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The Trimex Group is committed to a socially responsible approach across each of its sectors. Around the world, the Trimex Group and its companies are working to make a positive difference locally, engaging with residents to achieve win-win outcomes that create sustainable, mutual benefits. That approach is being pioneered by Trimex Sands Private Limited (TSPL), which is raising living standards in the 10 villages surrounding its operations in Andhra Pradesh.

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Following the local government's extension of a power line to the villages, Trimex Sands has worked to raise living standards through the following efforts:

• Offering employment to one member of each family in the 10 villages

• The company has provided tube lights, bulbs and other fittings to ensure that every house in all 10 villages has adequate lighting

• The Group is in the process of improving connecting roads between the villages and larger, all-weather roads in the area

• The company has established a medical clinic and set up two camps to screen villagers for pre-existing medical conditions so that they can receive further medical care. Nearly 800 villagers have already been screened

• Repairs have been made in religious buildings and funeral facilities with the company`s funding

• The company constructed a compound wall at a primary village school and has provided school bags to nearly 800 children

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Trimex Group takes a holistic, integrated approach to business that focuses on the long-term picture, comprehensive development, social justice and sustainability. The group’s goals are aligned with larger societal goals, such as infrastructure development, creating job opportunities and attracting further investment.

The Group is active in the development of iron ore, barite and bauxite businesses in the subcontinent, a fully united complex for the extraction and separation of heavy mineral rich beach sands to produce multiple heavy minerals near Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Interview with Mr. Pradeep Koneru

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Mr Pradeep Koneru, is the Executive Director of Trimex Industries Ltd- which is one of the largest mineral and metal conglomerates in Asia Pacific. The company prospects, mines, sources, processes and delivers minerals and metals to the world’s leading oil drilling, ceramic, glass, construction, energy and fertiliser industries.

Pradeep Koneru is the motivating force behind Trimex. Through his policy of growth by modification and forward and backward integration, Trimex Industries has enjoyed consistent growth in scale and profitability. Pradeep was awarded with the 'Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award by Enterprise Asia' in 2011, in recognition of his outstanding leadership and initiative in developing an innovative business model in mineral sands mining.


CSR VISION: What is your opinion about the mandatory CSR law under section 135 of the Companies Act 2013?

Mr. Pradeep Koneru: Tax exemption is one area which I think Indian Government should focus upon. A lot of support and government’s involvement is needed for the effective implementation of new provisions under the CSR law. The government should work closely with the private sector to see the feasibility of effective implementation and then if required, employ corrective measures. In its present form, the CSR law has gaps, which I am certain could be addressed.


CSR VISION: Can you share turnover and employee strength of Trimex Group? How actively do your employees work on CSR values?

Mr. Pradeep Koneru: The turnover of Trimex Group is approximately INR 900 crore. The company has an employee strength of 800. Our employees are driven and while we do not impose any mandatory commitment by the employees, we have witnessed a truly enthusiastic response whenever our Group has undertaken social and community welfare campaigns. Each employee at Trimex is driven with a purpose and committed to contribute meaningfully to the creation of a humane and equal society.


CSR VISION: What are the future plans of Trimex Group to promote CSR work in India?

Mr. Pradeep Koneru: To us, CSR is integral to our core values and the way we do business. Unlike many who bellow from the rooftop, we have a more cohesive approach, wherein we consider CSR as an essential element of our framework. As in the past, we shall be committed to making judicious investments towards empowering our people who provide us the strength and reason to drive our social work. The world is getting increasingly sympathetic and we wish to contribute our bit towards making it happier, disease-free and environment-friendly.




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