CSR guideline for Pharma companies

CSR guideline for Pharma companies

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The Ministry of Corporate Affairs informed the Delhi High Court that pharmaceutical companies would get benefit under corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules if they donate medicines to poor patients afflicted by life threatening or other diseases and cannot afford expensive treatment. 

The guideline was issued in the light of a case where, poverty and ignorance about medical facilities, allegedly led a 22-year-old woman to throw her infant girl in a well. The infant was a pre-mature baby born in seven-and-a-half months and weighed just 2kg.Preliminary investigations suggested that the infant had a kidney ailment since birth. The parents had taken her to various doctors in private nursing homes and had spent more than Rs 20,000 in past two months. 

The mother of the infant told police that circumstances guided her for such action. Her husband is a daily labourer who earns 200-300 per day. When she was questioned, she told that the family had not been able to even feed themselves and the infant properly due to the medical expenses. Frustrated by the situation, the woman threw her into the well.


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