Acharya Agyaatdarshan

Acharya Agyaatdarshan

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IN QUEST OFConscious Spiritual Response

Higher principle is like the invisible Ethic Counsellor in you which safeguards your organization’s integrity, feels Acharya Agyaatdarshan

The business world loves people with brain, people who have analytical capabilities.Businessmen want their people to be profit oriented. They want their marketing and sales team to slaughter their competitors. Business world primarily runs on two categories of capital – one of currency and other of mind.Scientists claim that the humans in current form areevolving themselevs since around 50,000 years ago. If that is too far a time, to your respite, they further add that till 10,000 years ago, most humans lived as hunter-gatherers. And isn’t this amazing to see what homo sapien or the wise, knowing humans have achieved in this short spell of time.

They say humans have succeeded in keeping pace with time because they have a highly developed brainand are capable of abstract reasoning, language, introspection, and problem solving, read trouble shooting. This mental capability, combined with an erect body carriage that frees the hands for manipulating objects (counting currency included), has allowed humans to make far greater use of tools than any other living species on Earth.By no means this is an overstatement.


Man’s Mindful Animality

Despite being from the SQ+ve community, which trusts more on intuition than reasoning, encrypted, metaphorically loaded symbols than language, meditation than plain introspection and changing the self rather forcing the change outside for solving a problem I admit that man has definitely gone through a phenomenal transformation over last 5,000 years and especially in last few hundred years. Needless to say, this has happened because of his capacity to use this magical tool called mind. The mind can be a great tool but this much revered, sought after tool in this “Sapien” is also the root cause of anxiety, division, competition, jealously, anger, hatred, selfishness, wars, focus on profits… and, the new millennia disease,stress!

I have no objection in agreeing to that fact that what makes an animal a man is mind but I would like you to ponder upon, what elevates and transforms a man to human. What makes a noble man out of a man? It is something else. It is definitely not the mind. This something has kept the human race going or else it would have gone by now. The Homo Sapien survived through the countless millennia because it was sapien enough, wise enough and being wise is not just being intelligent … it is much more than that.


Scanning the Higher Mind

With all the competition and mind-games human race is still surviving, evolving. This could have never been possible only with an empowered mind and reasoning. They definitely needed something else. You would agree that humans have grown, evolved and survived so far because in parallel there exists and always existed, love for stability, joy of togetherness, cooperation, empathy, compassion, friendliness, generosity, ability to reconcile (MOUs included), charity… and spells of silence. Allthis happens because of that something which is not the mind. For those who don’t like to be told by SQ+ve lot that heart is an organ in human body which has bundles of neurons running upward till brain and that, this untiring organ is capable of triggering some anti-mind thoughts, it is better to use some acceptable term. I prefer to call that something the Higher Mind.

The man’s sustenance and evolution doesn’t depend only in intelligence-laden brain or so called mind, but that very portion of the same entity that keeps it anchored – The Higher mind. And the best thing about this higher mind is that it keeps working even if you don’t want it to. Whether you care forit or not it keeps doing its job. Even governments fall prey to its hidden drives and they instead of thinking how to increase FDI are compelled to make charity a compulsory policy. What else do you think would have been at work when these parliamentarians (who are continuously being abused and hit by Babas and Social workers) passed the bill on compulsory CSR? Thanks to Higher mind. This is the real keeper of your Holiness.


Invisible Ethic Counsellor

The Higher Mind of Higher Principlesis what’s still keeping your faith in your employees, co-workers, The Higher Mind of Higher Principlesis what’s still keeping your faith in your employees, co-workers, colleagues. It is not the law which is deterrent to crime, it is this Higher Principle which keeps people away from misdeeds.

This higher principle is like that invisible Ethic Counsellor is the one which is guarding your organization’s integrity, principles and values. It is the one which keeps fiddling with your nerves of charity. Be sure it can only be Higher Mind at work in the person who refuses to keep your loaded wallet or i-phone (which he discovered on the footpath lying unclaimed) and calls you instead. It is the same Mind at work which says there should be peace in the world. It is the same invisible higher principle at work that makes people protest against corrupt politicians.

So powerful and beneficial is this Principle that wherever you use it, it brings you joy, happiness andcontentment. It works in every walk of life, outlives each of yourmoments of life because it is an integral part of you. It is time business community acknowledges the parallel existence of this Higher Principle of Mind. Nurturing and development of this panacea is definitely the next, so that CSR can become Conscious Spiritual Response instead of Corporate Social Responsibility. Only through this principle this world (business world included) can be a better place to live in.


The writer is a teacher of Yoga and Zen master. He promotes Sanjeevani vidya.


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