“Manager is one who connects a system that can then continue on its own. His goal must be to make him dispensable.”


Data Gathering- Gathers data, analyses issues and breaks them down into their component parts. Makes systematic and rational judgements based upon relevant information.

Engages Others- Makes it easy for people to get involved in activities. Fosters the long term learning and development of others in order to make it a part of everyone’s knowledge and skill set.

Influence– Gains support for the agenda by persuading and convincing others. Understands others and influences them in a way that results in acceptance, agreement or behaviour change. In particular, is able to persuade people to be involved in responsibilities without using organisational structures.

Operational- Ensures the strategy goals are met by bringing the strategy to life and building into business as usual activities. Organises and schedules events, activities and resources. Sets up and monitors schedules, timescales and plans. In particular, is able to bring the responsible strategy to life using personal conversations, organising activities and actively linking new and existing activities.

Technical Expert- Seeks to understand the technical aspects of work. Continually seeks out best practice to maintain technical currency and identify new approaches.

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