VISION FOUNDATION organized a two day National Conference on “CSR & Sports” in FICCI House, New Delhi on December 21-22, 2015

VISION FOUNDATION organized a two day National Conference on “CSR & Sports” in FICCI House, New Delhi on December 21-22, 2015

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Mr. Vinay Mathur, Dy. Secretary General, FICCI, delivered the welcome address. He remembered the Father of Nation- Mahatma Gandhi who during 1931 had propounded his most famous concept that is trusteeship of business. He asked Indian businessman not to treat the wealth of business as their personal income but to use it for the common good of people which basically today what we call is CSR.

Prof. Ranjan Mohapatra, Chairman, Vision Foundation, delivered the theme address and highlighted that the sporting spirit of India is yet to rise and the initiative of the government till now has not delivered the number of expected medals in global arena.

Mr. Manmeet Singh Goindi, Director (Incharge), SAI, NSEC, Kolkata, mentioned that companies in financial year 14-15 have spent 6,400 Crores in CSR. Awareness which was lacking is now gaining growth. Almost 55% CSR activities had been channelled to livelihood, education, health, sanitation and skill.

Sh. R D Chouhan, Director, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, highlighted that the Sports Policy 2001 had twin objectives that is excellence in sports and grass root level or mass participation. According to him, social responsibility is beyond market i.e. win-win for society and industry as well.

DSC_4268Mr. Rajpal Singh, Director, FICCI Sports, highlighted that if something is not good for the society and to the general public it is not good for the industries as well. According to him, harmonised master list is important for sports because sports is unfortunately been taken as extra-curricular activity or as leisure activity.

SHV_6916Abhishek Kumar Sharma (Environmentalist and Cyclist), Fatehgarh, Uttar Pradesh
Journey Name : The Uncertain Journey Across India Bicycling for Change…
With support and encourage from Prime Minister of India, Mr. Abhishek Kumar Sharma started his cycling tour from Fatehgarh (Kanpur) to Kashmir, Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Kanyakumari to Delhi, completing 20,000 km Bicycling across India in 13 months  and 10 Days,  covering 25 states 415 Districts. He gave 4,278 lectures for Swachh Bharat Mission Awareness all over the country and addressed over 42 lacs students and Local People. He spoke at our confrence on the penultimate day of his journey. He met the Prime Minister next day and formally ended his journey.


Abhishek Kumar Sharma (Environmentalist and Cyclist)

Felicitated by VISION FOUNDATION in the conference


In his keynote address, Sh. Rajiv Yadav, IAS, Secretary, Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, GoI said that in giving lies the potential of getting something back. But, this is not understood due to short-sightedness. Sports unite all Indians and is one of the opening sectors. He said that the current economic contribution of sports is around 2 billion dollar that is expected to increase up to 10 billion dollar. Training institute and infrastructure would be soon opening where the commercial as well as CSR fund could be spent with high return.

Linking CSR & Sports
Process of building a sporting culture has a major role in society building. Make everyone play is something that can be adopted by companies and this is what CSR can do. For this there needs to be systems and processes in palce along with the monitoring mechanism. 

DSC_4312Potential Areas of CSR Engagement in Sports
Sports has capacity to convert negative energy into positive energy and also convert a negative reaction into positive action. Potential areas of areas engagement include sports Infrastructure development, sponsoring of sports persons, awards and recognition, scouting talent and grooming, career opportunity and development are the areas where sports system need to be developed. Further, scientific sporting need to be focused and developed. Companies under CSR can be grouped to sponsor particular sport for development. The corporate must bridge the gap between limited resources and the growth requirement of the nation.

CSR Engagement in Sports & Experiences
The CSR money should not reach to sports but to sportsperson. The target should be to reduce sports dropout. Sports medicine and sports sciences i.e. science and technology can help in sport development which needs investment. Further, time commitment is more important than that of financial commitment towards CSR initiative by top management. 


ROI of CSR in Sports
Sports has more ROI than education and livelihood. The development or welfare growth as CSR is the real ROI to corporate. These returns can be converted into branding image. However, there are political realities and economic scenarios that are across roads and determine whether it is required or not. Investment in sports by corporate India enables global reach and promotion. Culture and thought need to be changed for sports without having greed of ROI. 

Expectation of Sports Bodies
In this session, the federations voiced out their concerns. Concerns were raised on the awareness towards Para-sports and lack of facility in terms of availability of stadium, training institute, equipment etc. in the country. They also wanted that sports must be categorized based on various parameters and talents must be explored. They mentioned that elite sports are not and must not be only for elite people.

Promoting Sports for Employability & CSR Funding
No corporate will do charity unless they see transparency of their expendDSC_4798iture. Vision of organisations must be known to get money from them. Corporates need accountability towards there expenditure.

Media & Sports Promotion
98% in CSR law is being ignored. 98% ignorance is opportunity rooted in innovation by corporate sector and sports sector. Media is promotion channel of information, dissemination and promotion of ideas. Media has to act as platform were these connection can be created so that sports act as growing sector.

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