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MCL is a premier public sector unit in Odisha with highest CSR budgets in comparison to other PSU’s in Odisha. It is headquarter at Burla in Sambalpur  district of western Odisha, an underdeveloped area. Therefore the   high expectation of the people of Odisha in general and western Odisha in particular is obvious. In addition to this the communities of the area affected by the mining activities expect a larger share of benefits. So the CSR story of MCL is a good story to go through.

Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd (MCL) is a subsidiary Company of Coal India Limited, and the largest coal producing and profit making company in India having “Mini Ratna” status of Government of India with effect from 15 March 2007. MCL is operating in the State of Odisha, with its Corporate Hq at Burla, Sambalpur District. There are Two Coalfields namely Talcher Coalfield and Ib- Valley Coalfield. Talcher Coalfield is located in Angul District at about 200 km from the MCL, HQ and 150 Km from State Capital Bhubaneswar. Ib- Valley Coalfield is located in Jharsuguda and Sundergarh Districts about 80 kms to 130 kms from MCL, HQ.


MCL has achieved highest ever 137.901 Million Tonnes (MTe) of coal during the year 2015-16 against previous year’s production of 121.379 Mte, registering a growth of 13.61%. Off-take of coal during the year 2015-16 was 140.234 MTe against previous years off take of 123.003 Mte With a growth of 14.01%. MCL has achieved all-time high Gross Sale Value of Rs 20599.85 (Including STC) against the previous year’s Gross Sale value of Rs 15693.71 Crore registering a growth of 31.26%The Profit before Tax (PBT) for the year under review was Rs 6260.43 Crore against previous year’s PBT of Rs 5314.24 Crore. The profit after Tax (PAT) for the year under the review was Rs 4184.74 Crore against last year’s PAT of Rs 3554.10 Crore.

MCL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Coal India Limited, a Maha Ratna Central Public Sector Undertaking of Govt. of India. Regarding size of the company as per coal production capacity, MCL has been able to perform remarkably well during the year 2015-16.

The company is pioneer in the introduction of clean and new technologies and was the first to introduce surface miners for coal production in India.

MCL is the 1st company in CIL to do so, to augment its clean coal production programme.

it is the trend-setter in introducing Blast free technology of Mining coal in open cast mine by surface Miner.

Now, it is envisaged to introduce Ripper Dozer to remove OB.SILO with Rapid Loading system is going to be introduced in all the major opencast projects of MCL.

The Company has also adopted innovative Practices like Geo-fencing, Auto refund of EMD, Digital repository for licence (Explosive Mine Opening, Mine Closure Plan ) and online Project Monitoring at Area Level.


“To be one of the leading energy suppliers in the world through best practices from mine to market”.


“To produce and market the planned quantity of coal and coal products efficiently and economically in an eco-friendly manner with due regard to safety, conservation, and quality”.

Operational Areas

  • Basundhara(W) OCP and Kulda OCP – IB Valley Coalfields in Sundargarh District
  • Lakhanpur OCP, Belpahar OCP, Lilari OCP, Samaleswari OCP, Lajkura OCP, Orient u/g mine no 1&2, Orient u/g mine no 3, Orient u/g mine no 4, HRC u/g mine & HBI u/g mine – IB Valley Coalfields in Jharsuguda District
  • Kaniha OCP, Lingaraj OCP, Ananta OCP, Jagannath OCP, Bhubaneswari OCP, Bharatpur OCP, Chhendipada OCP, Hingula OCP, Balaram OCP, Talcher U/g mine, Nandira u/g mines – Talcher Coalfields in Angul District
  • Central Excavation Workshop, IB Valley and Central Excavation Workshop, Talcher
  • Central Stores, IB Valley and Central Store, Talcher
  • Nehru Satabdi Central Hospital(NSCH), Talcher and Central Hospital, IB Valley

In Terms of spatial spread of prognostic coal bearing area, the coalfields of the state of Odisha have about 7.6% area (2723 Sq.Km). This goes to illustrate the high ratio of coal to noncoal strata in the two hitherto known coal-bearing basin River coalfield and Talcher coalfield.


Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. produces non-coking coal of Gr. B LF, Gr. C LF, Gr. D LF, Gr. E & Gr.F at Talcher field, Dist: Angul and lb field, Dist: Jharsuguda/ Sundergarh in Odisha. Their Product is (–) 100 mm size bituminous grade non cocking coal of Gross Calorific Value (GCV) range of 3,500 to 4,000 Kcal/kg. It has been a constant endeavor for MCL to ensure quality across its entire value chain so that customer satisfaction is maintained. Conventional mining methodologies are being strategically replaced by new technologies.


MCL bagged the following Certifications of International Management System Standards for three years w.e.f. 10.04.2016 .

  • Company was accredited with 9001:2008- Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2004-
  • Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007- Occupational Health Management System which conformed to all the applicable International Standards. MCL is also going for SA 8000: 2008 – Social
  • Accountability Management System ( For Managing the Social Accountability concerns of the Organization) ISO 50001: 2011 Energy Management System. ( For Managing Rationalized Consumption of all Energy inputs in the Organisation ).
  • MCL has allocated Rs 112.97 Crore for the year 2015-16 @ 2% of the Net Profit based on the average last three years towards CSR activities as per CIL and MCL’s CSR Policy.
  • MCL has taken ambitious steps to widen and broaden the CSR activities.
  • The expenditure in the financial year 2015 – 16 is Rs 184.64 Crore and major activities are in progress.

Organizational culture

MCL inspires to create an innovative work culture for Organizational Excellence and its process innovations and new initiative are the most critical success factors. The innovative work culture at MCL enables businesses to increase efficiency and productivity through the development and adoption of new technologies for creating value for all the stakeholders. It is the trendsetter in introducing Blast-free technology of wining coal in opencast by surface miner.

Safety is always the highest priority and it always reflects in the organizational culture of MCL. MCL believes that safety and productivity cannot be separated and it tries to strike a fine balance between production as well as safety at work place. Safety Mining’ is one of the core capabilities of the company which has been attained through continuous practice of safety methods and techniques. All MCL’s operations and system are planned and designed to eliminate or reduce Mining hazards.

MCL maintains in delivering excellence in business and keen about providing valuable services to their customers for creating Organizational radiance. MCL business is having customer oriented approach and adoption of new technologies facilitated to serve MCL’s customers elegantly. 

The employees have been provided with elegant working condition with modern technological facilities, recreational facilities and they have freedom to interact with top Management at any time, Mentors have been appointed to guide the new entrant and every effort is made to ensure that the new entrant is provided the best possible facilities. The Organizational leadership reflects in addressing the concerns of the stakeholders and take the conscientiousness to deliver as per the expectation of stakeholders, by updating new technologies and frequently monitoring the standards of their products and services etc.

Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) always aims to ensure transparency for the greater Organizational justice and corporate sustainability, Transparency, Equity, Justice, Accountability etc. being touchstones of good governance have been accepted as core values to be practised to the best extent in every sphere of business activities pertaining to MCL.


1. Devotion to duty:

Devotion to their duties entails getting rid of lethargy, inefficiency and indifference

2. Sense of Mission

Focus on the mission and vision identified for the organisational and work with utmost

zeal for greater good

3. Integrity & Honesty

Integrity is working as per own conscience and putting the obligation of public services above own personal interest. ‘ Honesty ’ is being truthful and open

4. Courage and Conviction

Courage means mustering the strength and will to do what is right, even when circumstance are adverse and frightening

5. Spirit of Service & Sacrifice

Service to something greater than self which should be inspired for national cause and concerned for social good

6. Sense of Fairness

The trait of fairness includes objectivity, impartiality, equity, justice and free from bias or discrimination

7. Upholders of Public interest

The officials in a PSU hold their position as a trustee of public interest, hence it clearly underlines non – use of official position for personal giants.

8. Accountability & Responsibility

Feel Accountability & responsibility towards the organisation and be accountable for own actions


Total Mining Projects sanctioned till date in MCL are 51 (including 2 exhausted Projects). The rated Production Capacity of these sanctioned Projects was 224.41 Mty, with a sanctioned Capital outlay of Rs.11670.677Crs. Out of total 51 Projects, 34 Projects are completed Projects and 17 Projects are On-going Projects. These 17 On-going projects have a capacity of 126.33 MTY with a capital investment of Rs.8896.40.

*These are the extensions of original projects annexing additional areas. Hence, there will be no addition in Capacity.

  • Future Projects: – 04 Nos.
  • Integrated Lakhanpur- Belpahar – Lilari OCP- 30 MTY
  • Gopalji- Kaniha Expn. OCP – 30 MTY
  • Balaram Expn. OCP – 15 MTY
  • Samaleswari Expn. OCP (Including all Seam) – 20 MTY

Project Category

No. of Projects

Sanctioned Capacity

Sanctioned Capital


(Rs. Cr.)



(Rs. Cr.)




100 & above







50 to 100







20 to 50







Below 20















Completed Projects: – 34 Nos. & On-going Projects : – 17 Nos.

Sl No.

Name of the Project

Total PR Cap (MTY)

Total Sanctioned Capital(Rs. Cr.)

Completion Date


Completed Projects till date- 34 Nos. (including 2 exhausted projects)





On-Going Projects:-Total-17 Nos.



Ananta OCP Expn. Ph-III





Balaram OCP Extension.

8.00 *




Bharatpur OCP Expn., Ph-II





Bharatpur OCP Expn. Ph.-III





Bhubaneswari OCP





Hingula-II OCPExpn. Ph-III





Jagannath Re-organisation

6.00 *




Jagannath U/G





Kaniha OCP





Natraj U/G





Talcher (W) U/G 





Sub total






Basundhara (W) Extn

7.00 *




Belpahar O/C Expn. Ph-II





Kulda OCP





Kulda Expn OCP





Siarmal OCP





Garjanbahal OCP




Sub total




TOTAL (Ongoing projects)




GRAND TOTAL (Including capacity of exhausted mines)






MCL is a renowned and illustration name in mining domain, producing above 100 MT of raw coal, This is accomplished with the deployment of a vast fleet of equipment’s ranging from high productive draglines to smaller capacity (1.5 Cum) hyd. Shovels as the loading equipment’s supported by 100 T to 50 T hauling dumpers .Various dozers ranging from 300 HP to 800 HP and other auxiliary equipment’s like cranes and graders are supporting in their Zest of coal

The main features of two important equipment’s deployed at MCL are briefed below


The three no of draglines deployed at MCL are highly productive and do not require any loading equipments. Further, they are also cost effective and environment-friendly as they eliminate diesel consumptions

Surface Miner

At present, fifteen surface miners have been deployed in different fields of MCL. The concept of surface miner is cut crush and load in one pass eliminating drilling, blasting, and crushing as in traditional mining methods.

Following major HEMMs are in operation in MCL

Dragline 20/10 Cum – 03 nos

Surface Miners — 15 nos

Shovel 10 Cum — 03 nos

Shovel 9.5 Cum — 06 nos

Shovel 6.5 /6.1 Cum –19 nos

Dumper 100 T -74 nos

MCL intends to set up four no’s of washeries of 10 Mty raw coal, each on BOM concept under Phase – I. For two nos of washeries has been identified. The washeries will be providing Land with approach road along with the supply of water and power at single point. The owner shall provide required capital funding for the setting up of washery.

Washery complex, in general, shall include the provision of Raw coal receiving arrangement, main coal washing plant, emergency stockpiles of raw coal & washed coal, reclamation and delivery system of washed coal from its emergency stockpile; delivery system for rejects and all allied facilities such as thickeners, slurry and different service buildings. For safety & security of the washery , the entire washery complex along with reject storage area shall be provided with boundary wall, Also facilities for sample collection and adequate numbers of automatic samplers complete with all required accessories shall be provided by BOM operator. Online analyzers for ash and moisture shall be provided on respective conveyors of washery for instaneous monitoring and recording of ash and moisture of raw and washed coal.

Freedom of selection of efficient & cost effective state of the art technology lies with the BOM operator. Washing scheme has to be preferably based on jig/Heavy Media Separation (Bath/Drum/Cyclone or Combination thereof) technology. The technology chosen in two washeries is Heavy Media cyclone . Washery is based on closed water circuit and Zero effluent discharge system. Washery circuit envisages dewatering system like Belt press filter and High frequency screens for efficient recovery of solids from the slurry


The major IT advancement at MCL is introduction of Coal Net, e-procurement, e- payment, Truck despatch system and online material management system, Biometric attendance system.

Carbon Footprint – Reducing Emissions through Technology

MCL have been focusing on reducing emissions by making the most of the latest technologies. During the reporting year, 68.44% of coal production (73.84 Mt coal) was through Surface Miner Technology. This is an eco-friendly blast-less mining technology that eliminates the dust generating operations like drilling, blasting and crushing completely while sprinkling water at the same time.

New Safety Technology Adopted

MCL have completely stopped manual loading in all UG mines and all the districts are fully mechanised with LHD/ SDL loading. Out of the 7 (seven) underground mines in MCL, Man Riding System is in use in four UG mines namely, HRC mine, HBI mine, OC3 mine and OC 1&2 mines of Orient Area. It is proposed to install Man Riding System at The Nandira Mine of Talcher Area as well.

Employee Welfare and Wellness

Many of their employees reside in the townships within the vicinity of the sites and provide basic amenities for them to live comfortably. These townships have necessary infrastructure such as schools, shopping complexes, hospitals and dispensaries, a playground for children, community centers, banks, ATMs, temples, and so on. Some of their townships even have badminton courts, tennis courts and golf courses for employees to use. All the residential complexes have 24-hour drinking water supply and electricity.


Housing is a basic need, so MCL tries to provide residential facilities for all the employees. Over 15,000 quarters are already occupied in the MCL townships close to coalfields. By 2019, MCL plan to build 2,000 new quarters. Since most of the residential areas are very old, they aim to replace the abandoned quarters with 8,000 new quarters. A new township is also being planned at Siarmal, to provide housing to employees of Garjanbahal, Siarmal, and MBPL. Since MCL has such a wide coverage, the housing needs are immense. MCL have been persistent in their efforts to adequately meet these needs and this has resulted in an increased level of satisfaction among MCL employees.

Medical Facilities & Education

The company provides primary and secondary healthcare services through 14 dispensaries 5 area hospitals and 2 central Hospitals, MCL has a fleet of 03 trauma care ambulances, 04 mobile medical vans and 14 air-conditioned ambulances and 23 other ambulances. MCL is having 08 Dav Public Schools and 01 DAV Girls high school, where the total no of students enrolled is 10621. Out of which 6338 are MCL wards and 4283 are Non-MCL wards

Information Technology

i) GPS based Vehicle Tracking System(VTS) has been implemented with installation of RFID Readers and IP cameras at road Weighbridges

ii) E-Surveillance: CCTVs at Railway Sidings, Stores, Magazines, Mine Entry/Exit points and other locations have been installed for intensive coverage of activities at these locations.

iii) Control rooms have been setup at Area Offices and HQT for effective monitoring of the Vehicle Tracking Systems and the CCTV footage of the Sidings.

iv) Wide Area Network: MCL already has an Integrated Communication Network that connects all the Area Offices, Central / Regional Stores, Central Hospitals, Central Workshops, Project Offices, Weighbridges and Desk Offices at Kolkata and Bhubaneswar. Further commissioning of a Redundant MPLS-VPN and VSAT based data communication network for connecting all the Area Offices, Central / Regional Stores, Central Hospitals, Central Workshops, Project Offices, Weighbridges and Desk Offices with MCL-HQ, is under progress.

v) Coal net – All major functional areas such as Personnel Information System (PIS), Production Information Monitoring (PIM), Financial Information (FIS), Sales & Marketing (SNM), Materials Management System, Payroll etc. are computerized and integrated to MCL’s customized ERP named Coal net.

vi) eProcurement – Procurement of all goods and services are done through e-procurement portal for maintaining transparency and reducing procurement life cycle. EMD submitted by bidders are automatically refunded to unsuccessful bidders immediately.

vii) eAuction – Sale of Coal are done thru e-auction portal in a transparent manner, and Delivery Orders are generated on the basis of auction data from portal.

viii) GPS based Operator Independent Truck Dispatch System at three major Open Cast Projects for monitoring of production and performance, availability & utilization of HEMMs

ix) File Tracking System (FTS) – All files created / desptached and received are entered through FTS module, and thus system keeps track of movement of files.

x) Wi-Fi Networking – Wi-Fi network has been set up in the corporate office and its residential area at Jagriti Vihar.

xi) Bill Status Tracking – Entire movement of bills of suppliers / contractors are recorded in Coalnet system, and the same is made available to them through their official website.

xii) Various other activities such as Periodical Medical Examination of employees, Personnel Information System of Contract Workers, Productivity Improvement Scheme for HEMM Operators etc. have been computerized.


MCL has hugely invested in CSR to uplift the progress of people and key focus has been on fulfilling the basic requirements.

 It has allocated Rs.112.97 Crore for the year 2015-16 @ 2% of the Net Profit based on the average last three years towards CSR activities as per Coal India and MCL’s CSR policy. The amount spent under CSR during financial year 2015-16 is Rs. 184.64 Crore.

 According to a White Paper published by Forum for Integrated Development and Research (FIDR), MCL has been rated as No.1 Corporate House in terms of CSR spending in the state of Odisha.

An amount of Rs. 240 crore has been earmarked under Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan.

MCL has also embarked on the construction of Mahanadi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (MIMS             R), Talcher, at an estimated cost of Rs.492.62 Crore. This state-of-the-art medical institute will have a 100-seat medical college with 500-bedded multi-specialty hospital

Criteria for selection of CSR initiatives

The need assessment is the main criteria for taking up CSR activities.

State Govt. / District Administration bring out the need of society for which MCL reacts positively.

During the year 2015-16, under Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan, MCL took up the dream project of Hon’ble Prime Minister of India by undertaking the construction of School toilets in the State of Odisha. MCL took up construction of 10,546 nos. of School toilets in various districts of Odisha, for which MCL got various Award and Recognition.

As a socially responsible company, MCL has been striving to be a proactive enabler and partner in mapping the needs of the communities and acting in collaboration with local NGOs, community and government towards socio-economic upliftment of the neighboring communities.

The project envisages a hostel for 300 boys, a separate hostel for 200 girl students, two blocks of Hostel for 100 interns, a hostel for 57 junior resident doctors and a 50-bedded nurses’ hostel. An amount of Rs. 492.62 Crore has been allocated to MIMSR.

Glimpses of MCL CSR Policy

CSR policy in line with New Companies Act 2013

Fund for CSR at least 2% of Avg. Net Profit of the immediate preceding three financial years of the company

80% of the CSR budget spent within 25 Kms radius of MCL command Areas in four districts viz. Angul, Sundargarh, Jharsuguda & Sambalpur

20% of the budget would be spent on CSR activities of Odisha in which MCL’s Mining Areas are operating.

Projects identified through requests/ proposals from Villagers / panchayats, Public Representatives, District Authorities and RPDAC

CSR Programmes



Construction of Mahanadi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research at Talcher, with intake capacity of 100 seats along with 500 bedded multi-specialty Hospital – Rs.492.62 Cr

Piped water supply scheme for 35 nos. peripheral villages of Talcher Coal fields, Angul – Rs.55.05 Cr (Rs 16.51 Cr (1stInstallment 30%) deposited in 2015-16 with Collector, Angul to take up the work by RWS&S, Govt of Odisha)

Construction of Road Over Bridge (ROB) near Ghantapada Village, Talcher, Angul District – Rs.32.43 Cr

Deposit for the construction of 7 nos. PWS works at Talcher Block – Rs 2.10 Cr (Rs 84 Lakhs deposited in 2015-16 with Collector, Angul to take up the work by RWS&S, Govt of Odisha)


Piped water supply scheme (Treated Drinking Water) for 19 nos Peripheral Villages of Talcher Coalfields, Angul – Rs 22.23 Cr

Construction of 138 nos. Additional Class room buildings in different School taken up through State Authority in Angul District of Rs 5.65 Crore

Construction Of 134 nos. of Anganwadi Centres taken up through State Authority in Angul District of Rs 8.34 Crore

Water supply during summer through Mobile water tankers to the peripheral villages and different wards of Talcher Municipality of Talcher Coalfields, Angul – Rs.5.00 to 6.00Cr (approx) in every year.

Construction of New 100 bedded ward at District Hospital, Angul – Rs. 1.40 Cr. (Deposited in 2012-13) & additional Rs 1.45 Cr (in 2015-16)

Rs 119 Crore sanctioned for state govt. and subsequently Rs 67 Crore released till date. Balance to be released as per their requirement.

Renovation of Soubhagya Sagar Big Tank of Talcher Municipality amounting to Rs. 3.22 Crore in Angul



50 bedded Cardiac Institute at Jharsuguda – Rs.30 Cr & Rs 12 Cr deposited in October 2015

Works in 4 blocks (Laikera, Jharsuguda, Kirmira, Kolabira) of Jharsuguda district – Rs.20.00 Cr (Deposited in 2013-14 and additional Rs 6.72 Cr deposited in April, 2016)

(Development works like Community Centres, renovation of ponds, electrification, approach roads, sanitation, etc)

Construction of Stadium at Jharsuguda Town – Rs. 15.06 Cr. (Rs 4.14 Crore deposited in 2016-17)

Construction of Community Centre at Jharsuguda Town – Rs.7.20 Cr (Deposited in 2013-14

Water supply scheme for Brajrajnagar town, Jharsuguda District – Rs.8.88 Cr (Rs 4.44 Cr deposited in 2013-14) (Work tendered by Engr-in-Chief, Public Health Dept, Govt of Odisha)

Up-gradation & Addition of Transformers in 44 villages in Jharsuguda District – Rs. 1.48 Cr (Rs 37 lakh deposited in 2014-15)

Rs 125 Crore sanctioned for state govt. and subsequently, Rs 74 Crore released till date. Balance to be released as per their requirement.


Construction of bus stand at Jharsuguda Rs 5.0 Crore

Miscellaneous Development works at Jharsuguda Municipality Area Rs 15.24 Crore



Construction of Sports Complex at Burla, Sambalpur – Rs.25.00 Cr. (Rs. 0.79 Cr is deposited in 2014-15)

Construction of Service Bridge over Power Channel of Mahanadi River at Burla, Sambalpur – Rs. 10.00 Cr

Improvement of Water Supply System including water treatment plant at Burla, Sambalpur – Rs.8.62 Cr (Rs 3.5 deposited in 2011-12) (Work terminated, re-tendering under process by Engr-in-Chief, Public Health Dept, Govt of Odisha)

Construction of 150 seated Girls Hostel for Sambalpur University – Rs.5.43 Cr.

Ropeway Project from Nehru Park to Gandhi Minar at Hirakud Dam, Sambalpur – Rs.5.00 Cr. (Rs. 2.5 Cr deposited in 2013-14 and Rs 1.90 Cr in 2015-16 – Work started by Odisha Construction Corporation)


Construction of Girls Hostel (150 seated) at VSSUT (Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology), Burla, Sambalpur – Rs. 4.30 Cr (2015-16)

Providing a 64 Slice CT Scan Machine to the VSS Medical College & Hospital,Burla, Sambalpur Rs 4.0 Crore

Development of Rajghat (Crematorium Ground) at Sambalpur – Rs. 1.00 Cr. (Deposited in 2015-16)

Rs 64 Crore sanctioned for state govt. and subsequently Rs 17 Crore released till date. Balance to be released as per their requirement.



Construction Bye-pass Road at Ujjalpur in Sundargarh District – Rs. 14.07 Cr (Rs 7.66 deposited in 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 – Work in progress)

Misc. Developments at Sundargarh – Rs.8.50 Cr. (Rs. 4.25 Cr deposited in 2013-14 & Rs. 4.25 Cr deposited in 2016-17 ) (Const of Ring Road, Bus Stand, Swargadwar & Community centers, etc)

Three Nos. Pipe Water Supply Scheme for Hemgiri, Barpali and Kuisira Village of Hemgiri block in Sundargarh – Rs 1.52 Cr (Rs 60.74 Lakh deposited in 2015-16 – Work in progress)

Misc. Developments at Sundargarh – Rs.8.50 Cr. (Rs. 4.25 Cr deposited in 2013-14 & Rs. 4.25 Cr deposited in 2016-17 ) (Const of Ring Road, Bus Stand, Swargadwar & Community centers, etc)


Repairing and strengthening of Black topped coal transportation road from Duduka chowk to Kanika railway siding approach junction, BG Area, Sundargarh – Rs 14.9 Cr

Widening and Strengthening of Balinga Taparia Road (from Chainage 2.24 Km to 7 Km- Phase I and from Chainage 7 Km to 15.70 Km-Phase II and from Chainage 15.70 Km to 24.20 Km Phase III), Sundargarh – Rs 27.21 Cr.

Rs 45 Crore sanctioned for state govt. and subsequently Rs 22 Crore released till date. Balance to be released as per their requirement.

Other District


Construction of 10546 nos of Toilets under Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan in 14 districts of Odisha along with water Supply.

Construction of Millennium City Gate at Cuttack – Rs 70.34 lakh

Construction of Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium at Jajpur ,Odisha – Rs 10.22 Cr

Toy Train in Nandankanan Zoo – Rs 3.05 Cr

Provisions for Aids and Appliances to PWDs of the MCL command Areas by ALIMCO to cover 10,000 persons with disabilities – Rs 5.00 Cr

Adoption of Railway Station in and around operational area for up gradation by MCL under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Rs 7.58 Cr


Lighting arrangement alongside Sea beach, Grand Road Puri and Puri-Konark Road provided by MCL at cost of Rs 5.54 Cr (Nabakalebara).

Traditionally adhoc charity approach to CSR has been the norm in public and private sector companies except a few. Adhoc charity approach is generally short term in nature.

Though this continues ,few companies have entered into the progressive domain of strategic CSR, building institutions, satisfying long term development needs of the communities.MCL has adopted this path by undertaking projects including Mahanadi Institute of Medical Science and Research (MIMSR), construction of sports complex, water supply schemes, ropeway projects etc.These are going to be the flagship project of MCL  adding tremendous goodwill to the company with a much higher  ROI (return of Investment) in comparison to other projects like distribution of books and cycle, though they are also essential. However the CSR activities of MCL are focused in the area around MCL operations, which may be extended. Selected few projects relevant to whole state and beyond may be undertaken for making its presence felt at the state level and beyond. For eg: maintenance of state’s monuments to attract national and international tourists can be thought of. CSR activities in MCL can grow qualitatively by larger involvement of employees in CSR programmes in addition to quantitative investment of funds.

Thus it may be said, MCL has done a lot, more to be done by integreting CSR processes with the entire organization processes specifically the employees.

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