NEW INDIA Charitable Trust comes to the aid of Kathua rape victims family

NEW INDIA Charitable Trust comes to the aid of Kathua rape victims family

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Kathua rape victim family

Bengaluru based self-funded NGO New India Charitable Trust founded by entrepreneur couple Mr. Vijay Tata and Mrs Amrita Tata has come forward to help the Kathua rape victim’s family. The Bengaluru based NGO that has actively taken up the mantle to help and support victims of crime against women, aided the victim’s family with financial, legal and moral support post the horrific incident. The NGO has reached out to the victim’s family and has contributed a sum of Rs.5 lakhs to Mohammad Yousaf, the father of the victim, who was raped and murdered in Rasana Village, Kathua in Kashmir.

The NGO is committed to ensure that justice is delivered in an incident that has numbed the nation, denting its collective conscious. The self-funded NGO rushed to Kathua village and coordinated with the local branch of a reputed bank and helped the family open an account where the financial aid to the family was remitted.

Mr. Vijay Tata, Founder and Chairman, New India Charitable Trust Said, “The horrific news of the rape and murder in Kathua has numbed the entire nation. The mindset and perverseness of the perpetuators is beyond comprehension and no words can explain their macabre deed. Worse still, there are at least 3 more similar cases we’ve been hearing about across India in recent times. I consider rape as the gravest of crimes and believe that swift justice and strongest of punishment must be meted out to stop crimes of this nature.”

The NGO has also started a campaign to help the family in this time of crisis by making donations directly to the family’s account, the details of the same are given below.

Name: Mohammad Yousaf, Ac no (SB): 0673040100003599, Bank Name: J&K Bank, IFSC Code: JAKA0NOWBAD

About New India

A non-profit organization is a self-funded NGO by Mr. Vijay Tata and Amrita Tata, aims to focus on creating a new hope for the betterment of the underprivileged. It aims to create awareness about the crimes against women, taking care of underprivileged children, providing free treatment to the poor suffering from critical illnesses and initiated a nation-wide campaign “Stop Rape”, to bring justice to rape victims and help them re-establish their lives.

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