-style submission process, or as in depth as a series of personal interviews," Inc. said.

Knack for building solid relationships

A 10-year longitudinal study of more than 2,700 business executives in leadership positionsconducted by consulting company Navalent and reported in a Harvard Business Review notefound that the ability to form "deep, trusting relationships" is the most "make it or break it" attribute of successful CEOs. The best CEOs, the Review said, develop such connections by "investing heavily in their own emotional and social intelligence, actively solicit feedback about how others experience them, and learn to be vulnerable with their shortcomings to create trust with others."

Learning agility

According to the Korn Ferry Institute, the educational arm of human resources consultancy Korn Ferry, learning agility is "the willingness and ability to apply lessons learned from past experiences to new and first-time situations and challenges"or knowing what to do when you dont really have a clue what to do. CEOs and aspiring CEOs who possess this trait are easily adaptable to changing environments, and insatiably curious. They avoid defaulting to previously effective solutions and problem-solving tactics, instead applying fresh, varied approaches, ideas and solutions to new problems and unanticipated challenges.

A CEO must be able to build an exceptional team

Every exceptional association CEO builds a great team. He or she works with their leadership team to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the associations staff. The assessment is made of who stays and who departs, focusing on the contributions and strengths of the individuals. The CEO then looks externally to fill the staff holes with the best individuals possible. This takes time and continues to evolve over time. Then the CEO works to keep the team excited, engaged, fulfilled, and appreciated.

  1. Tying Strategy to Execution: Coming up with a master plan is not enough. To succeed, CEOs must show employees how their day-to-day work contributes to that long-term plan, help them set smart goals, and measure their progress consistently.
  2. Employee Development: This is an important part of retaining employees. The best workers want to be part of something special. CEOs need to set a clear vision and show employees how their contributions can support it. In addition, they should implement systems and processes to develop employee talent.

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