Noble Citizen of Delhi

Noble Citizen of Delhi

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Virander Mohan

Virander Mohan a business man by profession always have a time for social activities for last 35 years and has been consistently working for the current  day to day problems of the society . Taking time from his flourishing business was not easy for Mr Mohan but the sheer commitment and never say die attitude of him keeps him going even at his age.

Mr Virander Mohan brought up in Delhi, has done his graduation( B.Sc.) from DelhiUniversity and an NCC ‘C’ certificate holder. By virtue of his hard work he got selected in the Meteorological Department Govt. of India, after clearing the competitive examinations, but he decided to join the family business as from childhood he along with his elder and younger brother  used to help his father in the family business of Steel rolling, Board Mill, Plastic Moulding, hosiery manufacturing. After his marriage in 1985 he independently managed the business of Hosiery cloth and fabric processing along with garment processing.

He was very active in the RWA of Panchwati, Azadpur, Delhi (he lived there for almost three decades i.e. from the year 1982 to 2011) where he used to take care of the maintenance of Park, Street lights, Roads, Sewage system, Mandir and Security etc. of the colony and nevertheless to maintain the peace and harmony and brotherhood of the people of the area. People of that area were very happy under his guidance and used to seek his blessings in day to day problems.

He has been a panel member of Faridabad chamber of commerce and Industry for the  (Environment, Air and Water Pollution & Greening Programme). As a panel member he took the steps and planted plants on the side walls and front side. Mr Virander believe in doing simple things selflessly as his father used to do.

He also worked as a  Joint Secretary of hosiery manufacturers association, Delhi, Executive Committee Member offederation of hosiery manufacturers association of India ( FOHMA ),General Secretary Knit processors association (NCR), Administrative Council Member (FOHMA Representative) of Northern India Textile Research Association ( linked to Ministry of Textiles Govt. of India) and Managing Committee Member ofthe textile association (INDIA ) – Delhi.

The life events leading to the inspiration to get involved in the area ofsocial work

Mr. Virander got inspiration from the life of his father for doing social work, he used to repeat these famous lines :- “We should do such a noble deeds, which will be written in the Golden letters on the pages of history and makes people proud to be associated with you. So this was how he got involved in the area of social work after getting inspiration from his father.

Achievements and impact 

During mid-1993, when he was running  his unit of hosiery and cloth processing  he got a phone call from Dr. Dharam Pal Ji his brother-in-law, a senior doctor of Hindu Rao Hospital and asked him to come immediately to the hospital to help him for the diagnose of certain chemicals being used in the textile industry for the processing and dyeing of the fabric because about 50 students of an institute under Delhi Government have consumed cold drink (sikanzvi), where by mistake they added some dangerous chemical in place of sugar. He rushed immediately to the hospital along with his dyeing technician and laboratory in-charge and certain samples of the chemicals, laboratory testing equipment’s etc. In the hospital he shared his experience and helped to diagnose the chemical in the cold drink, which probably the students must have consumed.

ISR (1)After that all the doctors had a brain storming discussion and finally prescribed certain anti dote and medicine for that harmful chemical and ordered to get that medicine from the all the wards of the hospital.

Next morning he saw the newspaper and he was happy that “NO NEWS IS THE GOOD NEWS”means all the students were safe and healthy and he was relieved.

In the monsoon season of 2012, there was a pit and hole on the red light crossing just opposite to Satyawati College (Delhi University), Ashok Vihar, Delhi and one evening when he was returning from my work place, he noticed a vehicle accidentally got trapped in the hole.

He immediately decided to put barricade and a red cloth around that hole. It took him around one hour and as he was working there single handedly in the red light duration, of course people who stopped on the red light encouraged him and especially the youths and children by saying “uncle you are doing a good job”.

After that he informed the Delhi Police to get it repaired from the concerned govt. department and kept chasing this complaint with the PCR van also the central police control room and the road was repaired within few days.

Future Plan

Mr Virander plans to start a new venture which will be a platform for balancing the economical, ecological and civic sense related issues of the society. Currently their website is under construction. The mission of his new venture is to value everyone and provides benefit to everyone.

Its mission is to connect people and giving rewards for their good deeds. His mission is to motivate the people for social and environmental needs
through the information and communication technology. His vision is to see the “BetterWorld, Better Future.”

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