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CSR VISION have potential to manage content and the best thing of your magazine is that it avoids repetition.

— Kavita Shah, Soorat

Interview of the Caroline Broudeux is impressive and such a charismatic personality. It is fascinating to see global individuals putting their focus to India.

— Bijay Mishra, Bihar

Padmavati is the limelight of the December month. Interesting to see the issue in your pictorial page.

— Namita Vaidya, Rajasthan

I am very pleased with the content of the magazine and want to specially thank you for giving a good coverage of MOIL and its CSR activities. CSR VISION Magazine is a leading magazine of the country and it gives inspiration to the readers to indulge themselves in initiating a helping hand for the upliftment of the society. We are really grateful that CSR VISION has fantastically covered MOILS activities and highlighted the areas where MOIL Foundation has brought change in peoples life.

— Mukund P. Chaudhari, CMD, MOIL

Also, I would like to appreciate that editorial team in doing a wonderful job and it is refreshing to have a positive, upbeat report on the good things that are happening.

— Prashant Wadatkar, Nagpur

I am thankful to CSR VISION for the column of unsung heroes, their effort and work for better India is often ignored. CSR VISION finding them and appreciation in a much broader way.

— Dhruv Malhotra, Delhi

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CSR VISION is India's (probably World's) first monthly magazine in print devoted to CSR and Sustainable Development for bringing together all stakeholders of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT at a global and local levels and act as a platform for promoting strategic CSR and sustainable development practices through dissemination of information and knowledge.