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Asia’s economic potential was first demonstrated by the four tiger economies. In recent decade, the focus has shifted to China, India and others. While economies are growing, the real tigers in the wild are living a precarious existence. Therefore the call of the time is to reap the environmental dividend from growing prosperity, and save the tiger from the mouth of extinction. And this will require a sea change of our mindsets.

Our ‘Save the Tiger’ Initiative has invested resources into revitalizing tiger conservation for a long time. Our trans-boundary approach focuses on strategic solutions with an emphasis on engaging local people as partners in this conservation effort. In such landscapes, where humans dominate, the quality of life depends on people’s capacity to respect and manage their environment. Tiger Logistics believes that sustained conservation for this magnificent species in ever-changing environments requires strategic and flexible allocation of resources to key tiger landscapes, anchored by leadership capacity, sound science, best business practices and public education.
Tiger Logistics is a leading International Freight Forwarders, Custom Clearance Agents, Transporters, Custom Consultants and Project Transportation Specialists. Over the years, Tiger Logistics has emerged as a trailblazer in providing both inbound and outbound logistics solutions to various large corporates and multinational companies in India and abroad. Under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Harpreet Singh Malhotra, Tiger Logistics consistently puts concerted efforts among its group of well qualified technical and experienced employees to transform them into an outstanding team of empowered professionals.
Tiger Logistics is firmly built on belief of offering unmatched quality service, driven by strong expertise and experience in providing customized and personalized services. Its Vision is to become a global leader in providing world class and cost effective logistics solution to customers around the globe irrespective of their geographical location. Its mission is to become first choice logistics company for customers by offering innovative, economical, error free, unmatched high quality and timely logistics services and to ensure customer satisfaction and by providing world class logistics solution using modern equipments and latest Information Technology
Mr. Harpreet Singh Malhotra, MD of Tiger Logistics, is responsible for the strategic direction, growth and management of the company. His vision is to build Tiger Logistics a recognized leader in International Logistics and Freight Forwarding.
Tiger Logistics has been awarded No.1 Customs House Agent in North India for three consecutive years for the number of containers handled out of North India. Credit Rating of A2 was awarded by Duns & Bradstreet. MTO (Multi Transport Operator) was authorized by DG Shipping.
On the CSR front, Tiger Logistics is also involved in educational promotion of economically backward children, orphans, children of widows and slum children.

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