PVR’s NEST for Homeless

PVR’s NEST for Homeless

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“If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.” – Steve Jobs, Co Founder, Apple Inc.

At PVR’s Nest the vision of “Educating, Empowering and Entertaining” has been a driving force in the belief that one can truly help the society if responsible partners come together and work for a greater common goal. Over the last eight years, PVR Nest has established sustained and focused community initiatives of education, learning, integrating and supporting over 500 community children and youth through healthcare, daily nutrition, rehabilitation and creating employability.
The foundation which was set up much ahead of the directives by company law, firmly believes that the early formative years of a child is the best time to make them holistically aware of their surroundings and the society.


There are immense challenges faced that impact the all-round growth of a child, either at home, school or the society at large. The Indian education system that boasts of numbers and marks seems to be overpowered by the draconian concepts of commercialization and privatization. PVR’s Nest aims to support this system by adopting creative mediums to reach out to the children of the country that are presently overpowered by the dos and the dont’s of the educational system which lead to restricting their thought processes beyond texts and books. The need of the hour is to support them with innovative mediums that will capture their attention.
As Albert Einstein once said; “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Liberating and Empowering experiential forms of learning like puppetry, films, theatre, cinema and art are not only fantastic engaging mediums of learning but also provide for the children a model and program that fuels them with imagination, that is undoubtedly a key to new ideas. In line with this, PVR Nest’s program called CineArt aims at pure social integration where every year around 100,000 children from diverse backgrounds are brought together. The creative issue centric ‘film education project’ and its product short films made by the children are a testament to the keen interest of the youth to bring about a change in society.


This non authoritarian medium aligns them creatively and gives them enough space to come out in the open with informal discussions, fun activities and definitely no fear of being ranked. Touching issues from nature, water, health, road safety to change and leadership, PVR’s Nest brings to these children diversity in learning and their enthusiasm, insights and subjective views are inspiring.

PVR Nest caters to the necessitous children around ten PVR centres in Delhi & NCR with over 500 children and focuses on transforming their lives through educational, social and cultural engagement. This is achieved by mainstreaming them through the process of schooling, rehabilitation, family integration and by providing these children employment opportunities through soft skill training. Further, the foundation works on the complete development and growth of these children, by providing health care, immunization and mid meals thus by giving them a healthy future through a partnership model. This program called Childscapes, is set to grow manifolds where we plan to extend to 18 cinema centers in and around Delhi/NCR and to over 2000 children.


“The CineArt initiative has reached out to over 300,000 children and 500 Delhi NCR schools till date and has seen a major behavioral shift in the children as they gear up for a bigger, better and brighter future. We are pleased that children are talking leadership and creating their own school centers, working with authorities and to take forward the message of sustainability.”
-Deepa Menon, Vice President, CSR and Corporate Communications, PVR Ltd


“We believe in the emancipation of the lesser privileged sections of the society and therefore look at a holistic format that integrates such children with the system of employability, education and also a few young substance abusers through rehabilitation. Some of our beneficiaries are now employed at companies like Westside, the Country Club and at retail stores.”
-Deepa Menon, Vice President, CSR and Corporate Communications, PVR Ltd
We at PVR Nest believe that a change can be brought about by collaborative approach where we envision our children of today being the change agents of tomorrow.

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