From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

From the Desk of Editor-in-Chief

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Dear Readers,

Greetings for Dussera!

This August 2017, was full of events powerful enough to be part of history of India. The events include “Conviction of Baba Ram Rahim”, who could dare to wage a war against the state, the historic verdict of the Supreme Court, declaring “Tripple Talaque” unlawful, giving a strong blow to the dominance of Muslim Mullas and Moulvis, another significant verdict of the Supreme Court, upholding the Right to Privacy as a Fundamental Right.

Out of all these events, conviction of Baba Ram Rahim, who has effectively vilified the words, Baba, Ram & Rahim, all of which connotes respect, tops the list on the basis of the deep impact, it has made on the public mind.

All the details about the conduct of Ram Rahim, exposed till now not only exposes the deep fractures in our social structure but also exposes the helplessness of the Political establishment in front of these hugely popular Babas’. The CM of Haryana, Khattar was seen bowing down to Ram Rahim in a function, a public display of respect and allegiance, which the Babas’, use to promote themselves. Religious belief is a private and personal matter, even if that of a public personality, a Minister or a Chief Minister. When a Constitutional Authority like a CM, makes his personal loyalty to a religious leader in public, he unknowingly or knowingly surrenders the “State and its Authority” to the religious leader, which is then open to be used or mis-used by the Baba.

The case of Baba Ram Rahim, of Haryana (in Jail), Ashram Bapu, of Madhya Pradesh (in Jail), Rampal of Haryana (in Jail), Sarthi Baba of Odisha and many less known Babas’ in Odisha, (in Jail) sends a powerful message, which must be deciphered by the State, the Intelligentsia and the policy Makers.

The first message is that the weaknesses of the Politicians in power or in opposition as well as the weaknesses of the common man are known to the Babas. Thus, they have cracked the code. Now, they are exploiting both the politicians and the vulnerable public by acting as a bridge between the two groups. Ideally, the Bridge should be a bridge of TRUST, to benefit both the Politicians and Public. But, that’s only in ideal conditions, which includes, sensible politicians, intelligent public not prone to cheated by fake babas’. The truth on the ground is that the, a) the public is not intelligent enough to assess and differentiate between FAKE and GENUINE Baba and b) the Politicians are too blind for Vote Bank and don’t care about the difference between the Fake and Genuine Baba.

The Second message is that there is a powerful wave of Fake Babas’, indulging in sex and crime, exploiting innocent and vulnerable public, who have their insecurities. This wave has become powerful, because it has not been blocked by any force, like a river once breaks or over flows the embankment, it need to be blocked by some barrier, natural or other-wise. Failing which the power of the flood water become too strong to wash away, anything that comes its way.

The problem is that the Government in a democratic environment treats the matters of faith as beyond its preview. This is not as simple as it seems. Because, the same politicians in Government engage with the Babas’ for their benefit, why not they engage with Babas’ for the benefit of the innocent public, exploited by Fake Babas. This is simply a double standard.

The common man is equally helpless against the Babas like the natural calamities – flood, cyclone or earthquake etc. The fury of flood water or a cyclonic storm is not more dangerous than “Respect & Fear For Babas” and the “Tantric act performed by the them to cast a spell”. Asharamn Bapu was being investigated for killing / sacrificing two boys, who were students in the school run by him, suspected to have been sacrificed for Tantric Rites.

Thus, the Power of Nature is comparable to the “Power of Babas”, demanding Government response to protect the vulnerable. All the Babas, have committed crimes, including, rape, murder, land grabbing, extraction of wealth from the innocent disciples etc. There are missing complaints against most of the above Babas, which are not acted upon as the complainants are poor and vulnerable people without capacity to fight the might of powerful babas. The Babas in jail are claimed to be involved in killing the witnesses. The state has been ineffective in protecting the witness and the Fake Babas have been successful in using their money and muscle power to act against the witness.

Thus, conviction of Ram Rahim, should not be a matter of satisfaction for any one, as there is still possibility of many more fake babas coming up, till the Government develops a mechanism to monitor the conduct of babas and treating those caught, with harshest punishment to deter others to get in to the “Business of Fake Baba”. Government inaction has made the “Fake Baba Business” very lucrative. It’s the duty of Government to act and ensure that the business is very unprofitable and demands a life in jail, at the least, may be, at the cost of vote bank.
This September issue covers a story on INDIAN METALS & FERRO ALLOYS LIMITED (IMFA), a premier Odisha based company.

In this issue, we carry out regular features like Interview of the Month in which we have covered the interview of Shri K.E Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd. The Interview of Dr Vikas Goswami, Head Sustainability, Godrej Industries Limited as the CSR Professional of the Month is carried out in this issue.

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