TUPPERWARE partners with FEEDING INDIA to kick start a campaign against food wastage

TUPPERWARE partners with FEEDING INDIA to kick start a campaign against food wastage

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Not everyone in the world has the fortune of receiving two full meals in a day. Over 190 million people go hungry every day in India alone. Therefore, there is a great need for everyone to become involved in identifying and providing solutions to address the growing hunger epidemic, including how best to reduce food wastage. Proper storage of food not only eliminates unnecessary waste, but also extends food shelf life.

Join the movement today by making a simple pledge of reducing food waste. For the second year in a row, Tupperware is partnering with Feeding India to provide durable and reusable plastic containers that will be distributed across multiple cities for filling in leftovers from communities and storing them to provide the needy. Last year 2000 such containers were distributed across 100 cities. As part of its ongoing support, Tupperware will match last year’s donation commitment, with many of its Associates and Sales Force members joining the movement with pledges to serve as Hunger Heroes for Life.

Ms. Shilpa Ajwani, Managing Director, Tupperware India said, “Tupperware stands for providing opportunities and solutions that better support communities around the world. World Food Day reminds us that hunger remains an epidemic in India, and partnering with Feeding India as they work to provide food across the country, allows us to provide necessary durable, reusable plastic containers that protects and extends the shelf life of the food so that it remains fresh, with the nutritional value intact. We are proud of this partnership and the work of our Tupperware family to become Hunger Heroes and urge everyone to join us for the Feeding India pledge to help ensure that not a single grain of food goes to waste.”

Celebrity Masterchef Kunal Kapoor, a Tupperware Food Saviour and Feeding India champion comments, “Tupperware is a legendary brand. Not only are its products extremely innovative and safe, they are a badge of pride for everybody who owns it. I have grown up on the brand and swear by it for all kinds of food storage. From its dry storage range, to liquid proof containers, to even the fridge smart products every container has something unique to offer. The brand and its dedication to bring about a change in the society by way of caring for food is commendable and I am honored to be a part of this movement. I congratulate Feeding India and Tupperware on their efforts and urge everyone to sign up the pledge.”

“Today, we waste more food than we can possibly imagine. A lot of this food waste occurs near households, restaurants, markets, etc. and also at odd times during the day, when volunteers and Feeding India food recovery vans (Magic Vans) cannot help collect and donate the food. These Happy Fridges are a great way for people to donate food with ease without travelling too far. Now everyone will be able to help people in need themselves. We’ve put the power back in the hands of the community” said Feeding India co-founder, Srishti Jain.

In addition to its partnership with Feeding India, Tupperware runs a Care4Food’ campaign. The campaign works to spread awareness on working more smartly with food by: measuring the requirements, storing ingredients and re-inventing leftovers.

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