The Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd

The Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd

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An original world of Art
By skilled Indian artists and Master of Crafts

The Central Cottage Industries Emporium, popularly known as "Cottage", "CCIC", "CCIE" and "Cottage Emporium" is a mirror setting of Handicrafts and Handlooms, in the Indian art & craft scenario for over 50 years. It preserves and nurtures the rich heritage of a culture dating back to over 5000 years, unfolding a rich saga of breath taking masterpieces by skilled artisans.



To preserve and share traditional craftsmanship globally, the Cottage was formed in the year 1952. It is a breath taking showcase of handicrafts and handlooms sourced from all over the country from dedicated artisans famed nationally and internationally. Thus transforming itself into an effective and efficient enterprise to present a part of the dynamic Indian culture.

Over the last 60 years, the Emporium has attracted well-known personalities like Queen Elizabeth II of England, Queen Farah of Iran, Jacqueline Kennedy and a host of dignitaries from across the world.
Today, the Cottage and its logo “The Bankura Horse” constitute a hallmark of tradition, quality and authenticity. It is a fair trading partner, with an overriding motto of servicing the interests of the craftsmen and availability of high quality product to its customers.

To be a premier organization in Developing, Promoting and Marketing of Quality Indian Handloom and Handicraft products.

To produce, procure and sell quality handicrafts and handloom products and to develop markets for these products in India and abroad.
To continue to improve the quality of Indian Handicrafts and to upgrade and produce new designs.
To strengthen and expand the marketing network of the organization.
To generate adequate returns on Net Worth.
To manage trading activities so as to optimize sales and earnings and reduce expenditure.

Interview with
Pramod Nagpal
Managing Director, Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd.


How Globalization is creating the need for new ways of understanding, managing and coping with cultural differences?
Pramod Nagpal: Globalization has definitely led to a crossover of thoughts, ideas, experiences and cultures. There is an easy flow of goods and services world over. People are becoming more familiar with the culture of other countries allowing greater understanding, acceptance assimilation and amalgamation of cultures. In the era of globalization management practices need to be modified to reflect the value of the different cultures.

How corporate communication is the most basic foundation for both Public relations and CSR?
Pramod Nagpal: Communication is the essence of all kinds of public relation and CSR activities. Corporate communication goes beyond Advertising. It is a strategically planned message which goes from the corporate house to the public at large through print/electronic media primarily to enhance the reputation and strengthen the brand value and earn goodwill. CSR has wider implication with a socio economic angle. The organisation integrates and conveys its social/environmental concerns in their business operation. Both PR and CSR activities have to be addressed in a positive way to all those who are concerned with the organisation directly or indirectly be it the stakeholder, shareholders or consumers.

What are the core operations of CCIC and its role in CSR activities?
Pramod Nagpal: Central Cottage Industries Corporation of India Ltd. is a public sector undertaking under Ministry of Textiles is engaged in retail marketing of best of India Handicraft and Handloom products got specially developed and sourced directly from Weaver, Master Weaver, Artisans, Craft persons, Master craft persons , National Awardees, Shilp Gurus and their Clusters from all across the country. Our Showrooms are located at New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

CCIC’s CSR activities are essentially guided by project based Holistic approach in line with the guidelines issued by Department of public Enterprises and Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. Of India. CCIC is committed to the development and promotion of artisan / Weavers / Clusters associated with us.
CSR initiative taken so far are in the field of Solar Lighting and Sanitation. The higher luminosity of the Solar Lantern allows Artisan/Weavers to work uninterrupted during adverse power shortage and also put in extra hours at night. This has resulted in extra productivity and resultant increase in income. It has also increased the study hours for children of the Artisans.

Environmentally the carbon dioxide emissions saved due to the solar lantern has reduced the air pollution and associated medical disorders arising out of it.
In the year 2014-15 CCIC proposes to award scholarships for schooling of children of Artisans/Weavers enrolled with CCIC. This way CCIC is geared towards integrating its Business goals with larger socio-economic causes.

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