SIMMBA saves the day and the movie!!

SIMMBA saves the day and the movie!!

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Rohit Shetty has come back with another Indian Police Story, Simmba which is a spin-off of Singham series. But contrary to Singham, Simmba is a corrupt cop who can close his eyes for any crime if there is something beneficial in it for him. When Simmba, like Singham, gets transferred from hometown Shivgad to the much lucrative Miramar police station in Goa, he is warned about local strong holdDurwaRanade played by SonuSood. But Simmba other than brushing off baddies needs a heroine in his life, and falls for a catering girl Shagun(Sara Ali Khan). Simmbas life takes a dramatic turn when his adoptive sister is raped.

Story is not as good as expected but Ranveer saved the movie with his energy and hilarious comic timing. Simmba is blessed with good dialogues that add humor, emotion and drama at various points of tie in the film. First half is good but it is the second half that actually sets the movie in pace. The film triggers the right emotions, and also includes typical RohitShetty style larger than life action sequences. The movie hardly gets slow at any point of time. A surprise for AkshayKumar fanswaits at the climax.

Simmba is a complete masala entertainer that is loaded with good dialogues, humor, heart-felt emotion and high-octane action. It lacks logic at various levels, but never ceases to entertain. Ajay Devgns extended cameo is whistle-worthy. It is a typical RohitShetty film with larger than life characters and may not impress the classes, but definitely a delight for the masses.


Director: Rohit Shetty
Cast: Ranveer Singh, Sara Ali Khan and Sonu Sood
Rating: 3.5/5

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