The Arabian Sea throws tonnes Of Trash Back on Mumbai Shores

The Arabian sea vomited over thousands of tonnes of garbage on to the shores of Mumbai, and the trash mainly consisted of plastic. This is nature giving us back what we gave her. The staggering amount of trash that the sea threw up is no joke and it is a clear message to the people and government of Mumbai to stop treating their marine bodies like a garbage dumpsite

Kerala Police Forms Its First All Women Battalion

Kerala Police has got its first all women battalion with 578 members, which also includes a 44-member commando team .This is certainly an upgrade in terms of empowering women in India and letting the society be handled through their perspective. CM Vijayan had impressed upon the fact that policies need to have a womens friendly approach and should be lauded for sticking to his promise. Lets wish other states adopt this method to make our country a safer place.

Bengaluru Traffic Police Brought Yamaraj for safe drive campaign

Traffic police in Bengaluru came up with an innovative idea to spread awareness about traffic rules in the city. A man dressed as Yamaraja was seen on the roads of Bengaluru warning motorists who were not following traffic rules. This campaign of using Yama character is highly innovative and at the same time, it helps to raise awareness among commuters about the importance of traffic safety rules.

In His Daughters Memory, This Karnataka Clerk Pays School Fees Of 45 Girl Students

Karnatakas Basavaraj, a clerk by profession, has been paying the school fee of 45 girls in the memory of his late daughter. He lost his daughter last year due to a health problem. This clerk at MPHS Government High School in Maktampura of Karnatakas Kalaburagi city is now an example for the whole world.

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