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CSR VISION is an entertaining and thought Spurring magazine. The current issue of POLITICAL CSR is something I was curious to read and know. Articles are unique and quite different.

—Kuldeep, Rajsthan


CSR VISION is the best magazine to showcase business and political affairs in the context of society. Political CSR is something that is new which is still unexplored in India. Its language is crispy and comprehendible for everyone.

—Kiran, Uttarakhand


From business to politics, to education, it gives information about all important events. It’s knowledge booster for readers and connects various domains effectively.

—S. K. Mishra, Bihar


Excellent MAGAZINE and direct source for all business houses. This is not a simple news magazine, but full of national, international news and knowledge based stories.

—Sanjay Kumar, Goa


CSR VISION has rich resource of knowledge & information, its language is simple, easy to understand and constructive. The content is relevant to current issues.

—Aakash, Karnataka

About the author

CSR VISION is India's (probably World's) first monthly magazine in print devoted to CSR and Sustainable Development for bringing together all stakeholders of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT at a global and local levels and act as a platform for promoting strategic CSR and sustainable development practices through dissemination of information and knowledge.