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Sweta Yadav, Chennai

I liked the new pages of CSR VISION i.e Social Media Trend and Movie Review. It came as surprise for me in the Annual issue. I believe that we should go with the trend and CSR VISION is doing so. Responsible movies and responsible reactions in social media is important .

Ajay Kumar, Delhi

Your editorial in May2017 issue of CSR VISION is a much needed assessment towards Delhi Government failure. The way Aam Adami Party is getting worse because of the corrupt politicians who is damaging our system, well reflected in the editorial. I hope it will make a impact on our political atmosphere.

Bhagvanji Raiyani, Chairman Emeritus, Forum For Fast Justice

CSR was conceived and enacted by the Government in Act in 2013 but who took the statute to the masses?A Professor turned to a leading journalist named Ranjan Mohapatra. To think about such magazine and launch in the name of CSR VISION is a herculean task in the face of teething trouble of big competition from established publications with vast resources, many of them involved in unethical promotion of their own product. Five years before when Ranjan venture into CSR VISION he had no big budget at his disposal but he had guts in his Chhappan Ki Chhati.He created the readership for the new and unusal theme of CSR with the magic wand and steered the magazine to success and 5 years are not the end, it is a dream to take it to its top position. My heartiest Congratulations to Ranjan for this feat, worth celebration.

Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Former DG (ICCER)

Dear Ranjan Bhai, I read the wonderful article of your reflections on the evolution of CSR in India. Deeply thankful for your very kind words. Brought back many sweet memories...

Pranjal Bhaskar, Sofware Er.

It feels great when your words of appreciation are taken sincerely. Thank you CSR VISION for considering my wishes and making it a part of your cover story section.

Manisha, Bihar

I went through the Cover story and also the journey of CSR VISION.After going through the contents it can be easily validate that CSR VISION has created a benchmark of CSR space in India. Wishing CSR VISION a many more successful milestone ahead.

Nemi Rao, Mumbai

An essential step taken by the Vedanta group by building ‘Nand Ghars’ for the women and children. It’s good to know that Menka Ghandhi herself visited the place.


Dilip Joshi, Gurgaon

The Governance watch of April issue is very thoughtful and questionable matter for the people of Uttar Pradesh. Whether this wil lead to a positive result or negative.


Santosth Singh, Uttar Pradesh

I am shocked to see the condition of our elders in the cover story of April issue forced me to write. The topic which is so intense and sensitive was neglected by our society without realizing the fact that, from the source they started the life-cycle and come to this level of life is their parents to whom after a certain age they take it as a burden. People needs to realize the fact that they will also come at this phase of life. Very well drafted the issue of elder abuse. Appreciable work done by the editor.


Nidhi Kashyap, Bihar

CSR Vision consistently impressive standards and high-quality of content mean it is worth picking up every issue. It is always a pleasure to see the coverage of events and initiatives taken by the esteemed companies.




Riaz Ahmed, Banglore

I was aware of these elderly cases as they often make to the headlines. However, the survey reports in this cover story of April took me to a surprise. The data pretty much clarifies how alarmingly such atrocities are growing and becoming like a trend in our society! Facing abduction at such age, and everything else that couldn’t get worse, one could wish for nothing but death! It made me grieve in pain as I went through every line that read about all those false expectations and tortures that they underwent.





Divyanshu Bharti, Haryana

I went through the magazine. All news is knowledgeable and propitious whether it’s interview of the month, cover story or unsung heroes. It’s always a new experience for me to know about CSR.

Shivam Sharma, Varanasi

Interview of N.P.Singh is really inspiring. The facts about CSR that he have mentioned in his interview are encouraging and as an individual we need to follow his suggestions. Such a motivating personality!

Anoop Mishra, Noida

I read the interview of the month and came to know about our D.M who is doing so much for the people who’s in need. I loved his saying “If you salute your duty…”

Yash Chauhan, Lukhnow

Society watch of March issue is a kind of bold and a sensitive issue for the society to look upto. At some interval of time we come to hear such incident regarding this issue. But very few of them use to raise their voice against this and you all are one of them. Good work team CSR VISION! Take it more meditatively.

Bijay Sankar Deo, Ex Member, Odisha Public Service Commission

I cannot resist congratulating Prof Ranjan Mohapatra for his exceptional editorial. I entirely agree with his thought that one should be “seeker “but not “believer”. Ignorance is never bliss and knowledge is always power. I appreciate the motto of ‘be responsible and promote responsibility around you”- which is the actual requirement of the society now.

Vaidehi Shri, Bangalor

In CSR News India there is news about Muthoot Pappachan Foundation is very appreciable. Good work done by them.

Nitu Kashyap, Bihar

I’ve heard about Anandibai Joshee when I was a child and since then, till now I didn’t come across to this name again. But after reading Indian Gems of March issue I felt amazed and happy that you guys made her visible to the people about this admirable lady.

Rekha Singh, Kanpur

This is with reference to the cover story on ‘Responsible Politics Vs Black Money Control’.I really enjoyed the story and also wished to read more such stories.

Upendra Thakur Singh, Sikkim

I went through the page of ‘India Gems’ of CSR VISION, wanted to extend my heartiest gratitude for bringing out those fascinating and perplexing Unsolved Mysteries of Indian History. Being a professor of history I rarely find any media focusing on such pride of our country. Good work by CSR VISION.

Rahat Khan, Delhi

I’m normally too lazy to write in for any reason whatsoever, but I decided to make an exception just this once. The cover story on ‘Demonetization’ is fantastically crafted and designed. After the great stroke of the Prime Minister, no magazine has covered it in the way CSR VISION has done. Elaborate yet understood the whole concept of the term of ‘demonetization.

Varun Joshi, New Delhi

I would like to throw some light on the shabby picture of Delhi’s satellite town, Ghaziabad. It is an integral part of the NCR, but the state of hygiene here is very poor. Open defecation, choked nullahs, piles of garbage, flies and mosquitoes are only a few of its many issues. Through this letter, I would like to request you to do a story on this issue.

Rahul Yadav, Mumbai

I was happy to see the cover story on ‘Demonitization’.As a regular reader of CSR VISION eagerly waiting to read a story on the recent political heat. Very smartly written and defining the matter in support of a nation’s growth- demonetization is an essential tool.

Neha Khan, Student

Children hero should be more focused. Happy to go through the page of unsung child heroes section of CSR VISION. Happy to read more.

Rohit Kumar, Communication Head

The news section of the CSR VISION not only give us a vivid idea of different projects undertaken by corporate but also help us in taking different initiatives under our CSR wing.

Ravi Kishan Sharma, Govt Employee

The December issue covered an interview of Dr Bhagbanprakash’s. I have heard about him but did not met him personally. After going through the detailed interview. I am excited to meet him in person. The interview speaks about him and justifies his profile. We need people like him to make an impactful India.

Adib , Entrepreneur

Generally coal companies are blamed for polluting the environment. Apart from the harsh effect to the nature they are trying to do a bit for the environment .This can be known from the various CSR activities undertaken by these companies. SECL is trying to make a mark in the CSR space with their initiatives towards the environment 

Akshita Riam. Academia

Kudos to the blatant viewpoint of the editor in the editorial column. I always read the editorial column of CSR VISION. The examples and references describes here is highly commendable, for example the concept of elixir in context of demonetization

Bipin Roy, Blogger

Demonetization never thought to be referred or compared to SAMUDRA MANTHAN.The editorial of December month gave us a new perspective to demonetization .Enjoyed the editorial.

Ridhima Purohit, Entrepreneur

Wishing the team of CSR VISION a happy and prosperous year. Excepting more stories on CSR and beyond. I want to request the editorial team to cover stories from rural areas. Work has been undertaken in villages but not with the tag of CSR. The coverage will give them a boost to work more.

Nandini Roy, Graphic Designer

CSR Vision is constantly impressing with the artistic and creative coverage when it explains any thematic story, whether its ‘PATRIOTIC Culture’ or ‘Strategic CSR’ .

Rafter Ahmed, Student

The evolution of corporate social responsibility in India refers to changes over time in India.CSR VISION is doing justice to highlighting the works done under CSR in India and aboard

Tisca Rout, Social Worker

CSR VISION is a unique magazine of its kind. Its contents are very vital , well researched and nicely designed. 

Ritu Dubey, Academia

I would love to congratulate the research and editorial team for bringing out beautiful and inspiring people in the column of UNSUNG HEROES. No magazine brings so many colors in a single craft

Niharika Das, Entrepreneur

The jargon CSR is not common to many noncorporate people. But CSR VISION is making brilliant effort to make layman familiar with the concept.

Tanmay Choudhury, Researcher

CSR VISION has become an encyclopedia of CSR domain,Well researched and beautifully articulated. 

Amar Upadhya. Delhi

CSR VISION not only spead awareness through the magazine but also organize conferences which is a new way to look .Generally big channels and magazines do arrange award shows and talk shows. But in the domain of CSR, this kind of conferences is rare to be seen. Very good initiative by CSR VISION.

Rimi Paul, Odisha

The cover page of October issue is beautifully, diagrammatically explained. The concept of ‘linking’ is easily understood.

Neha Riyaz, Delhi

The cover story of October month is an interesting piece for people new to the domain of CSR. It is giving the foundation to what CSR is and what it should be like.

Rati Pandey, Bihar

Transformatory CSR is the voice of change. Working at macro level like the giant TATA GROUP is more beneficial and productive than distributing books and building toilets under CSR.

Nimisha Saikia, Assam

CSR VISION has established itself as an elite magazine with many innovative and eye opening stories. Congratulations to the team for the selection of stories and themes

Rehan Ahmed, Delhi

The Cover Story should have more case studies; more stories more ideas for implementations.

Shyamantak Malhotra, Kanpur

CSR VISION should bring scandal stories and inside scoop of big brands and big names. The stories will not only interest readers but also brands work will be known

Niber Thomas, Chennai

"Age is just a number" rightly proved by M P Fulzele, retd civil servant.If every retired person starts giving their time for the development of the society then India will not require any schemes or plan for development. 

Rohit, Delhi

CSR VISION justifies the CSR domain in a strategic way, covering all the aspect of news and also motivating the ones to do their bit to the society.

Apang Konyak ,Delhi

We as younger generations never come across those sports person who brought glories to our country.I appreciate CSR VISION to make us aware about many unrecognized Indians.Thank you for educating us and getting us to our roots. 

Retd. Col. Dushyant Singh, Punjab

I request CSR VISION to cover thematic issues instead of Companies. Very few magazines cover issues like “Fake Medicines” etc. Political, controversial or promotional topics are primly focused by many magazines. CSR VISION is unique and I request the editorial team to cover issues for common people and their problem. 

Riya Chaturvedi, Delhi

I m a big fan of Richa Anirudh and her programs since “Zindagi Live”. It is wonderful to know her keenness towards society through CSR VISION. Generally, news presenter’s work end to news studio but Ms Anirudh is genuinely concerned about the society.

Nikita Dey, Kolkatta

CSR PEOPLE: if you haven’t discovered CSR VISION Magazine, you’re missing out. Required reading - thoughtful and beautiful.

Nina Hazarika, Guwahati

What a balanced Magazine!!! Not a single aspect of CSR has been left. From national to international, from most important social issue to impactful interview of the month, from well-known council to unsung heroes of country, it includes everything

Vasundhara Pal, Banker

Commendable effort by CSR-Vision. The Cover story has arisen one of the most important issues of the Indian market. The presence of Duplicate Medicine is the biggest threat to the country, most important than corruption and terrorism. The government should answer to this burning topic. 

Yash, News Producer

The case stories in support of the story are the better way to spread awareness of this growing threat. Online and offline market of medicine should be scrutinized before it reaches to the patients. I want to congratulate CSR VISION for picking those issues which have been ignored by media and neglected by the administration. 

Ankush Rao, Entrepreneur

It’s not just about medicines; it’s from clothes to medicines to food to anything and everything. It can’t be stopped once and cannot be ignored. We only need to aware people about it. That’s what CSR VISION is doing. Spreading awareness. Kudos! 

Nadeem Khan, Social Worker

A fake medicine is like a termite eats into public health, the economy of a country, the reputation of the nation too.” The way story of fake medicine was covered, it’s undoubtedly commendable. But does manufacturer or government or brand owner were the only responsible? The doctor who prescribes that fake medicine isn’t he also a culprit? Try to cover all angles of the story to make it more impressive and impactful. All the best. 

Ajay Pal Singh, Government Employee

I along with my family was in shocked after reading the July issue. The medicine that we are taking to get cured is instead killing us. My child is eating fake chocolates and my ailing mother taking fake medicines (I suppose when more than half of the total medicine is fake). 

Ankesh Ojha, Image Researcher

I don’t agree with the punch line of the Society Watch .Though it is wonderfully designed to attract the readers, but ‘terrorism cannot become a trend’. 

Deekshita Bora, Student

I never thought of availability of fake medicine in the market along with clothes, cosmetics, and shoes. The July issue is totally an eye opener to me. We all are playing with our life. I want to ask CSR team who is responsible for this?  Should we boycott medicines? 

Pritik jain, Jaipur

As the cover story of this magazine is great but the cover page does not match the content. So it’s my request to CSR vision team please focus on designing especially  the cover page because it’s a face of all magzine .

Nisha Rodey, Punjab

Through CSR vision we always meet and know the new people who work for the society.

Karunakar Panda,Odisha

The Cover story about ALMICO is something which stands out the CSR Vision. Wishes for future.

Kameshwar, Lucknow

Not just national but international coverage is also great, brilliant work done by CSR VISION team.

Satish Kumar, Bihar

Nice way to inspire reader through monthly interviews column of CSR VISION magazine good job done by CSR vision team.

Reena Pandey, Ludhiana

The topic of Society watch on Tanmay Bhatt issue is the really nice choice for the edition.

Virender, New Delhi

Interview of Mr. Sarin, CMD,ALIMCO is the really important part of the cover story and CSR Vision fulfills the needs.

Chandra Mohan, Dehradun

Cover story on ALIMCO is really worthy to read.

Aasif, Moradabad

In the previous  issue Interview of  the month  of Dr Anil Singh is really informative to all the readers.

Priyanka Rana, Mumbai

CSR Vision magazine is creating a national or international awareness through CSR News.

Niharkana, Researcher

Heartiest Congratulations to CSR VISION and its team members on its fourth birthday. I want to see more stories on spending on CSR funds by big companies.


Sudha Pandey, Entirepreneur

CSR VISION May Issue not only deliver exceptionally attractive cover page but also way above contents design and presentaion. I am a new subscriber of CSR VISION who got all informations of the magazine since its birth year.


Alka Bisht, Academia

Governance Watch on Gandhi Family is good attempt but it will be far better if you will keep a watch dog on present ruling party’s activities.


Sandeep Rawat, Academia

In Quotes & References column as you told about benefits of CSR which is rarely known by others. This is really helpful for our knowledge.



Dilbar Singh, Police

Congrats CSR VISION in completing 4th year. This may issues cover story on CSR VISION is a nice attempt to make your readers understand about your practices.



Rohit Pandey, social activist

‘The toilet changes lives’ news is inspiring. This kind of news shows the source of Swacch Bharat Mission.


Naveen, Doordarshan

The topic of society watch is nice; especially the way you have taken the issues is appreciable.


Arjun Negi, Oracle

“Thank you so much for putting out such a fabulous magazine. We can say that this is the best magazine ever; I am a regular reader of this magazine and ready for next issue. I really appreciate all those beings that are associated with CSR VISION.”


Raju Kumar, Dainik Jagaran

CSR Vision is really a unique magazine since it covered social works beings carried forward by untold heroes (activists).Whereas mainstream media runs after glamour and political charisma, your magazine makes rainbow coverage of the noble works which generally not noticed.


Dinesh Kumar, Manager, Blackberry

I am a regular reader of this magazine and must say that the columns of this Magazine are unique. We rarely know about people who are genuinely doing well for the society that too away from media and any help from the Government such as ISR of the Month - Shri Nishinath ji.Well done ‘KARUNADHARA – a ray of hope for all those special people”.


Deepak Whorr, Director, Whorra Enterprises

The tag line on Pratyusha Banerjee  in ‘Society Watch’ & Vijay Mallya in ‘Governance Watch’ is interesting and a new idea that I have come across.It leaves the question mark to our whole society as well as to the government.


Nemi Luikham, Social Worker, NAGALAND

CSR Vision is good but this magazine should have somechanges like – the section of news both national & international should be short. There should be more jobs opportunity.


Poonam Rao, Physician, Himachal Pradesh

This magazine provokes the thought towards enlighten of our country, infact I could see a step up of CSR vision for dominating the need for the needy.

Amiawarth Kumar, Postal Office, Mumbai

Never heard of company MACCAFERRI, doing so much for the environment protection .Hope to read more of such companies and people.


Baidyantah Singh, Manager, Gramin Bank

CSR VISION Magazine is better than other especially in content like CSR national& international news is really helpful to know about different companies’ activities or functioning in our country or all over the world.


Srishti Tyagi, Student,Delhi

The design of the magazine is good. Simple & sober look as per the corporate Magazine its give a reputed feel of the corporate class.


LT Vijay Singh, Jammu

April 2016 issue is one of the finest design issue. The choice of colour and font is commendable.

R.K Sharma, Ex-Policeman, Bihar

“QUESTIONABLE Commitment to Reform Judiciary” is really nice column. Loved to read it with so much information and also felt sad to see the condition of Indian Judiciary. Judiciary is the important pillar of any country. Its urgent need to reform our system to get justice.

Hema Rawat, Uttar Pradesh

I not only hope but I am very much confident that CSR magazine will bridge the gap, and also will help to minimize the economic inequality ratio in India as well.

Gita Pandey, Ramnagar

CSR vision is a unique magazine of its kind. Its contents are very vital for achieving the CSR. I really appreciate you people for bringing out such a wonderful magazine which not only caters to corporate but also builds bridges between “haves and have-nots”.

Nina Roy, Kolkata

“I cannot thank you enough for the fabulous service and for delivering such a top quality magazine to the market place”. 

Parth Borkotoky, Assam

“CSR Vision” consistently impressive standards and high-quality of content mean it is worth picking up every issue. It is always a pleasure to see the coverage of events and initiatives amongst such esteemed company. 

Niranjan Nishra, Delhi

“CSR Vision is an essential read every month. It provides valuable insights to what is happening in the corporate world along with new appointments of IAS. I do look forward to CSR Vision being there with us and see them continue to provide their wide-ranging focus and in-depth articles.”

Tabubrat Saikia, Dibrugarh

“CSR Vision” is an important publication that intelligently covers the business of corporates worldwide. CSR Vision keeps us apprised of what is new and unique under CSR domain throughout the global industry. 

Atul Pant, Lucknow

CSR VISION is a great magazine, and a great source of reliable information about the Corporates as well as their initiatives for a better India and World.

Neha Sharma, Bulandshahr

Detailed, thought provoking and essential reading the March issue of CSR Vision

Bhagvanji Raiyani, Chairman and Managing Trustee, Forum For Fast Justice

Your Editorial in March ‘16 issue of CSR gives condensed but full picture of Kanhaiya’s speech and how the issue is politicised. Your cover story: Promoting patriotic culture, more essential than education, health, livelihood, environment and sports is the concept very dear to my heart.


Neelam Negi, Rishikesh

I have been following your magazine very closely and must congratulate you for the fantastic work you are doing not just in Delhi NCR, but all over the India!! The attention and dedication to quality work is appreciated.

Krishnamurthi Aiyar, Chennai

I really enjoy your magazine, however last month issue titled ”CSR & Climate Change”. Is very interesting with regard to the current scenario of India    Climate Change is our new Challenge.

Deepa Chikara, Ghaziabad

In an age where it seems all news has become tabloid, the CSR Vision stands out as one of the most professional and comprehensive magazine. Here’s how it works: open it up and run through the pretty detailed table of contents. Next up is news briefs, in case you haven’t been keeping up with the major CSR news. Then, some editorials on the main subjects of the current issue. In terms of editorial style, I find the CSR Vision is quite palatable

Ajay Singh, Delhi

CSR Vision is not a magazine; it’s a book of achievements of Corporates promoting CSR.

Samir Das, Odisha

From the minute I took the magazine, I knew it was something to be savored. I wish the magazine will be a light for those who intend to take up social welfare as their responsibility. 

Rakesh Kumar, Gorakhpur

The section covering “Appointments of IAS” is of great help for a student who is preparing for Competitive exams. Kudos  To CSR Vision.

Sukanya, Guwahati

I am a new subscriber of CSR Vision. And I am happy to see the contents of it, clear and precise. Less advertisement is another best part.

Snehil, Barmer

I always had wrong notion about Corporates in my mind. I used to think that they look after their own interests only and their goals to make profit. But I was proved wrong when I read about stories of corporate sectors contributing towards social welfare in CSR Vision magazine. It opened my eyes and made me come out of the thought regarding Corporates.