Vivek Oberoi And his Social Endeavours…

Vivek Oberoi And his Social Endeavours…

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It’s an old saying, “Charity begins at home”, and with the current Indian scenario it has gelled like a prodigious vision. After the passing of the CSR Act and even before it, corporates and households have been contributing towards the society without bragging about it. Philanthropy, whether petite or powerful, does not matter, unless and until it is done with a good intention. In this mission of ‘serving the society’, it’s not just the business tycoons but also the people from the world of glamour i.e. – the Indian Film Industry are contributing to niche a good future for India.

The uber-fashionable Vivek Oberoi is one such tinsel town celebrity who has been into a good amount of social work but preferred keeping himself behind the curtains. At the age of 28, with the solidarity of steel, he metamorphosed a completely devastated tsunami-hit village in Tamil Nadu. Oberoi and his family formed the ‘Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation’ (YOF) to serve the destitute. He has been felicitated with the Red and White Bravery Award in 2006 and Rotary International.

The partnership between his NGO, ‘Yashodhara Oberoi Foundation’ and ‘Food for life Vrindavan Charity’, resulted in ‘Project Devi (Development and Empowerment of Vrindavan Girls Initiative) on 16th September, 2009. The project revolves around the girl child and strives to provide the underprivileged girls of rural areas like Vrindavan with a new lease of life.  The tormented condition of girls in this patriarchal society has always been a burning issue. Hence, after confronting the phenomenal achievements of the girl students of Sandipani Muni School in Vrindavan and the plight of the girl child in such villages, led the two organisations to enter into a partnership. I-can-do attitude of these girls, who come from poor families with no access to basic facilities like proper sanitation and healthy food, was a bolt from the blue for both the parties.


Celebrity_Philanthropy02[1] Project Devi aims to provide the girls of Vrindavan village with the basic amenities of life  that can help them have a better future. Vivek Oberoi, took personal interest in  sponsoring the education of a young girl, Saniya and even helping her family with food  rations. The family was in a topsy-turvy situation with the girl’s father fighting mouth  cancer, when ‘Food for Life’ saved the grace and acted as a silver lining in the cloud of  difficulties that the family was facing.

 Food for Life Vrindavan, devotes three fourth of the received money to improve the  lives of the girls in Vrindavan. It also motivates people to sponsor a child and bring a  ray of hope in their downtrodden lives. ‘Children are like wet mud, whatever falls on them makes an impression’, if the collaborative efforts of both the groups continue, it will lighten the lamps of good life in many families.

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