Deepak Bansal

Deepak Bansal

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Mr. Deepak Bansal (Passionate Social Worker) is a seasoned Businessman in the tourism sector. However, one incidence of his life pushed him to do good to the society. Now, he actively pursues his social task along with his regular business work. Read on what changed the focus of his life….

It all started in 2013 when my wife and my daughter both were infected by Dengue virus. I was baffled and did not know what to do as the condition of both was deteriorating faster. I approached he doctors who said that there is no special medicine for it. But, to my little satisfaction some primary treatment was being given. They also advised me to keep few donors ready as in dengue platelets count decreases faster. Since I had the same blood group, I was a bit calm.DEEPAK1

This prompted me to think about those who cannot afford to arrange the blood of the same group as that of the patient. I decided to link prospective donors to the needy using the website. Immediately I started a website in which donors and needy can registered themselves free of cost. After registration, the needy can search and find the contact details of the donor of the required blood group and connect with him.

In addition to the above initiative, I also started promoting traditional medicine like the plantation of Papaya, ‘Tulsi’ and ‘Giloy’ as the juices of all these plants juices increase platelets counts and immunity power.

However, the response on the website is slow as the numbers of donors are not large. In future, I have decided to cover park of Delhi daily in morning and guide persons that blood donation is a social cause and ask them to join this movement. I am hopeful that the as people will become aware, they will join my mission.

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